Office of Naval Intelligence

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Group.png Office of Naval Intelligence  
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Final ONI seal.jpg
FormationMarch 23, 1882
Parent organizationUS/Navy
HeadquartersNational Maritime Intelligence Center, Maryland
Member ofUnited States Intelligence Community


ONI was founded by the Secretary of the Navy, William H. Hunt with General Order 292, which read:

An “Office of Intelligence” is hereby established in the Bureau of Navigation for the purpose of collecting and recording such naval information as may be useful to the Department in time of war, as well as in peace.

To facilitate this work, the Department Library will be combined with the “Office of Intelligence,” and placed under the direction of the Chief of the Bureau of Navigation.

Commanding and all other officers are directed to avail themselves of all opportunities which may arise to collect and to forward to the “Office of Intelligence” professional matters likely to serve the object in view.[1]


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