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  • The Establishment  + (The Establishment is used in a rather gene
    The Establishment is used in a rather general way on WikiSpooks to refer to the (often deliberately unclear) set of relationships, figures and organisations which make up the socio political status quo. The Establishment's official (for public consumption) opinion is, by definition, the "official narrative"
    s, by definition, the "official narrative")
  • File:Ireland child abuse.pdf  + (The Executive Summary of the report of the Commission of Inquiry into Child Abuse in Ireland. Set up in 2000, an interim 5 volume report was published in May 2009. All but one of its 5 volumes were made public.)
  • Loretta Fuddy  + (The Hawaii official who released Obama's birth certificate, who later reportedly dies due to a cardiac arrhythmia after a plane crash from which no one else was seriously hurt.)
  • File:Henriques report 190116.pdf  + (The Henriques Report into police and CPS failures in the matter of alleged abuse of children in care, over an extended period by [[Greville Janner]])
  • Document:Jihadism and the Petroleum Industry  + (The ISIS/ISIL 'Jihadi invasion' of Iraq is nothing of the sort. It is a determined attempt by Usaia to Balkanise Iraq in furtherance of a carefully laid contingency plan to maintain control over the region.)
  • Document:Ahmadinejad 2010 UN Speech  + (The Iranian President proposed to the UN t
    The Iranian President proposed to the UN that they "set up an independent fact-finding group for the event of September 11th so that in the future, expressing views about it is not forbidden." Obama found the idea "offensive" and "inexcusable", and the US, EU and Israeli representatives walked out en bloc.
    sraeli representatives walked out en bloc.)
  • Moshe Dayan  + (The Israeli Defence Minister who secured supplies of Apartheid's uranium)
  • JFK Assassination Wiki  + (The JFK Assassination Wiki is a project hosted by [[Wikispooks]].)
  • JANCOM  + (The Justice for Asil Nadir Committee (JANC
    The Justice for Asil Nadir Committee (JANCOM) is independant from and has no ties to [[Asil Nadir]] or the Nadir family and was set up in August 2012 by a group of retired professionals who do not believe that Asil Nadir received just and fair trials in either 1992-93 or 2011-12.
    fair trials in either 1992-93 or 2011-12.)
  • Document:Another Chemical Weapon False Flag on the Eve of Peace Talks in Brussels  + (The Khan Sheikoun gas attack in Idlib province, like that in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta in 2013, can be a very useful means of propaganda)
  • Document:Jewish Money And The Labour Party  + (The Labour party is evidently dependent on the shekel pipeline. The numbers reveal why Labour has been hijacked by Jewish interests. Whether or not we like it, our leading opposition party is a hostage begging for the mercy of few wealthy Jews.)
  • Bing  + (The Microsoft search engine)
  • Document:Australia - The Forgotten Coup  + (The November 1975 dismissal of duly elected Australian Prime minister Gough Whitlam by Queen Elizabeth's governor general Sir John Kerr. And Australians STILL think they live in an independent democratic country)
  • Nuremberg Code  + (The Nuremberg Code is a set of research ethics principles for human experimentation set as a result of the subsequent Nuremberg trials at the end of WWII.)
  • 1995  + (The OKC bombing)
  • The Register  + (The Register is a UK based website focusing on IT.)
  • Document:A new integration project for Eurasia  + (The Russian prime minister and prospective 3rd term president a makes the case for 'multi-polarity' as a superior form or world governance)
  • File:Security Services Act 1989.pdf  + (The Security Services Act 1989)
  • File:Timor-oil.pdf  + (The Timor Gap Treaty versus an East Timor Exclusive Economic Zone: Economic Independence for East Timor)
  • Document:I Go to Stand My Trial  + (The Trial starts on Tuesday 7 November at
    The Trial starts on Tuesday 7 November at the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand, High Court Queen’s Bench Division, and lasts for two or three days. By the time I come back online the Tories will have appointed their next Disgraced Former Defence Secretary in Waiting.
    raced Former Defence Secretary in Waiting.)
  • File:GeorgeOrwellSpecialBranchFile.pdf  + (The UK Metropolitan Police Special Branch file on Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell))
  • UK/Police/Corruption  + (The UK Police, as is common for establishm
    The UK Police, as is common for establishment organs, certainly talks a good talk, and is no doubt full of people who join with the best of intentions. Some allow their loyalty to colleagues to overcome their loyalty to these ideals. And of course the deep state is ready to exploit such establishment organs to suit its own purposes.
    blishment organs to suit its own purposes.)
  • The Guardian  + (The UK daily newspaper which published the first revelations concerning [[NSA]] documents from [[Edward Snowden]])
  • Document:Hostages to wealth and the growing resistance  + (The UK government has prostituted itself to the free markets and private interests, and, as with the banking crisis, it is we, the public who get shafted. The least we can do is oppose, resist and expose and be ready for whatever comes next.)
  • Document:Falklands and Chagos - A Tale of Two Islands  + (The UK official narrative of the Falklands
    The UK official narrative of the Falklands War is that its primary objective was to free a plucky island people from subjugation by Argentina. This article compares their treatment with that of a similar sized settled, British-protected population, on a similarly remote island archepelago, a decade earlier.
    mote island archepelago, a decade earlier.)
  • File:A.HRC.14.24.Add6.pdf  + (The UN Special Rapporteur reports on "targeted killings" by states.)
  • US/Attorney General  + (The US Attorney General is the head of the [[United States Department of Justice]]. The deputy is the [[United States Deputy Attorney General]].''Boss of the ''[[:United States Deputy Attorney General|United States Deputy Attorney General]].)
  • Document:Speech by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on 20 August 2017 to the Syrian Diplomatic Corps  + (The US President is not the maker of policies, but the executor. Therefore, the “[[Deep State]]” in the [[United States]] does not govern in partnership with the President, but leaves him a small margin.)
  • President of the United States  + (The US President is the head of the [[US Government]], in the event of his death, the [[US Vice President]] accedes to the post.''Boss of the ''[[:Vice President of the United States|Vice President of the United States]].)
  • US/Police state  + (The US already has the highest incarceration rate in the world, rampant police violence and a "Justice Department" which claims the right to kill anyone, anyone time, without filing charges or presenting evidence.)
  • John Yoo  + (The US lawyer whose name is now synonymous with the infamous "torture memo" which opened the door to legalising torture and lead to his conviction as a [[war criminal]].)
  • Document:Syria Peace Conference: Obama’s Orwellian Subterfuge  + (The US/Western Orwellian inversion of morality and meaning in the relentless pursuit of Middle-Eastern policy objectives)
  • Document:Emperor Obama's Old-New clothes and the US energy war  + (The Ukraine imbroglio is a 100% US engineered event aimed at isolating Europe from Russia and developing US business interests in alternative energy supplies for both Ukraine and Europe)
  • Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab  + (The Underwear bomber)
  • Mark Zaid  + (The Washington DC attorney who successfully sued Libya for US$2.7 billion)
  • World Socialist Web Site  + (The World Socialist Web Site is published by the International Committee of the Fourth International, the leadership of the world socialist movement, the Fourth International founded by Leon Trotsky in 1938.)
  • 1950s  + (The [[1950s]] saw an increased polarization of the nations of the world into Western, USA dominated countries and Eastern block, USSR influenced. The CIA was increasingly aggressive at fighting communism by protecting the interests of [[Wall Street]].)
  • 1970s  + (The [[1970s]] saw a big increase in the fu
    The [[1970s]] saw a big increase in the funds available to [[the cabal]]. Drug running strategies and contacts from the [[Vietnam War]] were ruthlessly applied in [[South America]] while the launch of the "[[War on Drugs]]" helped eliminate competition in the USA.
    " helped eliminate competition in the USA.)
  • 1980s  + (The [[1980s]] saw an increase in the global organisation of capital, and a dramatic end to the coherence of the [[Soviet]] empire.)
  • Document:Seymour Hersh Says Hillary Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin to Syrian Rebels  + (The [[Corporate media|commercially-control
    The [[Corporate media|commercially-controlled media]] won’t inform the public when a [[Hillary Clinton|US Secretary of State]], and her boss the [[Barack Obama|US President]], are the persons actually behind a sarin gas attack they’re blaming on [[Bashar al-Assad|a foreign leader]] the US aristocrats and their allied foreign aristocrats are determined to topple and replace. Is this really a democracy?
    e and replace. Is this really a democracy?)
  • Document:Free Julian Assange, Mr. President  + (The [[Donald Trump]] I know is a generous, compassionate, humane and, above all, fair man. As his steadfast, loyal, decades-long supporter, with all I have I implore him: Mr. President, FREE [[Julian Assange|JULIAN ASSANGE]]!)
  • Document:Was EU Tax Evasion Regulation The Reason For The Brexit Referendum  + (The [[EU]]'s new anti-abuse measures coming into force in 2019 would tighten up restrictions on UK-based intermediaries that take part in off-shoring and tax avoidance, of which Britain is a global leader)
  • Lockerbie Bombing/Official Narrative  + (The [[Official Narrative]] about the Lockerbie bombing was presented by former Lord Advocate [[Colin Boyd]] on 28 August 2001.)
  • Document:Lockerbie Lies  + (The [[Pan Am Flight 103|Lockerbie bombing]
    The [[Pan Am Flight 103|Lockerbie bombing]] remains a text book case of a terrible tragedy causing considerable pain and suffering to relatives whose search for answers and clarification about why and how their loved ones died have taken second place to geo-political manoeuvres, deliberate meddling in legal processes, and the murky world of secret service wheeling and dealing on behalf of governments with no respect for human decency.
    rnments with no respect for human decency.)
  • Document:Journey To Aleppo Part I: Exposing The Truth Buried Under NATO Propaganda  + (The [[Syria]]n people are suffering under
    The [[Syria]]n people are suffering under the ‘moderate rebels’ and ‘opposition forces’ backed by the [[US]], [[NATO]] member states and their allies in the Gulf states and [[Israel]]. Yet their suffering is largely ignored in the [[mainstream media]] unless it furthers the agenda dictated by the [[US State Department]].
    a dictated by the [[US State Department]].)
  • François de Grossouvre  + (The [[spook]] in charge of [[Operation Gladio]] in France.)
  • Richard Lambert  + (The agent in charge of the FBI's Amerithrax investigation, who in 2015 publicly claimed that they had no feasible case against [[Bruce Ivins]] and that evidence exonerating him had been deliberately concealed.)
  • 1940s  + (The allied victory in WWII set the stage for the cold-war.)
  • Document:I am convinced! Hammarskjöld did not die in an air accident  + (The archibishop of Uppsala opines that Dag Hammarskjöld's death was no accident.)
  • Document:Beyond Conspiracy Theory  + (The article posits a new framework for the analysis of Deep political events and Conspiracy Theories. The term SCAD (State crime against democracy) is explained and developed as a way of connecting the dots across multiple suspect events.)