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  • Angela Smith  + (Serving with [[Ian Austin]])
  • François Hollande  + (Serving with [[Joan Enric Vives Sicília]])
  • Mark Rutte  + (Serving withPhilomena Bijlhout Khee Liang Phoa)
  • US/Department of State  + (Set up in 1789, the US State Department is the United States federal executive department responsible for international relations of the United States, equivalent to the foreign ministry of other countries.)
  • 9-11/Commission  + (Set up over a year after the event, refuse
    Set up over a year after the event, refused access to the president's daily briefings, not testified to under oath by Bush or Cheney, the 9/11 Commission was termed a "cover-up" by former member [[Max Cleland]], who resigned. His replacement declared that 9/11 was "a 30 year conspiracy". Their first report did not mention [[WTC7]].
    eir first report did not mention [[WTC7]].)
  • Immigration  + (Settling in a different country.)
  • Charlotte Rose  + (Sex worker and Independent candidate in the 2014 Clacton by-election)
  • Brent Kovar  + (Shady businessman owner of the jet was caught with 5.5 tonnes of cocaine on board, before disappearing soon after.)
  • Sharmine Narwani  + (Sharmine Narwani is a political analyst and commentator on Mideast geopolitics and a former senior associate at [[St Antony's College (Oxford)|St Antony's College]], [[Oxford University]].)
  • Document:Who is Bombing European Civilians?  + (Sharp questioning of precisely who is responsible for attacks on civilians in Europe)
  • Inês Etienne Romeu  + (She is believed to have been the only captive to survive detention in a Brazilian torture centre known as the Casa da Morta, ''"the house of death"'')
  • Sarah Smith  + (She's seen as part of [[Scotland]]’s political royalty. Family friends included [[Donald Dewar]], the inaugural First Minister of Scotland, the former Labour Prime Minster [[Gordon Brown]], and the former Defence Secretary [[John Reid]].)
  • Sheep dipping  + (Sheep dipping is an espionage term for the process of giving someone an experience which will assist in their misrepresentation.)
  • Huntington D. Sheldon  + (Sheldon was the second Director of the OCI, and developed it into a major Office. Ray Cline took over from him.)
  • School shooting  + (Shootings in schools, almost always by males.)
  • Nazism  + (Shorthand for the National Socialist gover
    Shorthand for the National Socialist government of Germany headed by [[Adolf Hitler]] between 1933 and 1945, otherwise known as the [[Third Reich]]. In accordance with "the Good War" official narrative of WWII, it is commonly used, in simplistic knee-jerk fashion, as an epithet epitomising the worst kind of reactionary fascism.
    ing the worst kind of reactionary fascism.)
  • Ronni Chasen  + (Shot and killed while driving home from the premiere of the film 'Burlesque'.)
  • Jean Charles de Menezes  + (Shot dead by UK police 2 weeks after the 7-7 bombings. Police originally lied about the circumstances, and might never have admitted the truth if [[Lana Vandenberghe]] had not [[blown the whistle]] and revealed the real chain of events.)
  • Document:Green-Light for Greenwald: Government Duplicity or Government Duality?  + (Sibel Edmonds illustrates the importance o
    Sibel Edmonds illustrates the importance of behaviour patterns in divining the underlying relationships between State approved institutions and those claiming Whistleblower status or speaking on behalf of Whistleblowers. She poses some serious questions that require answers from both Edwar Snowden and Glenn Greenwald
    rom both Edwar Snowden and Glenn Greenwald)
  • Sibel Edmonds  + (Sibel Edmonds was recruited by the FBI as
    Sibel Edmonds was recruited by the FBI as a translator in the wake of 9/11. She quickly turned whistleblower when she discovered security breaches, cover-ups and malpractice at numerous levels. The US government has made her "the most gagged person in the history of the United States".
    rson in the history of the United States".)
  • Stuart Cohen  + (Signed off on the bogus WMD report.)
  • US/Deep state/Exposure  + (Since 1963, more and more people are reali
    Since 1963, more and more people are realising that not only was [[JFK]] killed by a conspiracy, but that the [[LBJ]] administration conspired to try to cover this up. The [[US deep state]] has less and less control of the opinions of an increasingly sceptical public who are replacing [[old media]] with the [[internet]], and who are now aware. The US government is making increasing use of illegal violence, meaning that the US Deep State is now more exposed than ever.
    Deep State is now more exposed than ever.)
  • Document:Under Trump, the Israel lobby is a Hydra with many heads  + (Since [[Donald Trump|Trump]] took office, the [[Israel lobby]] has mobilised four other powerful lobbies: [[Christian evangelicals]], the [[alt-right]], the [[military-industrial complex]] and [[Saudi Arabia]])
  • Cyril Smith  + (Sir Cyril Smith was MP for Rochdale from 1972 to 1992. He never prosecuted for his paedophilia.)
  • Darkmoon  + (Site owners' Poetry, translations of French poetry, articles on matters of geo-political import and the burgeoning depravity of Western society and culture)
 (Skull and bones mastermind of the bush family busine$$)
  • George H. W. Bush  + (Skull and bones mastermind of the bush family busine$$.)
  • Meeting  + (Smaller, private functions such as those of most [[deep state milieux]]. Public or at least quasi-public, acknowledged [[event]]s are termed [[conference]]s.)
  • Document:How did the US rename a terror group to work with it  + (So [[Rex Tillerson|Mr Tillerson]], contrar
    So [[Rex Tillerson|Mr Tillerson]], contrary to what [[CENTCOM]] and Brett McGurk keep telling you, the [[Syrian Democratic Forces]] are not a “truly multi-ethnic” group of freedom fighters uniting against [[ISIL]] barbarism. The handful of Arab tribes in the SDF are there for cosmetic purposes only, as part an effort to cover up cooperation between US forces and a group that your administration official designates a “[[terrorist]] group.”
    ficial designates a “[[terrorist]] group.”)
  • Document:The Theresa May government's nuclear obsession is a betrayal of democracy  + (So here's the key question: how can a gove
    So here's the key question: how can a government that has declared in its election manifesto its commitment to delivering the lowest cost power in Europe, and its utter impartiality in deciding between any one power generation technology over any other, justify an obsessively pro-nuclear energy policy that could land every household in Britain with a £12,600 ''nuclear tax''?
    in Britain with a £12,600 ''nuclear tax''?)
  • Document:Theresa May's Father  + (So what is it that you fear [[Theresa May|Mrs May]]? The truth about your colleagues, or is it something much closer to home? Maybe May is terrified of people connecting her with the name [[Hubert Brasier|Brasier]]?)
  • Valentine Vivian  + (Sole holder of this position until 1943, after which time it was shared. The start and end dates of this posting are conjectured.)
  • Document:We got ourselves a reader  + (Solid insights into the march towards police state status in much of the Western world from someone who experienced them first hand in Northern Ireland)
  • Document:Bigger than 911  + (Some light relief at the expense of the MOD and its Trident nuclear missile carrying submarine fleet.)
  • Remembrance Sunday/A meditation  + (Some thoughts on UK remembrance day including a recording and lyrics of the Eric Bogle song "The Green Fields of France")
  • Document:The Meaning of the US Saber-Rattling at the Borders of Russia  + (Some thoughts on the Russia - NATO military balance in light of NATO posturing, excercises and sabre-rettling around Russia's wetern and southern borders)
  • Document:Ephraim Katzir and Israeli CBW Program  + (Some useful insights into the history of Israeli chemical and biological weapons development and use.)
  • "Terrorist"  + (Someone who commits an act of "[[terrorism]]")
  • Whistleblower  + (Someone who exposes wrongdoing which they have witnessed or deduced, typically by being privy to inside information while at work.)
  • Arms Dealer  + (Something of a "third rail" topic for [[Corporate media|commercially-controlled media]].)
  • Andreas Straßmeir  + (Son of [[Günter Straßmeir]] who was Chief of Staff to German Chancellor [[Helmut Kohl]]. Suspected of involvement in the 1995 [[Oklahoma City bombing]].)
  • Eugene de Kock  + (South African apartheid-era killer dubbed 'Prime Evil' by the media)
  • Mozambique  + (South East African state, former Portugese colony)
  • Angola  + (South West African state)
  • Richard Marquise  + (Special Agent Richard A. Marquise became the FBI's chief investigator of the Pan Am Flight 103 case when the Lockerbie bombing investigation began to focus on Libya. He wrote the 2006 book "Scotbom: Evidence and the Lockerbie Investigation".)
  • Document:MI5 DG Speech 16-9-10  + (Speech by Jonathan Evans, as Director Gene
    Speech by Jonathan Evans, as Director General of MI5, to the "Worshipful Company of Security Professionals" in October 2010. The "Worshipful Company" (ie livery company of the City of London) tag hints at the Masonic and occult nature of the British establishment in general and its Intelligence and security structures in particular.
    nce and security structures in particular.)
  • Document:Julian Assange at Moment of Truth  + (Speech by Julian Assange to the Moment of Truth event in New Zealand on 15 September 2014)
  • Scott Bennett  + (Spent 2 years in jail as a result of speaking his mind and attempting to blow the whistle on fraud and corruption inside the US war machine.)
  • Harry Sporborg  + (Spook alleged to have envisaged Operation Gladio.)
  • Paul Dietrich  + (Spook, Cercle visitor)
  • Dorothy Hunt  + (Spook, wife of Watergate/JFK assassination conspirator, [[E. Howard Hunt]]. Killed in a plane suspicious crash.)