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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "Strategically important due particularly to the Suez canal". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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 (Strategically important due particularly to the Suez canal)
  • Egypt  + (Strategically important due particularly to the Suez canal.)
  • Stuart Henderson  + (Stuart Henderson was Senior Investigating Officer at the [[Pan Am Flight 103|Lockerbie Incident Control Centre]])
  • Chemical warfare  + (Subject to more restrictions that ordinary war, some of which have proved effective, some times.)
  • José Padilla  + (Subjected to [[Sensory deprivation]] for years before even being charged.)
  • Richard McCormack  + (Succeeded J. William Middendorf II.)
  • Douglas Hurd  + (Succeeded by [[John Major]])
  • John H. Waller  + (Successfully covered up the [[Arms for Libya]] deal.)
  • Document:Why the secret handshake between police and Freemasons should worry us  + (Successive [[Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis|Met Commissioner]]s have tried to end the [[Freemasonry|society]]’s influence. It is as clear as ever that membership of both bodies is incompatible with public service.)
  • Sugar  + (Sugar is rarely considered a drug, but it is classified here as such due to its addictive nature and negative impact on health.)
  • Obituary  + (Summaries of people's lives after on their death are of obvious interest for [[deep political]] [[researchers]]. Like [[memoirs]], they have great potential for truth telling and/or dissembling.)
  • Document:These Clowns Are Dragging Us Into War  + (Summarises the outcome of the meeting in Minsk, Belorussia between Kiev Junta, DPR-LPR representatives on 31 August 2014. The prognosis remains depressingly pessimistic with the Westerm MSM consistently hawkish about "Confronting Russia")
  • File:London Conference on Libya 2011.pdf  + (Summary from the Chair of the London Conference on Libya)
  • Christopher Landis  + (Supposedly killed himself two and a half months after assisting 9/11 researchers by sharing a set of photos with them.)
  • Document:Understanding the crisis in Ukraine  + (Suppressed facts about the linked neo-nazi and Jewish connections to the 2014 coup in Ukraine)
  • Document:Why Does the West Hate North Korea?  + (Suppressed information about North Korea and suggestions as to why it gets such a bad press in the West)
  • Document:Elie Wiesel - A Prominent False Witness  + (Suppressed information about the "Chief Witness to The Holocaust" together with home-truths and opinion for which its author was beaten close to death.)
  • Document:Chabad Lubavitch  + (Suppressed information about the Jewish [[Chabad Lubavitch]])
  • Document:The real legacy of Chernobyl  + (Suppressed information about the health risks of radiation 30 years after the [[Chernobyl disaster]])
  • Document:GEAB No 84 Crisis Alert for European governance  + (Surprisingly frank commentary and analysis from a mainstream think-tank about the global Anglo-US agenda with particular reference to unfolding events in Ukraine)
  • Fidel Castro  + (Survived an estimated 600 assassination attempts to be the longest ever non-royal leader.)
  • Sedat Bucak  + (Survived the 1996 [[Susurluk car crash]].)
  • Thane Eugene Cesar  + (Suspected assassin of [[RFK]].)
  • Robert Zoelly  + (Suspected to have been the Swiss director of the [[Le Cercle]].)
  • Lyndon Johnson  + (Suspected to have blackmailed his way into the vice presidency so he could become president when JFK was assassinated.)
  • Alexander Nix  + (Suspended after the Channel 4 expose)