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25 July 2010 - The immediate purpose of this page is to catalogue a series of files, released by US Army CENTCOM in response to an FOI request and posted on Cryptome on 24 July 2010. [1] They pertain to "CENTCOM Interactions with Community and Media Outreach" through 2008. However, it's subject scope is larger than the immediate subject of these files and so needs to be expanded - Help Please

The Concept of "Media Outreach"

Effectively Newspeak for making certain that the "Official Narrative" is propagated with all the resources necessary to ensure that it prevails. It has become a more acceptable (trendy, obfuscatory??) term than, for example, "Propaganda" and "Public Relations" which are its antecedents.

The CENTCOM Media Outreach files

The following files relate to US Army CENTCOM conference calls with military bloggers about operations in Iraq through 2008. they were released under FOI legislative provisions in July 2010 and posted on Cryptome on 24 July 2010. [1]

Brief Biographies of US Army Participants

Blogger Participants and Biographies

Blogger Round Table and Conference Call Transcripts

US Army Briefing Papers

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