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A Berlin and Tallinn based media company focusing on Eastern Europe and Eurasia

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Founders: Robert Anderson (bne), Ben Aris, Clare Nuttall

bne IntelliNews, previously known as Business News Europe, is a media company focusing on emerging markets. The company primarily offers daily news through its website. The company's staff are based in multiple locations throughout the magazine's geographic area of coverage.[1]


On 21st October 2022 bne IntelliNews published an article that an explosive drone had been found near the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and that the Swedish military will recover the vehicle.[2][3] Soon thereafter they deleted the article [4] when realizing that they cited an incident from 2015.[5]


bne IntelliNews publishes a printed magazine covering business news and politics in more than 30 Eastern Europe and Eurasian countries. It also has a premium economic and business news and industry reports newswire, covering the same areas.[1]

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