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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "Scathingly accurate insights into what the UK Labour Party has become". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Sergei Glazyev  + (Russian politician, economist and full member of Russian Academy of Science since 2008)
  • Goronwy Rees  + (Russian spook. Close friend and confidant of [[Guy Burgess]].)
  • Marina Oswald  + (Russian wife of [[Lee Harvey Oswald]].)
  • Russian ATA questions  + (Russia’s Air Transport Agency publish 22 questions and 6 'necessary actions' addressed to the Ukrainian authorities)
  • Oswald purchased rifle  + (Ruth Paine makes notation on her calendar 'LHO purchase of rifle.' ref. Treachery in Dallas, p 293)
  • McGeorge Bundy  + (S&B, Deep state actor, National Security Advisor)
  • Ben Griffin  + (SAS turned whistleblower and ant-war activist, subject to legal gags, who gives an unflattering inside perspective of the SAS culture.)
  • Gianfranco Battelli  + (SISMI Director on 9-11, who reports that he refused to cooperate in kidnapping terrorist suspects for the CIA.)
  • Fritz Erler  + (SPD Deputy chair. Bilderberger)
  • Bullet 399 handed to SS Chief Rowley  + (SS Agent Richard Johnson hands bullet 399 to SS Chief Rowley at Executive building in Washington D.C. ref. Best Evidence, p 646)
  • Lawson receives Texas trip schedule  + (SS Agent Winston Lawson is briefed and receives a tentative schedule of Texas trip from SS Agent [[Roy Kellerman]] who was the agent in charge of arranging the timetable for trip and responsible for motorcade route.)
  • SS Agents Lawson and Sorrels test-drive route  + (SS Agents Lawson and Sorrels drive route from Lovefield to Trademart which went down Main street to Stemmons freeway. ref. W.C.)
  • JFK/Motorcade/Timing verified  + (SS Agents Lawson and Sorrels with Dallas police assistant Chief Charles Batchelor drive motorcade route verifying that it could be driven in 45 minutes and was unchanged. ref. W.C.)
  • Bullet 399 sent to FBI Lab  + (SS Chief Rowley sends bullet 399 to FBI laboratory. ref. Best Evidence, p 646)
  • John Sinclair  + (Sacked by Anthony Eden after the death of Lionel Crabb (April).)
  • Pedro Luis Díaz Lanz  + (Sacked by Fidel Castro after voicing opposition to communism.)
  • Murat Çetinkaya  + (Sacked by Tayyip Erdogan)
  • Vernon Kell  + (Sacked by Winston Churchill.)
  • Dennis Blair  + (Sacked without ceremony)
  • User:Robin  + (Sadly, false flag attacks have become routSadly, false flag attacks have become routine in the 21st century, and a lot of effort and resources are channeled into their production - and even more into the suppression of these truths. The more people who understand this technique, the less effective and more counterproductive it will be.ive and more counterproductive it will be.)
  • Crispin Blunt  + (Sandhurst, Le Cercle, MP, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee)
  • Geoffrey Tantum  + (Sandhurst, MI6, Former(?) secretary of [[Le Cercle]])
  • Document:Killing Diplomacy  + (Sane people will choose politics over war,Sane people will choose politics over war, and sane – that is, competently governed – nations will choose diplomacy over belligerence and confrontation. If we look around in search of such incompetently governed nations, two examples readily present themselves: the [[United States]] and the [[United Kingdom]].ited Kingdom]].)
  • Bandar bin Sultan  + (Saudi state media announced that he was removed from this position "at his own request".)
  • Document:The Rossing File:The Inside Story of Britain's Secret Contract for Namibian Uranium  + (Scandal in the [[1970s]]Scandal in the [[1970s]] and [[1980s]] of collusion by successive British governments with the mining conglomerate [[Rio Tinto Group|Rio Tinto]] to import [[yellowcake]] from the [[Rössing Uranium Mine]] in [[Namibia]] (illegally occupied by apartheid [[South Africa]]) in defiance of international law, and leading to the targeting of [[UN Commissioner for Namibia]] [[Bernt Carlsson]] on [[Pan Am Flight 103]] in December 1988.[Pan Am Flight 103]] in December 1988.)
  • File:Truth for Germany.pdf  + (Scholarly questioning of the official (vicScholarly questioning of the official (victor's) narrative of World War II as "The Peoples' War" or "The Good War". A narrative that is quintessentially ideological in laying blame for the biggest humanitarian catastrophe in history to date on Germany alone. The book, together with his subsequent publishing activities in the field of historical revision have earned this meek and self-effacing man one term of imprisonment and several other convictions in 'Freedom-loving' Germany.r convictions in 'Freedom-loving' Germany.)
  • File:What Really Caused the ROKS Cheonan Warship Sinking?.pdf  + (Scientific proof that it was not the North Korean military that sank the Cheonan, but a rogue South Korean submarine)
  • Nicola Sturgeon  + (Scottish National Party MSP for Glasgow Southside)
  • 2nd Russian aid convoy  + (Second 200+ truck convoy of humanitarian aid from Russia delivered to Lugansk)
  • Andreas Treichl  + (Second generation Bilderberger)
  • Louis Schweitzer  + (Second generation Triple Bilderberger Swiss President of Le Siècle)
  • Sinan Tara  + (Second generation Turkish billionaire businessman Bilderberger)
  • Oswald interrogated 2nd time  + (Second interrogation of Oswald in Captain Fritz's Office.)
  • Operation Gladio  + (Secret for over 40 years, Gladio is a NATOSecret for over 40 years, Gladio is a NATO-backed network of armed soldiers inside the nations of Europe outside effective control of national governments. Ostensibly intended for use only in case of a Soviet invasion, Gladio carried out a string of false flag terror attacks. In 1990, the European parliament asked all member states to launch investigations, but only 5 national governments did so.s, but only 5 national governments did so.)
  • Document:Cold War II: Interview with Nikolay Patrushev, Secretary of the Russian Security Council  + (Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Nikolay Patrushev, interviewed by Rossiyskaya Gazeta on 15 October 2014. The interview makes it crystal clear that a de-facto state of undeclared war exists between Anglo-US-Nato and Russia.)
  • Evelyn Lincoln  + (Secretary to [[JFK]].)
  • Monique Garnier-Lançon  + (Security advisor? Deputy Mayor?)
  • Document:My contribution  + (Self assessment by team member Chris Hernon)
  • Bellingcat  + (Self-styled "Site for citizen investigatioSelf-styled "Site for citizen investigations of current events using open source information" lead by [[Eliot Higgins]] and "8 volunteers", allegedly funded by a Kickstarter campaign. The site is popular with the [[Corporate media|commercially-controlled media]] and has paid for articles from [[Dan Kaszeta]], a member of the [[Institute for Statecraft]]]/[[Integrity Initiative]].<sup id="cite_ref-1" class="reference"><a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a></sup>)
  • Eliot Higgins  + (Self-taught founder of [[Bellingcat]].)
  • Document:5 July Seminar; Potential guest list for discussion  + (Seminar with a mix of media, academics and lots of spooks)
  • Document:The Tragedy of Gaza was all foreshadowed in the Bible  + (Senior Establishment journalist Christopher Booker accuses Israel of identifying 'Race' with being 'Right' - an accusation which is self-evident from its constitution but which is too sensitive for publication in his newspaper The Sunday Telegraph)
  • Hans Langemann  + (Senior German intelligence agent who revealed the activities of Le Cercle.)
  • Umberto Cappuzzo  + (Senior Italian military leader and Le Cercle attendee.)
  • Nick Carter  + (Senior UK soldier who)
  • Barry Pavel  + (Senior Vice President and Director of the [[Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security]])
  • Edward Frederick Lindley Wood  + (Senior conservative politician and President of the Pilgrims Society)
  • Elaine Birch Ruffell  + (Senior fellow of the [[Institute for Statecraft]] with a focus on "National Security Leadership, Strategy and Architecture". "Led assessment & disruption of narcotic trafficking from Afghanistan to Europe")
  • Stephen Kotkin  + (Senior fellow, Hoover Institution)
  • Bill Clinton  + (Senior member of the [[US deep state]]. Impeached for purjury.)