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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "US nuclear whistleblower". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Wayne Lee Berman  + (US Businessman with deep political connections.)
  • Jacob Walles  + (US Diplomat specialising in the Arab-Israeli conflict and Middle-Eastern affairs)
  • File:FIFA-indictment.pdf  + (US District Court of New York indictment against 14 senior officials of the Swiss-based world football governing body FIFA)
  • Document:Global Warfare. Preparing for World War III  + (US Global military deployments, bases and command structure analysed as integral to an agenda aiming at total world hegemony)
  • File:Critical Technology Assessment.pdf  + (US Institute for Defense Analysis assessment of the technologies of Israel and NATO nations - including nuclear weapons capailities. Declassified in March 2015 with all but the Israeli sections remaining redacted.)
  • Document:Obama Should Release MH-17 Intel  + (US Intelligence Officials Demand that Obama Release MH-17 Intel)
  • Richard Allen  + (US National Security Advisor, Cercle, Iran-Contra...)
  • James Ellis  + (US Navy, Bilderberger)
  • Norman Mineta  + (US Secretary of Transportation whose revealing testimony to the 9-11 commission was covered up in their final report.)
  • McCain visits Maidan  + (US Senator John McCain addresses anti-government demonstrators On Kiev's Independence Square (The Maidan))
  • Document:Intrigues at Geneva 2  + (US Shenanigans at the Geneva 2 'peace' conference on Syria)
  • Joe Biden/Pledges support for Yatsenyuk  + (US VP Joe Biden phones Arseniy Yatsenyuk to offer support and commend the Junta on its RESTRAINT - no kidding)
  • Frank Wisner  + (US [[deep politician]], and an architect of [[Operation Mockingbird]]. Reportedly [[killed himself]].)
  • Rheinwiesenlager  + (US army run concentration camps in Western Germany)
  • John Kapoor  + (US billionaire found guilty of bribing doctors to prescribe opioids.)
  • Jay Lovestone  + (US communist who ended up working for [[James Jesus Angleton]])
  • Marshall Green  + (US coup master)
  • David Rockefeller  + (US deep politician. CFR founder. Only person to attend over 50 [[Bilderberg]] meetings.)
  • Jonathan Finer  + (US deep state actor, lawyer, 7th Floor Group, CFR, friend of UK and US deep state functionaries)
  • George Perkins Jr  + (US diplomat who went to the first Bilderberg.)
  • Susan Athey  + (US economist, one time [[Bilderberger]])
  • CIA/Torture  + (US foreign policy has made extensive use of torture since at least the 1960s, and continues to do so. Only since 9/11 has it been more or less openly admitted and have moves been made to try to secure legal justification.)
  • George S. Patton  + (US general who died in a [[car crash]]. Officially, an accident.)
  • Michael Gfoeller  + (US government insider, Bilderberg, Chertoff Group...)
  • Antonin Scalia  + (US judge)