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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "Responsible for managing news about British foreign policy in the UK". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Ian Andrews  + (Resigned "because of a failure to declare an interest in a management consultancy company which he is required to do in the SOCA Register of Director’s Interests.")
  • Keith Vaz  + (Resigned after being caught in a sting operation.)
  • David B. Buckley  + (Resigned after details emerged of the CIA hacking into senate staffers computers in connection with the report on CIA torture.)
  • Philipp Hildebrand  + (Resigned after details of his wife's currency trades emerged.)
  • Ian Blair  + (Resigned after disagreements with [[Boris Johnson]].)
  • Lester Crawford  + (Resigned after his lies emerged regarding a conflict of interest.)
  • Stephen Kappes  + (Resigned after refusing an order from Porter Goss to fire his deputy, [[Michael Sulick]])
  • Willy Claes  + (Resigned after the discovery of a bribe of over 50 million Belgian francs.)
  • Kyle Foggo  + (Resigned amid a multimillion dollar corruption probe.)
  • Richard Perle  + (Resigned amid allegations of conflicts of interest for his jobs with arms companies.)
  • Ernst Welteke  + (Resigned amid concerns of improper influence by BMW.)
  • J. Lynn Helms  + (Resigned as [[Federal Aviation Administrator]] after [[Jonathan Kwitny]]'s allegations.)
  • Ian Fletcher  + (Resigned before the completion of his 5 year term)
  • Jonathan Evans  + (Resigned due to criticism of conflicts of interest with his job as NSBC Director.)
  • Ruud Lubbers  + (Resigned due to internal investigation. The next permanent successor was a fellow Bilderberger)
  • Antonio Fazio  + (Resigned due to the [[Antonveneta affair]])
  • Malcolm Rifkind  + (Resigned following the "cash for access" scandal.)
  • Charles Jocelyn Hambro  + (Resigned in protest.)
  • Prince Bernhard  + (Resigned in the wake of the [[Lockheed/Bribery scandals]].)
  • Thomas Bossert  + (Resigned or "pushed out")
  • Thomas Karamessines  + (Resigned to protest the sacking of [[Richard Helms]])
  • Robert McFarlane  + (Resigned to spend more time with his family)
  • John Scott Redd  + (Resigned to spend more time with his family.)
  • Turki bin Faisal al-Saud  + (Resigned unexpectedly having had his term extended on 24 May 2001 for 4 more years, he was replaced by his uncle who had "no background in intelligence whatsoever".)
  • Turki bin Faisal al-Saud  + (Resigned unexpectedly.)
  • John Sawers  + (Responsibilities unclear.)
  • Islamic Media Unit  + (Responsible for managing news about British foreign policy in the UK)
  • News Department  + (Responsible for managing news about British foreign policy in the UK)
  • Theodore Shackley  + (Responsible for the 1973 Chilean coup d'état)
  • Giovanni De Lorenzo  + (Retained effective control of SIFAR although no longer official director)
  • Albie Sachs  + (Retired South African Judge and anti-apartheid campaigner)
  • Jonathan Shaw  + (Retired UK soldier and probable member of the [[Institute for Statecraft]].)
  • William Casey  + (Retired due to a brain tumor.)
  • Raymond Evershed  + (Retired due to ill health.)
  • From Communist to Neoconservative  + (Review and critique of [[David Aaronovitch]]'s book "Party Animals" exposing its selective, partisan presentation of the Post WWII Communist Party of Great Britain and the glossed-over Jewish domination of its membership.)
  • Document:Out of the Closet on UFOs  + (Richard Thieme admitting to believing in UFO's (the variety that have no explanation other than that they are the transports of non-human sentient beings or robots and of other than earthly origin).)
  • Rifle found on 6th floor of TSBD  + (Rifle found on sixth floor of Book Depository - first identified as 7.5mm German Mauser.)
  • Robert Oswald visits Lee Oswald  + (Robert Oswald visits Lee for 10 Minutes. Lee tells Robert, Don't believe all the so-called evidence.)
  • Document:Decoding Edward Jay Epstein's 'LEGEND'  + (Robin Ramsay claims that Edward Jay Epstein's ''Legend'' is disinformation.)
  • Robin Ramsay  + (Robin Ramsay is co-founder and editor of the Lobster Magazine. He writes about politics, para-politics and deep Politics.)
  • Astroturfing  + (Rolling out of fake grassroots movements)
  • Ron Brown  + (Ron Brown was the United States Secretary of Commerce, serving during the first term of President [[Bill Clinton]]. He died in a plane crash along with 34 others.)
  • Ron Prosor  + (Ron Prosor was appointed Israeli ambassador to the UK in 2007.)
  • Rose Cheramie/Warns of JFK assassination  + (Rose Cheramie is thrown from a car, taken to hospital, and while there tells doctors that JFK is going to be killed in Dallas. ref. Crossfire, p 401)
  • Edmond Adolphe de Rothschild  + (Rothschild family member...)
  • Document:25 Rules of Disinformation  + (Rules covering most of the tactics and stratagems employed by disinformation artists to promote official narratives and counter information and arguments that expose them as fraudulent.)
  • Group 13  + (Rumoured to be a secret cadre of UK ex-SAS and military intelligence operatives)
  • Ben Harris-Quinney  + (Rumoured to have stepped down after friction over the think tank’s partial UKIP endorsement ahead of the election.)
  • Russian military info revealed  + (Russia MOD presentation reveals that no missile launch was detected and that a Uktainian fighter plane was detected close to the Airliner just before it crashed)
  • Joseph Mifsud  + (Russiagate connected spook, last seen alive in May 2018.)
  • Lavrov pushes disclosure again  + (Russian FM Sergei Lavrov presses again for full disclosure of flight recorder and ATC recordings)
  • Lavrov on Kiev ATC tapes  + (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says it is unclear why Kiev does not release its ATC recordings)