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  • Document:Bandar ibn Israel  + (The collusion of Saudi Arabia's Bandar bin Sultan with Israel in acts of terrorist violence in the Middle East through 2013.)
  • René Schneider  + (The commander-in-chief of the Chilean Army at the time of the 1970 Chilean presidential election, when he was assassinated during a botched kidnapping attempt.)
  • Oil  + (The commodity which occupies a uniquely defining role in 20th and 21<sup>st</sup> century geopolitics due to its commanding importance for all modern military and commercial ventures.)
  • Mental disorder  + (The concept of 'mental illness' has a history of abuse by [[establishment]]s seeking to enforce belief in their [[official narrative]].)
  • Document:Conjuring Hitler - Chapter 6  + (The concluding chapter of Guido Preparata's seminal work of World War II historical revision - Conjuring Hitler)
  • Document:The Milner Group in Word War II  + (The concluding chapter of [[Quigley]]'s magnum opus on the [[Milner Group]].)
  • Document:Hidden History - Concluding chapter  + (The concluding chapter of a seminal work of historical revision on the origins of World War I and 100 years of establishment lies to hide where responsibility really lies)
  • Mark David Chapman  + (The convicted but probable controlled patsy killer of John Lennon.)
  • Corporate media  + (The corporate media refers to itself as 'm
    The corporate media refers to itself as 'mainstream' in an effort to marginalize so-called "alternative" media. While some instances (e.g. BBC) are not strictly commercial, all the corporate media is hierarchically structured, so a very small number of editors can censor or modify its output.
    f editors can censor or modify its output.)
  • Document:The Paradise Papers and HSBC. Who  + (The corruption surrounding [[Theresa May]]'s seduction of [[Saudi Aramco]] to hold its stock market launch (IPO) at the London Stock Exchange next year has involved bribes, lobbying for [[HSBC]] and changing the rules by the [[FCA]])
  • Document:Megrahi Obituary  + (The day after Abdelbaset al-Megrahi died, Tam Dalyell opines that he was not the Lockerbie bomber.)
  • Deep state  + (The deep state, state within a state, shad
    The deep state, state within a state, shadow government, permanent state or permanent government is a fluid network of individuals with ''de facto'' control of a national government. Many "democratically elected" governments work as fronts, allowing the deep state to operate in secret while providing a level of plausible deniability. On matters of deep political importance, the public machinery of government is routinely subverted by agents of the deep state.
    ely subverted by agents of the deep state.)
  • NATO/Deputy Secretary General  + (The deputy to the NATO Secretary General. The #2 job in the leader of the civilian structure of NATO.)
  • Document:Who is the Enemy?  + (The desire for a 'Jewish Homeland' among t
    The desire for a 'Jewish Homeland' among the Jewish Diaspora is commonly understood to explain the origins of political Zionism in the mid-late 19th century; but that is only part of the story. This article is a brief introduction to the key role of the inheritors of Oliver Cromwell's 'Commonwealth' in its realisation in the State of Israel by actively seeking to harness the Diaspora to their purposes.
    ely seeking to harness the Diaspora to their purposes.)
  • Intelligence agency  + (The distinction between secret societies, intelligence agencies or international groups may be slightly moot on occasions. Many are officially allowed to commit serious crimes such as murder, and are subject to minimal effective oversight anyway.)
  • File:WikiLeaks - Manning.doc  + (The document is connected to the arrest of
    The document is connected to the arrest of 22 year old Bradley Manning for allegedly leaking 1/4 million classified US Diplomatic cables + video footage of US killings in Iraq to WikiLeaks. It contains what Wired estimate to be about 25% of the on-line chat logs between Manning and Adrian Lamo (The guy who shopped him to the FBI).
    Lamo (The guy who shopped him to the FBI).)
  • 1973  + (The events of [[Watergate]], which finishe
    The events of [[Watergate]], which finished [[Richard Nixon]] politically, were the second time [[the cabal]] had staged a silent coup in US in a decade. This not only increasing their confidence and influence, but it settled the issue of leadership, putting the [[US deep state]] into the hands of [[George H. W. Bush]].
    ] into the hands of [[George H. W. Bush]].)
  • Petrodollar/Recycling  + (The events surrounding the 1973 "[[oil cri
    The events surrounding the 1973 "[[oil crisis]]" helped shape the world's power relations in favour to global financial institutions, big oil companies and the military sector. The "rush toward increased structural concentration for the control of economic activity" (Shimshon 1989) is driven by high oil prices and the recycling of the oil producing countries' surpluses into U.S. dept securities and arms deals.
    into U.S. dept securities and arms deals.)
  • Document:Hail the Ghoul!  + (The evil of George Soros exposed with accuracy and wit)
  • European Commission  + (The executive body of the European Union, responsible for proposing legislation, implementing decisions, upholding the EU treaties and managing day-to-day business.)
  • 9-11/Media response  + (The failure of the media corporations to i
    The failure of the media corporations to investigate 9-11 on any level is an indictment of the controlled nature of the corporate media of the 21st century. Independent media has to an increasing extent filled the gap, as the unwelcome truth of September 11th is accepted by ever more people.
    uth of September 11th is accepted by ever more people.)
  • Stephen Hadley  + (The fall guy for the bogus "Niger Uranium" scam.)
  • Bin Laden family  + (The family owning the largest construction firm in the world, closely connected to both the [[Bush family]] and the [[Saudi Royal family]].)
  •  + (The films and journalism of John Pilger)
  • Abraham Bolden  + (The first African-American Secret Service agent assigned to the Presidential Protective Division, appointed by [[JFK]] in 1961)
  • Václav Klaus  + (The first Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. Cercle attendee.)
  • Hastings Ismay  + (The first Secretary General of NATO.)
  • Anwar al-Awlaki  + (The first assassination victim in modern times for whose death the US government has openly admitted responsibility.)
  • Patrice Lumumba  + (The first democratically elected Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo, abducted, tortured and murdered. Foreign intelligence service involvement is strongly suspected.)
  • Eric Malcolm Jones  + (The first director of GCHQ)
  • James Klugmann  + (The first editor)
  • Katharine Viner  + (The first female editor-in-chief of ''[[The Guardian]]'')
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower  + (The first holder of this office)
  • Lyman Kirkpatrick  + (The first holder of this position)
  • L. Douglas Heck  + (The first holder of this position)
  • Dick White  + (The first holder of this position.)
  • Bruno Branciforte  + (The first holder of this post)
  • Bandar bin Sultan  + (The first holder of this post.)
  • Giovanni Carlo  + (The first holder of this post.)
  • 9-11/Joint Congressional Inquiry  + (The first inquiry into 9/11, by its own admission "not in the blame game". It produced an 800 page report of which 28 pages were censored, and released in redacted form in July 2016.)
  • Michael Elkins  + (The first journalist to report at the beginning of the Six-Day War, and a speaker at the 1979 JCIT.)
  • 1953  + (The first large scale regime change operation carried out by the CIA, in Iran)
  • Salvador Allende  + (The first marxist to be elected in [[South America]]. Deposed by the [[CIA]].)
  • Basil Zaharoff  + (The first modern arms dealer, cunning, aggressive and ruthless.)
  • 1990s  + (The first post-[[cold war]] decade, in whi
    The first post-[[cold war]] decade, in which the [[Military Industrial complex]] transitioned to "Islamic terrorists" as the new enemy, complete with various acts of [[false flag]] "terrorism". Nevertheless, it appears to have been wrongfooted by the rapid rise of the [[internet]] as a many to many broadcasting system, which was largely uncensored and unregulated.
    ch was largely uncensored and unregulated.)
  • Joseph McBride  + (The first to discover documentary evidence that [[George H. W. Bush]] was an undercover CIA operative.)
  • UK/Army  + (The foreign enforcement arm of the UK government.)
  • James Bamford  + (The foremost journalist publishing about the NSA.)
  • 1775  + (The formation of the [[US Navy]])
  • Mordechai Vanunu  + (The former Israeli nuclear technician who,
    The former Israeli nuclear technician who, citing his opposition to weapons of mass destruction, revealed details of Israel's nuclear weapons program to the British press in 1986.He was captured by Mossad, kidnapped and subsequently imprisoned for 18 years, including 11 years in solitary confinement. He continues to be subject to harrassment and forbidden to speak to foreigners or to leave Israel.
    to speak to foreigners or to leave Israel.)