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Facts about "Norman Lamont"
Born onMay 8, 1942 +
ConstitutesPolitician + and Deep politician +
DescriptionLong time Chairman of Le Cercle, financier, politician and deep politician, involved in arms and financial deals. +
Display born on8 May 1942 +
Display docTypeWikispooks Page +
Display imageFile:Lord-Norman-Lamont.jpg +
Display image2File:Lord-Norman-Lamont.jpg +
Display lifespanBorn 8 May 1942 +
Has almaMaterCambridge + and Cambridge University/Fitzwilliam College +
Has amazon +
Has bilderbergCount1 +
Has birthPlaceShetland + and UK +
Has cercleCount1 +
Has childHilaire Sophie +
Has fullPageNameNorman Lamont +
Has fullPageNameeNorman_Lamont +
Has imageFile:Lord-Norman-Lamont.jpg +
Has image2File:Lord-Norman-Lamont.jpg +
Has interest"War on Terror" +
Has noRatings0 +
Has objectClassPerson +
Has objectClass2Person +
Has postingLe Cercle/Chairman (Europe) +, Chancellor of the Exchequer +, Chief Secretary to the Treasury +, Financial Secretary to the Treasury +, UK/Minister for Defence Procurement +, Minister of State for Trade and Industry +, Member of Parliament for Kingston-upon-Thames + and Member of the House of Lords +
Has powerbase Lamont +
Has revisionSize7,269 +
Has revisionUserMaintenanceBot +
Has sourcewatch Lamont +
Has spouseRosemary White +
Has wikipediaPage Lamont +
Has wikipediaPage2 +
Has wikiquote Lamont +
Is not stubtrue +
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Norman Lamont +, Norman Lamont +, Norman Lamont +, Norman Lamont +, Norman Lamont +, Norman Lamont +, Norman Lamont + and Norman Lamont +