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Concept.png "Cyberattack" 
Cyberattacks are a new form of large scale security holes, which suspiciously emerge from an (unknown) central point in government software all over the world

Cyberattack may refer to nation states as Cyberwarfare or to individuals as Cyberterrorism

Cyberattacks are digital attacks on computer information systems, computer networks, infrastructures, or personal computer devices, using the internet or a mechanical device.[1]


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China might be accused of a “Cyberattack” (i.e. chips, power grip, supply chain, etc.) planning exercises suggest in their "computer simulations".[2]

Official narrative

We are too stupid to write our own code and must therefore rely on third party software produced by (foreign) intelligence-connected companies. We are also too stupid to avoid basic errors in system administration. This is so horrible that the financial system might collapse soon!


The backdoors are deliberately placed pieces of malware, typically (SolarWinds) from a central untrustworthy origin. I.e. not buffer overflows or systemic, or hardware vulnerabilities. This poses the question: at which level and with which security clearances are these higher-up developers controlled and monitored? These are developers above the nation state level.[3] There is no plausible reason why governments would not be able to audit crucial software themselves or why they should trust private companies.

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