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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "This property is for [[Company Check]] URLs|". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Property:Query string  + (This property holds the conditions of the query as a string)
  • Property:ON has aim  + (This property holds the official aim(s) of an organisation.)
  • Property:Has name  + (This property holds the official name an organisation.)
  • Property:Query format  + (This property holds the value of the number of conditions in a query)
  • Property:Query size  + (This property holds the value of the number of conditions in a query)
  • Property:Query depth  + (This property holds the value of the property depth of a query)
  • Property:Has WS page  + (This property is assigned to WP:pages to indicate their main Wikispooks page)
  • Property:Has improper value for  + (This property is assigned to pages which have properties that have incorrect (out of range) values.)
  • Property:Has keySort  + (This property is associated with "Property:Has keyOrder". This property declares a key on which to sort the example SMWDocs associated with this page. e.g. [[Property:Has_publicationDate|Has_publicationDate]]|)
  • Property:Has keyPropertyHeaders  + (This property is associated with "Property:Has keyProperties". It is a list of descriptions to give these properties.)
  • Property:Has keyProperties  + (This property is associated with "Property:Has keyPropertyHeaders". It declares which properties are particularly important to data items which constitute this page.)
  • Property:Has keyOrder  + (This property is associated with "Property:Has keySort". This property declares the order of that key on which to sort the example SMWDocs associated with this page. e.g. "descending")
  • Property:Is draft  + (This property is attributed to documents to indicate that they are a draft.)
  • Property:Has superGroup  + (This property is derived from ''Has subGroThis property is derived from ''Has subGroup''. It is the inverse of that property. "-Has subgroup" is probably better for coding... in cases where it works. [[SMW]] has some cases where inverse properties cause exceptions (i.e. the 'parent' parameter of the 'tree' results format), which is why this property was needed.|), which is why this property was needed.|)
  • Property:Has cspan  + (This property is for C-Span URLs)
  • Property:Has crunchbase  + (This property is for Crunchbase URLs)
  • Property:Has isgp  + (This property is for ISGP URLs)
  • Property:Has reddit  + (This property is for Reddit URLs)
  • Property:Has spartacus  + (This property is for Spartacus URLs)
  • Property:Has spreaker  + (This property is for Spreaker URLs)
  • Property:Has companieshouse  + (This property is for UK companieshouse URLs)
  • Property:Has video  + (This property is for URLs of videos of events)
  • Property:Has vimeo  + (This property is for Vimeo URLs)
  • Property:Has zoominfo  + (This property is for Zoominfo URLs)
  • Has companieshouse:  + (This property is for [[Companies House]] URLs|)
 (This property is for [[Company Check]] URLs|)