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Sharyn Bovat was raised by a family that served America covertly & for decades she interacted with prominent political leaders. Her grandfather was a DOD lawyer that started his career in the 1940's with a training program at Princeton- then went to Korea stationed on the 38th parallel. Sharyn's mom lived in Tokyo in the 50's and was Chief Stewardess for Transocean Airlines (CIA subsidized), she trained women to spy for America. Born in 1965 Sharyn's early childhood included trips during the Vietnam War to Southeast Asia, she saw a cockfight in Thailand before she entered 1st grade. In 1974 Bovat went with her mom to Lisbon - Her first revolution was a peaceful one called the Carnation. In 1980 Sharyn attended a boarding school and was the roommate of a girl from El Salvador whose family was leading death squads.Recently a Pentagon staffer said her life is no longer classified. It’s was verified that Sharyn is the last of 3 generations that quietly fought for the issues America represented and that's Freedom and Democracy.

The reason why Ms. Bovat is publicly speaking about controversial issues like the ‘Lockerbie Bombing’ is in 2009 the automaker NISSAN "outed" her as a former researcher for CIA operatives. They did this after she whistle blew about billions of dollars that a foreign company was taking to build a car that they did not have the technology to produce. An Obama bundler was hired to do the legal review for the Dept. of Energy loan that was funded with a guarantee from the Treasury: NISSAN is on the Iran watch list because they do business with IRAN - the American government never should have approved the deal. Sharyn's taking to the internet to expose the problem & is lobbying to change the laws to make government more efficient.

Bovat’s CIA past came to haunt her when in 2010 she was arrested 3 times while working for NISSAN North America on charges she says were done to discredit her as a whistleblower has endured 3 arrests and 19+ months fighting charges. Sharyn was a relocation consultant that worked with high level executives. Sharyn learned while working with a NISSAN board member Carlos Tavares that the CEO Carlos Ghosn used ex Nixon era CIA as consultants to "stay in control" normally this would intimidate someone but Sharyn was raised CIA.

Bovat was found guilty of the lowest level misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of $50 - some speeding tickets are considered more serious than the trespassing charge that is equal to occupy protestors received EXCEPT Bovat's case a 1st time misdemeanor that was sworn out by a NISSAN executive (no court order was telling Sharyn to not be on the NISSAN property) the letter telling her not to be at NISSAN was ordered by a man that Sharyn says lost his job after she blogged that he wasted taxpayer money. 2 days prior to the jury tral for the misdemeanor 5 of 7 subpoenas were quashed. 

Sharyn says that Renault CFO Dominique Thormann was the SVP at NISSAN ordered the letter in the beginning of July 2009: he feared she would blog about excessive spending of taxpayer money that was given to NISSAN to relocate to Tennessee. In June 2009 Sharyn started a blog called to expose bad behavior by NISSAN HR & discrimination (women in management at NISSAN went from 20.9% in 2006 to 10% in 2009) and the day after she blogged in July 2009 that he approve the spending of VP's oxygen facials from a cost center funded by the Tennessee taxpayer and that she feared would was American taxpayer with the Federal loan they were taking out. On July 10th a NISSAN issued a press release stating Dominique Thormann was leaving NISSAN to an unknown position at Renault. It was 11 months later Carlos Ghosn named him CFO.

On January 3rd 2011 3 men at Reanult the French car company that were accused of being spies. The men were accused of espionage in reference to the electric car. During that time Sharyn led an effort to vindicate them. Bovat says she got a call in January verifying they were innocent & the evidence to frame the men had not yet been manufactured. and led a viral effort to vindicate the men. Sharyn purchased the domain in early January and sent emails tot he French consulate in January 2011 - In late January Carlos Ghosn had gone on French TV saying the men were guilty and he had “multiple proofs”

Bovat alleges that the Lebanese/Brazilian NISSAN CEO Carlo Ghosn is connected to ex CIA that were involved with drug trafficking and that he's part of the Lockerbie cover up. Bovat has stated in court documents she has suffered retaliation due to her past work foe CIA operative.

In November Bovat was told to go to a National Security ABA conference and seated on the panel she was told to attend was Stephen Preston the top lawyer for the CIA. Sharyn's lawyer in Tennessee is named Kline Preston - thinking it was odd she sent him a text asking if they were related & he wrote that it was his brother. Bovat saw a conflict of interest because in October 2010 she told Kline she feared the charges are due to the Lockerbie cover up. Bovat as says too many people involved with the cover up have profited & for her to endure 3 arrests to discredit her is a sign that it’s time for the truth about Lockerbie to be told.

She says the murder of Sonny Bono and Margaret Lesher might be connected to the people connected ex CIA that were involved with drug trafficking and weapons sales connected to the cover up.

In August 2011 Mark Silverman the Ben Bradlee award winning editor of the Gannett owned Tennessean helped Sharyn proof brochures that she sent certified to members of congress. Bovat stated that Iran is responsible for the plane crash on December 21st, 1988. Sharyn says her uncle was Chief Pilot for Pan Am and she traveled to the Middle East in 1992 and had met a man mentioned in the SCCRC report that released last year. On January 14th of 2013 a motion was filed at the Williamson County courthouse in reference to malicious prosecution case.

Contact Sharyn Bovat: 615-944-7599