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Udo Walendy Udo Walendy
WpIcon32.png Udo Walendy

Bias Censorship  With only biased context alleging "Holocaust Denial", the Wikipedia page describes Walendy as a criminal. The whole tenor of the page is denigration, discrediting him as an author with anything significant to say. It is a good example of the way in which Wikipedia bias is implemented

The original structure and some Wikispooks content was based on the Wikipedia page. It would benefit from additional information

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File:Truth for Germany.pdf File:Truth for Germany.pdf - Walendy's magnum opus with Wikispooks comment and introduction
Document:Impact and Future of Holocaust Revisionism Document:Impact and Future of Holocaust Revisionism - a 2005 article by Robert Faurisson that refers to the imprisonment of Walendy

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