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#REDIRECT[[Private military company]]
|constitutes=army, company
A '''private military contractor''' or  '''private military company''' is a rebranding of the concept of the [[mercenary]].
==Legal status==
Labour Prime Minister, [[Harold Wilson]] attempted to ban mercenaries, but was thwarted by the [[UK Deep state]], which was using [[Keenie Meenie Services]] for a range of operations.<ref>https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jan/18/mercenaries-clandestine-actions-in-thatcher-years-revealed-keenie-meenie</ref>
PMCs often operate ''de facto'' beyond the reach of any effective [[law]].
|date=January 2019
|source_name=The Atlantic
|authors=Abigail Fielding-Smith, Crofton Black, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
|text=The sector still has no binding regulations, though. It doesn’t even have an agreed-upon definition of a private military or security company.

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