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Facts about "Donald Rumsfeld"
Born onJuly 9, 1932 +
ConstitutesDeep politician +, Politician + and War criminal +
Display born on9 July 1932 +
Display docTypeWikispooks Page +
Display imageFile:Donald Rumsfeld.jpg +
Display image2File:Donald Rumsfeld.jpg +
Display lifespanBorn 9 July 1932 +
Has almaMaterPrinceton University + and Georgetown University +
Has bilderbergCount2 +
Has birthPlaceEvanston +, Illinois + and US +
Has cercleCount1 +
Has childValerie Marcy + and Donald Nicholas +
Has criminalConvictionTorture + and Cruel Inhumane and Degrading Treatment +
Has cspan +
Has fullPageNameDonald Rumsfeld +
Has fullPageNameeDonald_Rumsfeld +
Has imageFile:Donald Rumsfeld.jpg +
Has image2File:Donald Rumsfeld.jpg +
Has noRatings0 +
Has objectClassPerson +
Has objectClass2Person +
Has postingUS/Secretary of Defense +, Chairman +, White House Chief of Staff +, United States Ambassador to NATO +, Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity +, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Illinois's 13th district +, Director of the Cost of Living Council +, Counselor to the President + and And 21st United States Secretary of Defense +
Has powerbase Rumsfeld +
Has religionProtestantism +
Has revisionSize5,636 +
Has revisionUserRobin +
Has sourcewatch Rumsfeld +
Has spouseJoyce Pierson +
Has website +
Has wikipediaPage Rumsfeld +
Has wikipediaPage2 +
Has wikiquote Rumsfeld +
Is not stubtrue +
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