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  • Document:Towards the End of US Propaganda  + (An analysis of Anglo-US propaganda techniques from their post-WWI origins to the absurdities of their explanations about the 2014 Ukraine coup and it aftermath. It's author opines that its days are numbered)
  • Wikipedia/Problems  + (An analysis of Wikipedia's problems, which suggests that its failure to challenge the establishment is rooted in its subservience to organised money-power and is the fatal flaw from which a host of other symptoms arise.)
  • Document:Charlie Hebdo déjà vú  + (An analysis of the Charlie Hebdo event of January 2015. It connects many dots linking it to a litany of similar outrages and exposing the essentially [[False flag]] nature of all of them.)
  • Document:Europe in free fall  + (An analysis of the European geo-political predicament illuminated by its burgeoning refugee crisis)
  • File:Strictly Orthodox rising.pdf  + (An analysis of the UK Jewish population demography.)
  • Document:The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia's Early Soviet Regime  + (An analysis of the murder of Tsar Nicholas II and his family in July 1918.)
  • File:Attack when the world is not watching.pdf  + (An analysis of the timing of Israeli military attacks on Gaza relative to important breaking news in the US and Europe)
  • Compartmentalisation  + (An ancient technique of dividing information up between people to prevent the 'bigger picture' from being available to any of them.)
  • File:September 11 Commission Report.pdf  + (An anonymously authored ebook purporting to explain the motivation, genesis and execution of the 9/11 attacks.)
  • Ruth First  + (An anti-apartheid activist, investigative journalist, and scholar. She wrote in her autobiography that her life was dedicated "to the liberation of Africa for I count myself an African, and there is no cause I hold dearer.")
  • Hilda Murrell  + (An anti-nuclear activist unable to take part in the Sizewell Inquiry due to her sudden murder.)
  • Document:Ukrainian soldiers' organs traded  + (An apparent hoax about hacked correspondence between Donbass Battalion commander, Yulia Tymoshenko's lawyer and a German medical practitioner evidencing a burgeoning trade in the organs of Ukrainian soldiers)
  • Document:An appeal to the mothers of Ukraine  + (An appeal by women of the Russian diaspora to the mothers of Ukrainian solders)
  • Document:Request for help from a Ukraine citizen  + (An appeal to the citizens of Germany for t
    An appeal to the citizens of Germany for their help and understanding from a resident of the Eastern Ukraine city of Lugansk. It is representative of the position of the majority of the population in Eastern and Southern Ukraine and which is rigorously suppressed in the western media
    rigorously suppressed in the western media)
  • The Journal of Historical Review  + (An archive of historical review material, much of it from the paper editions of the Journal of Historical Review puliched between 1980 and 2002)
  • Luke Akehurst  + (An ardent fan of [[Labour Friends of Israel]])
  • Document:Myths about Contemporary Russia  + (An article that comprehensively refutes the major western demonising myths about Russia)
  • Robert Shetterly  + (An artist who has drawn attention to to whistleblowers after [[9/11]].)
  • Tony Sforza  + (An assassin accused of involvement in the JFK assassination)
  • Richard W. Roberts  + (An associate of Rudy Giuliani who has handled some sensitive cases for the cabal.)
  • Document:Genesis of the Morgenthau Plan  + (An authoritative account of the genesis of the World War II document that became known as "The Morgenthau Plan")
  • Document:The Taking Of America, 1-2-3  + (An authoritative description of the JFK assassination and succeeding crimes from the photographic expert advisor to Jim Garrison.)
  • Document:BBC Bombast  + (An authoritative run-down on BBC News as a model propaganda mouthpiece for the dominant establishment narrative of UK foreign policy initiatives and involvements abroad. The article provides startling chapter and verse on a number of recent examples)
  • Thanks For The Memories  + (An autobiographical account of a female subject of the CIA MKULTRA program)
  • Arthur Maundy Gregory  + (An early 20<sup>th</sup> century deep politician who had so much dirt on key establishment figures that his MI5 file remains censored, 65+ years after his death.)
  • Neoliberalism  + (An economic doctrine of "ensur[ing] that the fruits of growth [go] to the few not to the many.")
  • Document:Tactics of Organized Jewry in Suppressing Free Speech  + (An edited transcript of Prof. Martins address to the 14th Conference of the Institute for Historical Review in Irvine, California about the tactics of organised Jewry in suppressing information they deem harmful to them)
  • Document:Murder And Mayhem In The Middle East  + (An effective resumé of the modus-operandi of Anglo-US-NATO in its drive towards de-facto global dominance using the 2011 Libyan and subsequent Syrian interventions as telling examples.)
  • Patrick Pelloux  + (An emergency responder who notified François Hollande about the Charlie Hebdo event, and notified the world that a "multi-site attack exercise" had been planned for the day od the [[November 2015 Paris attacks]].)
  • Bradley Ayers  + (An employee of the JMWAVE CIA station who has named senior colleagues as implicated in the [[JFK assassination]] and testified about CIA drug dealing.)
  • Gaza  + (An enclave of Palestine in the south west corner of Israel.)
  • Domestic extremism  + (An enemy image used to try to justify repression of alternative ideas)
  • Document:Tron (1982) – The Ultimate Predictive PROGRAMming  + (An esoteric analysis of the 1982 Sci-Fi film "Tron")
  • Document:WikiLeaks – Whose Agenda?  + (An essay on how the release (and probable witholding) of Wikileaks leaks is being timed and manipulated to serve the global Zionist agenda.)
  • Antisemitism  + (An etymological misnomer with no substanti
    An etymological misnomer with no substantive meaning. In current widespread use to demonise people deemed to be threatening to cherished Judaic official narratives and to close down rational debate. A more accurate description of those it is applied to would be "people who Jews don't like"
    d to would be "people who Jews don't like")
  • Deep event  + (An event which has major influence on the
    An event which has major influence on the politics of a country or group of countries by virtue of its psychological impact on populations, principally through mainstream media construction and reporting of what becomes its "official narrative". Such events predominantly involve controversial domestic politics, especially in the field of so-called "national security", foreign affairs and geo-politics.
    curity", foreign affairs and geo-politics.)
  • Stephan Adolphus Kock  + (An ex-patriot Czechoslovakian business man and arch-spook)
  • Walter Laqueur  + (An ex-patriot German Jewish professor of History and political commentator)
  • File:The Top Ten Connections Between NIST and Nano-Thermites.pdf  + (An examination of NIST's connections to the nano-thermite.)
  • File:The Dow Jones Industrial Average - a fata morgana.pdf  + (An examination of the mathematics of the D
    An examination of the mathematics of the Dow Jones. Does it say anything of value about the state of the economy or society? The author concludes that looking at the number of people in society that use food stamps would be a better measure, one that is not wide open to manipulation by the 1%.
    s not wide open to manipulation by the 1%.)
  • Document:Ampiric Myopia  + (An examination of unfolding events in Ukraine and the role of the media, informed by the philosophical approach of Linguistic determinism)
  • Document:Ed Wilson's Revenge  + (An example of how plausible deniability wo
    An example of how plausible deniability worked for the CIA - their 3rd most senior CIA official produces an affidavit that they had had no dealings with Edwin Wilson since 1971. Although legions of insiders knew this was a lie, the court accepted it. Finally exposed as a lie almost 20 years later, all those who lied in court are given immunity.
    hose who lied in court are given immunity.)
  • Document:Democratic State v Deep State  + (An excellent introduction to deep politics
    An excellent introduction to deep politics. By clarifying the real role of the Secret Intelligence Services and the policy agenda they under firm control in most Western 'Democracies' (especially the UKUSA nations), it demonstrates the irrelevance of the party-political masquerade.
    levance of the party-political masquerade.)
  • Alexander Litvinenko  + (An exiled Russian former security officer turned whistleblower who died of Polonium poisoning in London.)
  • File:Splitting Stocks Caused Stock Market Crash 1929.pdf  + (An explanation of how the introduction of
    An explanation of how the introduction of stock splitting on December 31st, 1927 eventually caused the crash of 1929. The frequent splitting of shares into very large proportions gave a massive boost to the stock market boom, making the stock market crash of 1929 equally violent.
    tock market crash of 1929 equally violent.)
  • File:Hand in Glove.pdf  + (An exploration of the murky truth about "Hand in Hand for Syria", first brought to prominence by the murky "Dr Rola" TV report which appeared designed to stoke support for a 'humanitarian' bombing of Syria.)
  • The Mena Connection  + (An expose of Mena and Iran-Contra)
  • Other Losses  + (An expose of allied war crimes as regards treatment of prisoners.)
  • Document:The Astonishingly Crap Science of 'Counter-Extremism'  + (An expose of the crass lack of any valid scientific basis of government strategies to fight radicalisation. Nafeez Ahmed agrues that the "most academically accurate concept to capture this absurd level of crappiness is ‘bullshit’".)
  • Document:“Global Society Destruction” and The Ukraine Crisis: Decoding its Deep Structural Meaning  + (An extended analysis and decoding of the deep structural meaning underlying US-lead Anglo-US-NATO interference in the unfolding Ukrainian tragedy)