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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "The object for groups of people. For inspaniduals, use 'person'". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Louis J. Lefkowitz  + (The longest serving [[New York Attorney General]].)
  • Cordell Hull  + (The longest serving [[US Secretary of State]])
  • Dennis Hastert  + (The longest serving republican speaker of the house.)
  • Neil Kinnock  + (The longest-serving Leader of the Opposition in British political history, a UK politician who never become Prime Minister.)
  • Central Office of Information  + (The main UK government body dealing with official advertising and publicity)
  • CDC  + (The main US government body charged with preventing disease outbreaks)
  • Cleveland Dodge  + (The main donor to the US presidential campaign of [[Woodrow Wilson]].)
  • The Bolsheviks  + (The majority faction of the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party.)
  • Rudy Giuliani  + (The mayor of New York on 9-11, who has made contradictory and unexplained statements about 9-11.)
  • Document:How They Get Away With It  + (The mechanics of a cover-up)
  • Document:The Truth on the Rocks  + (The media research goup at Glasgow Univers
    The media research goup at Glasgow University has conducted a major survey of the media's handling of the killings in Gibraltar of the three IRA members on March 6 last year up to but not including the coverage of the inquest in September. It represents a serious indictment of the British media's handling of the affair and particularly that of The Sunday Times. We publish here in full the Glasgow University Media Research Unit survey.
    gow University Media Research Unit survey.)
  • Security  + (The modern interpretation involves control technology, while a more traditional interpretation involved relationships.)
  • Socialist Review  + (The monthly magazine of the British Socialist Workers Party)
  • Water  + (The most basic resource needed for life, and unavailable to more than 1 billion people worldwide. :-( ...)
  • Skull and Bones  + (The most elite US secret society, largely unknown until its influence was publicised by Antony Sutton, who highlighted in particular its members' apparently insatiable desire for power and their mutual loyalty in spite often of public antagonism.)
  • 1960s/Assassinations  + (The most famous of the assassinations of the [[1960s]])
  • CIA  + (The most high profile of the US intelligen
    The most high profile of the US intelligence agencies, a covert agent of foreign policy. Funded by a 'black budget' derived from the global drug trade, the CIA is experienced at assassination, blackmail, instigating coups and other such covert deep state actions. Its scrutiny in the early 1970s however led to the development of more secure bases for the most sensitive deep state operations.
    the most sensitive deep state operations.)
  • China  + (The most populous nation state in the world)
  • C-4  + (The most powerful non-nuclear explosive, s
    The most powerful non-nuclear explosive, supposedly very tightly controlled. However, in 1982 a long time CIA operative exported 20 tons, almost the entire US domestic stockpile, to Libya, and trained [[Muammar Gaddafi]]'s forces how to use it for bomb making.
    ]]'s forces how to use it for bomb making.)
  • Document:Gold Smoke and Mirrors  + (The murky world of gold custodianship, trading and gold price suppression.)
  • Document:The Four Horsemen Gallop By  + (The notion that [[Britain]] will take part
    The notion that [[Britain]] will take part in military action against [[Syria]] with neither investigation of the evidence nor a parliamentary vote is worrying indeed. Without [[UN Security Council|Security Council]] authorisation, any such action is illegal in any event.
    , any such action is illegal in any event.)
  • Document:Downing Street Memo  + (The now infamous memo about the 2003 Invasion of Iraq)
  • Decade  + (The object for calendar decades.)
  • Year  + (The object for calendar years.)
  • Event  + (The object for experiences/operations that happened, will happen or were planned to happen.)
  • Group  + (The object for groups of people. For individuals, use 'person')
  • Employment  + (The object for names of jobs important enough to have their own Wikispooks page.)
  • Video  + (The object for videos.)
  • Website  + (The object for websites. This is currently the only main namespace object which doesn't have an infobox.)
  • Martin Bryant  + (The official "lone nut" perpetrator of the [[Port Arthur Massacre]], with an IQ of just 66.)
  • Abdelhamid Abaaoud  + (The official "mastermind" behind the [[mass murder in Paris]])
  • File:BreivikIndictment.pdf  + (The official legal indictments of Brevik for the 22 July 2011 murders on Utoya Island and the planting of the Oslo bomb)
  • 2000  + (The official narrative of [[TWA Flight 800
    The official narrative of [[TWA Flight 800]] was fixed, that the event was an accident, and that the hundred's of eyewitnesses who thought that they saw a missile were mistaken. The [[US Secretary of State]] [[Madeleine Albright]] admitted [[CIA]] responsibility for the [[1953 coup in Iran]].
    ponsibility for the [[1953 coup in Iran]].)
  • Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel  + (The official perpetrator of the Nice truck event)
  • United States Marshals Service  + (The oldest law enforcement body in the US.)
  • John Kiriakou  + (The only CIA officer to go to prison for reasons connected to their torturing of suspects - the first whistleblower.)
  • Guyana  + (The only UK colony on the mainland on South America.)
  • Cuba  + (The only country in North America under the influence of the USSR during the cold war.)
  • Efraín Ríos Montt  + (The only head of a nation state to heve been found guilty of genocide in his own country.)
  • We the people  + (The opening three words of the preamble to the constitution of the United States of America.)
  • Chair of the Public Accounts Committee  + (The opposition party chairs the committee.)
  • Document:Commission for the Relief of Belgium 1  + (The organisation, promotion and diversion of Belgian 'relief funding' for the hidden but nonetheless express purpose of prolonging the war)
  • Document:Commission for the Relief of Belgium 2  + (The organisation, promotion and diversion of Belgian 'relief funding' for the hidden but nonetheless express purpose of prolonging WW1.)
  • Censorship  + (The organised suppression of information,
    The organised suppression of information, increasingly being resorted to by large hierarchical organisations such as the nation states intent on preserving public credulity in their official narratives, many of which are at ever greater variance with reality.
    are at ever greater variance with reality.)
  • 1974  + (The ousting of Richard Nixon was an important victory for [[the cabal]] and cemented [[George H. W. Bush]] in his ''de facto'' leadership role.)
  • Beverly Eckert  + (The outspoken wife of a 9/11 victim who refused to accept the [[9-11/Compensation fund]] and forcefully stating "My silence cannot be bought".)
  • Document:From Pol Pot to ISIS: Anything that flies on everything that moves  + (The parallels between the rise to power of Cambodia's Khymer Rouge under Pol Pot in the 1970's and that of ISIS in the Iraq/Syria of 2014.)
  • Document:The Shoah as State Religion?  + (The paranoid sensitivities of the French establishment to any and all manifestations of ridicule and satire concerning the 'State Religion' of the Shoa or Holocaust)
  • Document:Sharon took Brave Decisions for Peace says Agent Cameron  + (The passing of Ariel Sharon. With comment on the fawning eulogies of Western Establishment Figures (Especially UK PM David Cameron) to a man who, on any rational assessment of the evidence, was guilty of multiple war crimes.)
  • Document:Manchester atrocity: UK government must come clean about its relationship with Libyan Islamists  + (The perpetrator of the [[2017 Manchester b
    The perpetrator of the [[2017 Manchester bombing|Manchester atrocity]], British-born Libyan [[Salman al-Abedi]], 22, is largely the product of the policy pursued by successive British governments – [[Conservative Party|Conservative]] and [[Labour Party|Labour]] – towards [[Libya]].
    Labour Party|Labour]] – towards [[Libya]].)
  • Focal Point Publications  + (The personal website and blog of British historian David Irving)