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He was involved in the creation of the ARPANET, commercializing DARPA technology, rigging votes[citation needed], and the 9/11 operation[citation needed].

In the 1960's he was a graduate student and the University of Utah where he worked on the pioneering graphics system designed by David C. Evans. He then married Lynn Carr and moved to Palo Alto California where he worked for SRI International during the period of the "Mother of All Demos." There, he designed the Telnet protocol and was one of the first individuals to work remotely - telnetting in from SRI to a terminal at the University of Utah. He also designed the Host-Host protocol for the first four nodes of the ARPANet (before it was superceded by the later TCP/IP Protocol Stack). He does not appear on any photographs of the BBN team which created the DEC-PDP/10 Computers that functioned as the world's first packet-switched networking equipment. Based on the early RFPs to which Carr's name is attached, it appears Carr was a specialist at very low-level debugging at the machine code level. This

At that point, he was recruited into the Intelligence Community by Robert Paul Varni[citation needed] of IBM and Peter Hebert of the Bohemian Club[citation needed] (and somehow attached to MI-6), who had spun off Computer Elections Systems to sell the Harris VoteOMatic after 1968. Carr founded a subcontracting software and hardware design company called Information Processing Techniques (IPT, later IPTCorp). IPTCorp, is (in fact) one of the very first domains registered with the global DNS system. Its first major projects appear to be related to commercializing ARPA/DARPA related technology developed during the Vietnam War for the so-called "Electronic Fence" proposed by the JASON Scientists at SRI. The congressional record indicates the Baldwin piano company (which had developed defense department electronics from its original business of manufacturing player pianos) may have been folded into IPT. Some of its flagship products seem to be timeshare systems like IBM's Propfs, which featured prominently in Iran-Contra. IPT also pioneered inventory management systems for entities such as Broadway Department Stores. Its products may be seen in its old website via the wayback machine. These include classified debugging tools for McDonnell Douglas used in Fighter jets.

In 1978 or 1979, Varni sold Computer Elections Systems (CESI) to Prentis Hale Cobb of Carter Hawley Hale (CCH) department stores, and this system was being investigated by the Carter Justice Dept. for Antitrust issues, but the coding and support remained with IPT and Varni. IN Cobb's obituary published in the early 2000's, it was revealed Cobb was a Naval Intelligence Lieutenant. The Reagan administration dropped the investigation of CESI, but vote counting rigging seems to have played a part in the election of 1980 as a greater October Surprise. Journalist Ronnie Dugger's 1988 expose "Counting Votes" in the New Yorker describes a legal discovery case of Carr's code for CESI and suggests it very much contained trojan horses and backdoors to alter vote counts. Carr at that point became an expert witness in a series of trials involving vote count tabulation.

By the election of 1992, Carr's software was powering vote counting computers in over 2/3 of precincts in the United States, according to Carr's programmer, Robert Kiraly, who goes by the online handle "OldCoder."

In or around 1986, Les Wexner of the Mega Group made a corporate raid on CCH via his company, the Limited. This forced Cobb to sell assets in order to keep the company, but the subcontracting remained with IPT, which shared an address at points with SRI International as well as with a "tutoring company" owned by an eccentric investor from Saudi Arabia. At this point, Carr bought a property in Corpus Christi Texas from Cobb called "Fortuna Bay Bed and Breakfast." It appears to have been used over the years as a CIA safehouse run by an individual named "Mike."

In the late 1990's Carr became an "Elevator Inspection and Expert Witness" in trials involving elevator and "vertical lift system" . According to his website, he inspected 33 elevators for the US Government at the "government complex at Moffet Field." He also inspected a private residence elevator in Las Vegas, but the details are sketchy. He appeared on a smattering of small lawsuits and had a very basic website created in Microsoft FrontPage - something interesting for a pioneer of the internet. Carr also showed up as an Elevator Expert advisor to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey prior to 9/11. For that reason, it appears likely[citation needed] Carr may have been involved in the World Trade Center elevator shafts and testing whatever happened on 9/11 with the building collapse at NAS Onizuka[citation needed], a highly secretive National Reconnaissance Office facility also known as the "Blue Cube."

Carr also established a website as a "Boat accident investigation Expert Witness" but it appears that this was a front. In the 2008 film, "The UnAmerican" Carr shows up on screen to debunk a claim made by Deep State filmmaker Michael Moore in the the film, "Sicko." Although Carr's assertions are correct in the film, this simply seems to be a narrative device - constructing expertise so he can seem like an authority figure on camera as a means of lending advertising flare.

After 2004, Carr appears to have been involved in operations in Las Vegas[citation needed] and as a consultant to an Intelligence Community/DARPA liaison to Google/Alphabet named Michael Cassidy. Carr was also nominated by Varni to a number of Dept. of Energy advisory boards concerning energy efficiency in airports; however, it appears his true purpose was to make recommendations that would result in the installations of sensors that could be used in mass surveillance under the cover of saving energy[citation needed].

In 2011, Carr wrote a letter to the Director of the Golden Gate Bridge District commenting on the Service Elevators in the Bridge's towers. The Bridge Director wrote back with exceptional enthusiasm - as if Carr was a very very important individual. If the Bridge ever collapses in a 9/11 style Event, Carr should be investigated for possible sabotage in the elevator shaft.

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