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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "The 2nd most important heroin producing area of the world". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • India  + (The "''Jewel in the Crown''" of the British Empire. Until independence in 1947 it was ruled from London under the auspices of a British-appointed Viceroy whose powers were absolute.)
  • Bank of Credit and Commerce International  + (The "Bank of Crooks and Criminals International", as some nicknamed it, was a bank set up to facilitate large scale, global money laundering, mainly to support a range of black operations by intelligence agencies.)
  • WW1  + (The "Great War" and the "War to End War". Perhaps 10 million killed.)
  • Document:Hong Kong's Identity Crisis  + (The "Occupy Central" movement in Hong KongThe "Occupy Central" movement in Hong Kong seek to harness popular disaffection, especially among the young, but its leaders represent colonial collaborators who cannot accept the return of Hong Kong to China, nor imagine life other than as cogs in an Anglo-American world order. as cogs in an Anglo-American world order.)
  • War on Journalism  + (The "War on Journalism" is a global campaign to try to suppress fact-based reporting. It is a deep state response to increased awareness of [[big media's mendacity]] and that many "[[democracies]]" offer their citizens no real choice.)
  • User:Robin  + (The "War on Terror" is not a mistake, nor did it begin in 2001 in response to 9/11. This page clears up a number of misconceptions about this so-called "war" which like the "[[war on drugs]]" was designed to be endless.)
  • 2016 London mayoral election  + (The "big first test" for [[Jeremy Corbyn]]'s leadership of the Labour Party)
  • Africa  + (The "dark continent", almost completely overrun by European colonialists, now full of nominally independent governments. Its exploitation continues in a range of more modern, complex, forms, such as [[land grabbing]].)
  • United States Postal Inspection Service  + (The "law enforcement arm of the United States Postal Service.")
  • Gavrilo Princip  + (The "lone nut" assassin who supposedly started the [[First World War]])
  • David Addington  + (The "most powerful man you’ve never heard of" (2006) who was an energetic supporter of [[torture]] under George W. Bush.)
  • National Endowment for Democracy  + (The "traditional intermediary of the CIA", promoting the US "national interest" by "soft power".)
  • Document:British MPs won’t get to see ‘WitchHunt’ in the House of Commons – the very place it needs to be shown  + (The ''[[WitchHunt]]'' deserves to be widely seen. And it will be from Sunday 17th March 2019 when it goes online for free viewing.)
  • Special Operations Division  + (The 'Special Operations Division' is a secret unit of the DEA dedicated to hiding the use of classified/illegally obtained information in their investigations.)
  • 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot  + (The 'liquid bomb plot' after which tight restrictions were introduced for passengers aboard commercial flights.)
  • William Colby  + (The 10th DCI, who died in a suspicious boating accident. Appointed as "a professional who would not make waves.")
  • Document:Easter 1916: When a terrible beauty was born  + (The 1916 Easter rising in Dublin against British rule in Ireland written just prior to the centenary of the events, with brief biographiacal information about its two principle leaders.)
  • File:Hw-80-2.pdf  + (The 1945 draft UK-USA agreement)
  • Ngo Dinh Diem  + (The 1st President of South Vietnam, assassinated by the CIA.)
  • Document:Bloodbath in Odessa guided by interim rulers of Ukraine  + (The 2 May massacre of anti-Kiev-Junta signature collectors in Odessa was planned, orchestrated and implemented by Junta acting president Olexandre Turchinov and his security establishment)
  • File:PRIO Annual report 2009.pdf  + (The 2009 annual report.)
  • Bilderberg/2013  + (The 2013 Bilderberg group meeting.)
  • Document:Ukraine: another piece in US-NATO-EU neo-con puzzle  + (The 2014 coup in Ukraine is further confirThe 2014 coup in Ukraine is further confirmation of the US foreign policy goal outlined by then Secretary of defence Paul Wolfowitz in a 2001 memo: "...we’ve got about 5 or 10 years to clean up those old Soviet regimes before the next great superpower comes on to challenge us"great superpower comes on to challenge us")
  • Norman Kirk  + (The 29th Prime Minister of New Zealand. An outspoken critic of [[US foreign policy]], he died suddenly while in office, reportedly due to overwork.)
  • Dag Hammarskjöld  + (The 2nd Secretary-General of the United Nations who died in highly suspicious circumstances while trying to make peace in the Congo.)
 (The 2nd most important heroin producing area of the world)
  • Golden Triangle (Southeast Asia)  + (The 2nd most important heroin producing area of the world.)
  • George W. Bush  + (The 43rd US President, a bonesman, former oil businessman, now being pursued for war crimes.)
  • Bilderberg/1997  + (The 45th Bilderberg meeting)
  • Psi Upsilon  + (The 5th oldest US college society)
  • Bilderberg/2017  + (The 65th Bilderberg Meeting)
  • Bilderberg/2018  + (The 66th Bilderberg Meeting, in Turin, Italy, known for months in advance after an unprecedented leak by the Serbian government.)
  • Bilderberg/2019  + (The 67th Bilderberg Meeting)
  • User:Robin  + (The 7/7 bombings are comparable to 9/11, but Wikispooks has only a single page on the topic. Although outdated and jumbled, it contains thought provoking information which should assist in understanding this deep event.)
  • Matthew Festing  + (The 79th Prince and Grand Master of the Order of Malta, and the only one to have stepped down.)
  • Norman Lamont  + (The Al-Yamamah weapons deal was signed a few weeks after Lamont got this job.)
  • Ancient Rome/Deep state  + (The Ancient Roman Deep State.)
  • File:Un-escwa-israel-apartheid-report.pdf  + (The Apartheid nature of the Israeli State in its treatment of its non-jewish Palestinian population)
  • William McKinley/Assassination  + (The Assassination of William McKinley)
  • BBC/Propaganda  + (The BBC has been a tool of the [[UK deep state]] since its foundation in 1922.)
  • BBC/Censorship  + (The BBC has been censored since its inception, although it purports not to be.)
  • Document:Britain's noxious history of Imperial warfare  + (The British Empire is indefensible unless The British Empire is indefensible unless conquered peoples are somehow less worthy beings than the British. What British people would regard as crimes if done to them, were and are justified in the name of empire. The official narrative, still largely accepted in the West, is racist to its core and illustrates the hypocrisy of an Establishment that never tires of warning about the evils of racism at home whilst predicating its foreign policy on it.ilst predicating its foreign policy on it.)
  • UK/Deep state  + (The British empire, globally very important for centuries, has long been influenced by various mostly unseen forces. After WWI, the UK deep state increasingly came under the influence of the US deep state.)
  • Document:Manchester Alleged Suicide Bomber Linked to Libya Islamic Fighting Group  + (The British government is directly responsThe British government is directly responsible for the [[2017 Manchester bombing|Manchester Arena bombing]]. It had foreknowledge of [[LIFG]]’s existence and likely its activities within British territory and not only failed to act, but appears to have actively harboured this community of extremists for its own geopolitical and domestic agenda. its own geopolitical and domestic agenda.)
  • British Council  + (The British government's cultural propaganda body.)
  • Document:The postwar photographs that British authorities tried to keep hidden  + (The British military and security services are no strangers to torturing their prisoners when they judge it necessary.)
  • Document:Protecting Libyan civilians? - Pap for the gullible  + (The CIA is behind the rebellion in Libya. The front of "humanitarian intervention" is sheer window dressing to try to excuse the Euro-American Attack on Libya.)
  • Chase Brandon  + (The CIA’s first Entertainment Industry Liaison)
  • George W. Bush/Torture Indictment  + (The Center for Constitutional Rights and the Canadian Centre for International Justice have been taking legal action against George W Bush for his role in authorizing and overseeing his administration's well-documented torture program.)
  • Lyman Lemnitzer  + (The Chairman of the JCS who approved the now infamous [[Operation Northwoods]], later made NATO's [[Supreme Allied Commander Europe]].)
  • Baidu  + (The Chinese #1 search engine)