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  • Sibel Edmonds/State Secrets Privilege Gallery  + (The State Secrets Privilege Gallery was created by Sibel Edmonds as a way of fingering people she was prohibited from mentioning)
  • Sweden/Deep state  + (The Swedish deep state)
  • File:Timor-oil.pdf  + (The Timor Gap Treaty versus an East Timor Exclusive Economic Zone: Economic Independence for East Timor)
  • Townhouse Operation  + (The Townhouse Operation was a [[US deep state]] operation to gain leverage over US [[politicians]].)
  • Document:I Go to Stand My Trial  + (The Trial starts on Tuesday 7 November at The Trial starts on Tuesday 7 November at the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand, High Court Queen’s Bench Division, and lasts for two or three days. By the time I come back online the Tories will have appointed their next Disgraced Former Defence Secretary in Waiting.raced Former Defence Secretary in Waiting.)
  • File:GeorgeOrwellSpecialBranchFile.pdf  + (The UK Metropolitan Police Special Branch file on Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell))
  • Institute for Statecraft  + (The UK MoD/FCO funded group that ran the ironically named [[Integrity Initiative]], exposed in 2018 by [['Anonymous']].)
  • UK/Home Office/Investigatory Powers Tribunal  + (The UK court in charge of complaints about the UK intelligence agencies.)
  • GCHQ  + (The UK equivalent of the NSA, which carries out mass surveillance on a lot of the world's internet traffic)
  • UK/FCO  + (The UK government department dealing with foreign policy.)
  • Document:Hostages to wealth and the growing resistance  + (The UK government has prostituted itself to the free markets and private interests, and, as with the banking crisis, it is we, the public who get shafted. The least we can do is oppose, resist and expose and be ready for whatever comes next.)
  • Surveillance and censorship program  + (The UK government's 'Surveillance and censThe UK government's 'Surveillance and censorship' (SAC) program is alleged by Kevin Galalae to be a part of the their CONTEST 'war on terror' strategy. He describes it as a project to 'brainwash the young and the impressionable to hold skewed and hypocritical views in line with the British Government’s foreign and domestic policy objectives'.s foreign and domestic policy objectives'.)
  • Companieshouse  + (The UK government's website that presents company information)
  • UK/Home Office  + (The UK governmental department that is responsible for policy issues surrounding immigration, passports, drugs, crime, the police and "counter-terrorism".)
  • Document:Falklands and Chagos - A Tale of Two Islands  + (The UK official narrative of the FalklandsThe UK official narrative of the Falklands War is that its primary objective was to free a plucky island people from subjugation by Argentina. This article compares their treatment with that of a similar sized settled, British-protected population, on a similarly remote island archepelago, a decade earlier.mote island archepelago, a decade earlier.)
  • File:A.HRC.14.24.Add6.pdf  + (The UN Special Rapporteur reports on "targeted killings" by states.)
  • Document:Speech by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on 20 August 2017 to the Syrian Diplomatic Corps  + (The US President is not the maker of policies, but the executor. Therefore, the “[[Deep State]]” in the [[United States]] does not govern in partnership with the President, but leaves him a small margin.)
  • US/Deep state  + (The US deep state goes back centuries, butThe US deep state goes back centuries, but the modern form stems from a 1963 coup which fused an alliance into a single coherent [[The Cabal|Cabal]]. Under the leadership of [[George H. W. Bush]] after the [[Watergate coup]], the group became centered on the [[Bush family]]. It has been aggressively waging a "[[War On Terror]]" since [[9-11]] quickened the [[supranational deep state]]. In recent years it has lacked clear leadership and suffered [[leak]]s, infighting, short-termism & confusion about handling its increasingly public profile.bout handling its increasingly public profile.)
  • The Money Trust  + (The US deep state of the late 19th and early 20th century. After taking control of the [[US dollar]] through the [[Federal Reserve Act]], they proceeded on an aggressive project of self-enrichment, leading ultimately to [[World War II]].)
  • Internal Revenue Service  + (The US government agency responsible for collecting taxes and the administration of the Internal Revenue Code.)
  • U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission  + (The US government's agency to regulate the financial sector, generally thought to be completely captured by the larger financial interests.)
  • Susan Graber  + (The US judge who commented on [[Saleh v. Bush]])
  • John Koeltl  + (The US judge who dismissed the [[DNC]] civil suit against [[Julian Assange]] “with prejudice”. In retirement he has attempted to defend the rights of those imprisoned in [[Guantanamo Bay]].)
  • Alexander Acosta  + (The US lawyer whose approval of a plea deal with [[Jeffrey Epstein]] avoided a public trial.)
  • John Yoo  + (The US lawyer whose name is now synonymous with the infamous "torture memo" which opened the door to legalising torture and lead to his conviction as a [[war criminal]].)
  • Document:Syria Peace Conference: Obama’s Orwellian Subterfuge  + (The US/Western Orwellian inversion of morality and meaning in the relentless pursuit of Middle-Eastern policy objectives)
  • Document:Emperor Obama's Old-New clothes and the US energy war  + (The Ukraine imbroglio is a 100% US engineered event aimed at isolating Europe from Russia and developing US business interests in alternative energy supplies for both Ukraine and Europe)
  • Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab  + (The Underwear bomber)
  • United Arab Emirates  + (The United Arab Emirates has the 7th largest oil reserves of any nation state.)
  • Vietnam War  + (The Vietnam War was a proxy war lead by USThe Vietnam War was a proxy war lead by US that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from December 1956 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. Millions of people were killed, mostly Vietnamese. [[JFK]] was [[John F. Kennedy/Assassination|assassinated]] soon after declaring his intent to withdraw US troops. The war helped the [[CIA]] to refine its methods of [[illegal drug trafficking]], [[CIA/Torture|torture]] and the like.[[CIA/Torture|torture]] and the like.)
  • The Warren Commission  + (The Warren Commission, officially referred to as "The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy" was established by President Lyndon B. Johnson.)
  • Mark Zaid  + (The Washington DC attorney who successfully sued Libya for US$2.7 billion)
  • World Socialist Web Site  + (The World Socialist Web Site is published by the International Committee of the Fourth International, the leadership of the world socialist movement, the Fourth International founded by Leon Trotsky in 1938.)
  • 1950s  + (The [[1950s]] saw an increased polarization of the nations of the world into Western, USA dominated countries and Eastern block, USSR influenced. The CIA was increasingly aggressive at fighting communism by protecting the interests of [[Wall Street]].)
  • 1970s  + (The [[1970s]]The [[1970s]] saw a big increase in the funds available to [[the cabal]]. Drug running strategies and contacts from the [[Vietnam War]] were ruthlessly applied in [[South America]] while the launch of the "[[War on Drugs]]" helped eliminate competition in the USA." helped eliminate competition in the USA.)
  • 1980s  + (The [[1980s]] saw an increase in the global organisation of capital, and a dramatic end to the coherence of the [[Soviet]] empire.)
  • Document:Gaza massacre should be a turning point for British Jews  + (The [[2018 Gaza Massacre]]The [[2018 Gaza Massacre]] represents a turning point which eliminates any existing moral ambiguity around [[Israel]]’s treatment of the [[Palestinians]]. The sheer scale of the bloodshed makes the [[cognitive dissonance]] required for any decent individual to absolve Israel of culpability too difficult to sustain.l of culpability too difficult to sustain.)
  • 9-11/Official narrative  + (The [[9-11]]The [[9-11]] plot, a [[false flag attack]] staged by the [[US/Deep state]] in concert with other [[deep states]], was blamed on "[[19 hijackers]]" who were members of [[Al Qaeda]]. The [[official opposition narrative]] states that small scale corruption within the US government prevented the successful apprehension of the gang of 19, and also lead to some relatively minor innaccuracies and inconsistencies between the different official narratives.between the different official narratives.)
  • Document:What is the Plan - the Plan is to have no Plan  + (The [[Brexit]]The [[Brexit]] political mess we are now in, and the deep divisions and rancour that have been created were foreseeable and inevitable: it is a complete, shambolic mess. And be in no doubt: a [ 2nd Scottish Referendum] will now require only 50% + 1 vote. Nothing else is sustainable now.+ 1 vote. Nothing else is sustainable now.)
  • Document:A Brief History of the CIA’s Dirty War in South Sudan  + (The [[CIA]]The [[CIA]] are now almost completely out of the picture in [[South Sudan]] though one should never underestimate the [[CIA|Agency]]’s capacity for evil. It's in the [[US]] national interest to deny [[China]] access to [[Africa]]n [[oil]] so it will always continue to be [[US]] vs [[China]] in [[South Sudan]], as part of [[Pax Americana]]’s designs for [[Africa]] as a whole.rica]] as a whole.)
  • Document:JVL statement on Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis  + (The [[Conservative Party|Conservatives]]The [[Conservative Party|Conservatives]] have given us [[austerity]] as an organising principle of government and as a result we have proliferating food banks, people sleeping and dying on our streets, our social care system on its knees, and local council budgets and services decimated. So, [[Rabbi Mirvis]], which party is threatening the soul of the nation?rty is threatening the soul of the nation?)
  • Document:American Pie: The Real Story Behind ‘The NHS Crisis’  + (The [[Conservative Party|Tory]]The [[Conservative Party|Tory]] Government and [[NHS England]] continue their drive to complete the major steps of converting our tax-based model to a [[US]]-modelled public/private enterprise as speedily as possible, with [[Brexit]] providing a blanket diversion from what they are doing.lanket diversion from what they are doing.)
  • Document:Seymour Hersh Says Hillary Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin to Syrian Rebels  + (The [[Corporate media|commercially-controlled media]]The [[Corporate media|commercially-controlled media]] won’t inform the public when a [[Hillary Clinton|US Secretary of State]], and her boss the [[Barack Obama|US President]], are the persons actually behind a sarin gas attack they’re blaming on [[Bashar al-Assad|a foreign leader]] the US aristocrats and their allied foreign aristocrats are determined to topple and replace. Is this really a democracy?e and replace. Is this really a democracy?)
  • Document:Free Julian Assange, Mr. President  + (The [[Donald Trump]] I know is a generous, compassionate, humane and, above all, fair man. As his steadfast, loyal, decades-long supporter, with all I have I implore him: Mr. President, FREE [[Julian Assange|JULIAN ASSANGE]]!)
  • Document:Was EU Tax Evasion Regulation The Reason For The Brexit Referendum  + (The [[EU]]'s new [[Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive|anti-abuse measures coming into force in 2019]] would tighten up restrictions on UK-based intermediaries that take part in off-shoring and tax avoidance, of which Britain is a global leader)
  • Document:Julian Assange Tortured with Psychotropic Drug  + (The [[FBI]]The [[FBI]], [[Pentagon]], and [[CIA]] are “interviewing” [[Julian Assange]] in [[Belmarsh Prison]]. The [[CIA Director]] [[Gina Haspel]] (aka ''[[Chemical Gina]]'') has her hands in this one, and we are being told that [[Julian Assange|Assange]] is being “treated” with [[BZ]] (a powerful drug that produces hallucinations).werful drug that produces hallucinations).)
  • Document:UK Labour Party is right to drop racist IHRA guidelines of anti-Semitism  + (The [[International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance]]The [[International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance]] (IHRA) [[Anti-Semitism]] definition guidelines the [[Labour Party]] are correctly omitting, are designed by [[Israeli]] propagandists to aid their many mass lobby attempts to stop international solidarity with the [[Palestinians]] and to deny Palestinians the right to express the nature of [[Israel]]’s 70 years of violence and racism towards them.years of violence and racism towards them.)
  • Document:The Dog That Didn't Bark  + (The [[Jared Kushner]]The [[Jared Kushner]]-[[Mohammed bin Salman]] peace plan for [[Palestine]] is likely to misfire, as have all [[MBS]] plans, from pressuring [[Qatar]] to vanquishing [[Yemen]]. A lot of blood and a lot of money will flow, adding to miseries in the [[Middle East]] and elsewhere. The only satisfaction is that now you know who owns the dog that did not bark.u know who owns the dog that did not bark.)
  • Document:Labour Party exclusions: we need justice for the many not just for the few  + (The [[Labour Party]]The [[Labour Party]]'s departing General Secretary [[Iain McNicol]] has done everything possible to delay or prevent the implementation of the [[Shami Chakrabarti#Chakrabarti report|Chakrabarti Inquiry Report]] which needs to be the central focus of our campaigning right now, if we are going to win justice for the many suspended and excluded by Labour, not just for the few. excluded by Labour, not just for the few.)
  • Daphne Caruana Galizia  + (The [[Maltese]] journalist and blogger who exposed the [[Panama Papers]]. Assassinated in 2017 by a [[car bomb]])