Taliban Provincial Governors

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Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations John R. Bolton republished a United Nations list of senior Taliban leaders that included Taliban Provincial Governors.[1]

Taliban Provincial Governors[1][2][3]
honorific name province notes
Mullah Hadji Mohammad Hassan Kandahar
  • First Deputy, Council of Ministers
Maulavi Abdul Kabir Nangahar Province
  • Second Deputy, Council of Ministers
  • Head of Eastern Zone;
Maulavi Abdul Jabbar Baghlan Province
Maulavi Nurullah Nuri Balkh Province
  • Head of Northern Zone
Muhammad Islam Bamiyan Province
Mullah Janan Fariab
Mullah Dost Mohammad Ghazni Province
Maulavi Khair Mohammad Khairkhwah Heart Province [sic]
Maulavi Abdul Bari Helmand Province
Maulavi Nazar Mohammad Kunduz Province
Maulavi Walijan Jawzjan Province
Mullah M. Hasan Rahmani Kandahar Province
Mullah Manan Nyazi Kabul Province
Maulavi A. Wahed Shafiq Kabul Province
  • Deputy Governor
Maulavi Shafiqullah Mohammadi Khost Province
  • Appointed the Governor of Khost in January 2000.[4]
M. Eshaq Laghman Province
Maulavi Zia-ur-Rahman Madani Logar Province
Maulavi Hamsudin Wardak (Msidan) Province
Maulavi A. Kabir Nangarhar Province
Mullah M. Rasul Nimroz Province
Maulavi Tawana Paktia Province
Mullah M. Shafiq Samangan Province
Maulavi Aminullah Amin Saripul Province
Maulavi Abdulhai Salek Urouzgan Province [sic]
Maulavi Ahmad Jan Zabol Province


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