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The Crazy Life of Millionaire John McAfee

The Crazy Life of Millionaire John McAfee - SBS Dateline - Nov 5, 2013 [1]

new comment: "SBS Dateline - McAfee's Murder Mystery - commercially-controlled media hit piece gossiping about scandal and omitting the real facts. Nevertheless entertaining."

This short documentary, according to IMDB, has the production company: Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), it names this episode "McAfee's Murder Mystery" and a "star" in it is: ​David O'Shea.[2]

Journeyman Pictures (confirmed account on Youtube) has uploaded a copy of that video on their account.[3] Says "SBS Australia – Ref. 5985" in the text below the video.

David O'Shea has worked with Journeyman Pictures on this and other projects. [4][5]

John McAfee has uploaded a copy of that video to his Youtube channel.[6] He named that upload/video: "Most accurate McAfee profile - Murder Mystery by David O'Shea".[7] He also references SBS Dateline.

Why should there be no mention who produced the video? Why just hit piece when John McAfee has made sort of a recommendation? "The Crazy Life of Millionaire John McAfee" is the title Dateline used for their upload, using the title of the video helps finding it faster again when it get's deleted - but "McAfee's Murder Mystery" is arguably the more correct title. -- Sunvalley (talk) 20:33, 27 March 2022 (UTC)

I actually don't understand. It is still about the current |caption= of the video: "gossiping about scandal and omitting the real facts." What are the real facts? Is it his "Monetary activism" that "The commercially-controlled media blacks out [...] from his corriculum vitae." - A scandal was arguably there, since all went down the way it did. That short doc was produced in 2013. If I carbondate I get "Estimated creation date: 2018-02-23T15:33:04", with I get "Estimated creation date: 2019-10-04T03:34:32" - currently that does not make sense to me. I remember around that time (2014?) he wanted to create a phone with switches that could turn all modems off.
--Sunvalley (talk) 19:35, 26 April 2022 (UTC)