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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "Used for facilitateing bribes during [[arms deal]]s". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Augusto Pinochet  + (Used the position to collaborate with [[the Enterprise]]'s [[cocaine]] trafficking)
  • Rudy Giuliani  + (Used this position to promote his sidekick, [[Bernard Kerik]]. Provably lied about important aspects of [[9/11]].)
  • JFK/Assassination/Foreknowledge  + (Various people have revealed foreknowledge of the [[JFK assassination]].)
  • Larry A. Potts  + (Various roles.)
  • Venezuela  + (Venezuela possesses the world's largest oil reserves)
  • Yanukovitch deposed  + (Verkhovna Rada (The Ukraine Parliament) votes to depose duly elected President Viktor Yanukovitch)
  • Frederick Sleigh Roberts  + (Very highly decorated soldier and advocate of conscription.)
  • Brazil  + (Very large and not particularly populous country which has made a priority of [[biofuels]].)
  • Colonel Botta  + (Very little known [[Cercle]] visitor.)
  • Monsignor Brunello  + (Very little known [[Cercle]] visitor.)
  • Rosemary Graf Huyn  + (Very little known [[Cercle]] visitor.)
  • Robert Parry  + (Veteran US investigative reporter)
  • UN/Vetoes for Israel  + (Vetoes cast on proposed UN Security Council resolutions critical of the State of Israel since 1972.)
  • Gudrun Loftus  + (Victim of an unusual death, reportedly dead after falling down a "steep spiral staircase".)
  • Document:Address to the Federal Asssembly of Russia 2014  + (Vladimir Putin address to 1,000 delegates of the Federal Assembly of Russia in St Georges Hall, Moscow)
  • Crimea annexation announced  + (Vladimir Putin announces the incorporation of Crimea into the Russian Federation following the referendum 2 days earlier)
  • Document:Answers to journalists’ questions following the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council summit  + (Vladimir Putin answers journalists question following the Eurasia summit meeting held in Minsk on 29 April 2014)
  • Document:Putin BRICS press conference July 2014  + (Vladimir Putin answers questions from Russian journalists following his visits to Cuba, Nicaragua, Argentina and Brazil. in July 2014)
  • Document:Vladimir Putin interview with French media  + (Vladimir Putin interview with two French media men on the eve of his visit to France for the 70th anniversary commemoration of the Allied Normandy landings)
  • Document:Putin address 18 March 2014  + (Vladimir Putin's address to State Duma dep
    Vladimir Putin's address to State Duma deputies, Federation Council members, heads of Russian regions and civil society representatives in the Kremlin, following the result of the 16 March 2014 referendum in Crimea which provided overwhelming support for Crimea to become part of the Russian Federation.
    to become part of the Russian Federation.)
  • Document:St Petersburg International Economic Forum  + (Vladimir Putin's address to the plenary session of the 18th St Petersburg International Economic Forum on 23 May 2014)
  • Document:US is militarizing Ukraine to invade Russia  + (Vladimir Putin's economic adviser outlines the massive militarisation of Ukraine and the Anglo-US agenda that is behind it.)
  • David Fieldhouse  + (Volunteer on the scene of the [[Pan Am Flight 103|Lockerbie crash]], Dr Fieldhouse swears one of the bodies he identified was later stricken from the record.)
  • 9-11/WTC7  + (WTC7 was a 47-storey building which underw
    WTC7 was a 47-storey building which underwent a spectacular freefall collapse in its own footprint, relegated in Wikipedia to a fraction of a paragraph. Although completely unprecedented, this was not only predicted but announced by the BBC before it happened.
    t announced by the BBC before it happened.)
  • War  + (War is the organised and large scale use o
    War is the organised and large scale use of armed forces, in the modern era, generally directed by national governments. It has gone on since the beginning of recorded history, though the numbers killed have increased with larger populations and the proportion of civilian victims has increased with more efficient weapons.
    has increased with more efficient weapons.)