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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "Officially, in charge of ensuring whistleblowers are taken seriously". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • File:Northumbria-Report.pdf  + (Northumbria Police report of the investigation into West Mercia Police handling of their investigation into the abduction and murder of Hilda Murrell)
  • Bård Vegar Solhjell  + (Norwegian Bilderberger politician)
  • Hanne Skartveit  + (Norwegian editor who attended the 2018 Bilderberg)
  • User:Robin  + (Not authoritative yet but this page provides a multitude of links to give an overview of the bigger picture.)
  • Ivan Illich  + (Not particularly celebrated during his lifetime, Illich was one of the most original thinkers of the 20<sup>th</sup> century, perhaps of all time.)
  • User:Robin  + (Not particularly well structured, but this page contains links to a lot of hard evidence that the CIA has owned the cocaine import business into the US for decades, and also profits from a lot of the rest of the world's drug illegal trading.)
  • Broadcasting Board of Governors  + (Notable for continued funding of Tor.)
  • Michael Hoffman  + (Notable revisionist historian and Gentile scholar of Judaism and 'The Cryptocracy')
  • Oliver North  + (Notably carried the can for the Iran-Contra affair.)
  • Sullivan & Cromwell  + (Notorious New York law firm exploited by the Dulles brothers.)
  • Aktis Strategy  + (Now defunct following allegations of "gross financial mismanagement")
  • NIST  + (Now infamous for their attempt to cover-up the truth of the 9-11 controlled demolitions.)
  • Thomas W. Braden  + (OSS, Georgetown Set, CIA)
  • Obama warns Yanukovitch  + (Obama Warns President Yanukovitch against military action on the Maidan protesters.)
  • Stanley Sporkin  + (Objected to the deceitful use of the word "indirectly" from the [[Briggs declaration]])
  • Franz Josef Bach  + (Of [[Konrad Adenauer]])
  • Middle East  + (Of particular geopolitical interest primarily because of the fossil fuel reserves of the Persian Gulf.)
  • File:2015 US National Military Strategy.pdf  + (Offical 2015 strategy of the US military concerning its equipment, deployments and doctrines.)
  • J. D. Tippit/Calls HQ  + (Officer Tippit calls into HQ, and is asked if he is in Oakcliff area. He replies, Yes. ref. Rush to Judgement, p 194)
  • J. D. Tippit/Calls HQ twice  + (Officer Tippit makes two attempts to call HQ, but dispatcher does not reply. ref. Rush to Judgement, p 195)
  • File:Eavesdropping on Hell.pdf  + (Official NSA report on US Intelligence German police intercept decrypts concerning monthly concentration camp reports during WWII. Gas chambers are nowhere mentioned by the German police but inferred by the author of this report)
  • Tamerlan Tsarnaev  + (Official perpetrator of the Boston Bombings, possibly an FBI double agent. Died after an encounter with US police custody.)
  • David Sonboly  + (Official perpetrator of the [[2016 Munich shooting]])
  • Bruges Group  + (Officially, a eurosceptic think tank.)
  • Khalid Sheikh Mohammed  + (Officially, due to be tried in 2021)
 (Officially, in charge of ensuring whistleblowers are taken seriously)
  • US/Office of Special Counsel  + (Officially, in charge of ensuring whistleblowers are taken seriously.)
  • French Revolution  + (Often cited event in world history that has a way more brutal side to it than is usually discussed.)
  • Bahrain  + (Oil rich)
  • Qatar  + (Oil rich, gas richer!)
  • Lewis Thompson Preston  + (Old buddy of Poppy Bush)
  • Yahoo!  + (Old search engine and web company)
  • William Blair  + (Older brother of [[Tony Blair]], a former High Court Judge and Queen's Counsel.)
  • Document:Here’s why the Grenfell inquiry will be a stitch-up  + (On 14 June 2017, while the [[Grenfell Tower]]On 14 June 2017, while the [[Grenfell Tower]] was smouldering, a meeting of the [[Red Tape Initiative]] panel decided that "on this occasion" they would not recommend the removal of the EU [[Construction Products Regulation]], which seeks to protect people from fire, and restricts the kind of cladding that can be used.cts the kind of cladding that can be used.)
  • David Kelly/Assassination  + (On 17 July 2003, David Kelly allegedly comOn 17 July 2003, David Kelly allegedly committed suicide by swallowing 29 co-proxamol tablets and cutting to his ulnar artery (wrist) with a blunt pruning knife. He was writing a book exposing high level corruption at the time and had given no indication of [[depression]]. An official inquest was commenced but never completed.inquest was commenced but never completed.)
  • David Wherley  + (On 9/11 Wherley ordered his pilots, who did not launch until after the Pentagon attack, to operate weapons free, meaning that they were permitted to shoot at will.)
  • Document:Dropping bombs on behalf of Al Qaeda  + (On Friday morning 7 April 2017 the [[United States Navy]] launched 59 cruise missiles on behalf of [[Al Qaeda]])
  • Harold Goulding  + (On Hayling Island.<sup id="cite_ref-servicedocs_1-0" class="reference"><a href="#cite_note-servicedocs-1">[1]</a></sup>)
  • File:The physics of high-rise building collapses.pdf  + (On September 11, 2001, the world witnessed the total collapse of three large steel-framed high-rises. Since then, scientists and engineers have been working to understand why and how these unprecedented structural failures occurred.)
  • 9-11/WTC Controlled demolition  + (On September 11th, 3 steel reinforced builOn September 11th, 3 steel reinforced buildings from the World Trade Center suddenly collapsed at freefall speed into their own footprints, a set of events to which Wikipedia devotes only a single article, one purged of 'fringe' scientific evidence at odds with the official narrative.dence at odds with the official narrative.)
  • Jack Ruby told Oswald dead  + (On being told that Oswald is dead, Jack Ruby calms down in his cell at Dallas Police Station. ref. Framed, p 41)
  • Document:Haditha: Another Small Massacre – No One Guilty  + (On the US The Double standards and the vicious psychopathic cruelty of the US military.)
  • Document:Hunger As A Weapon  + (On the US's exploitation at the UN Security Council of humanitarian suffering in Syria to cynically further its policy aims.)
  • Document:Iraq - Age of Darkness  + (On the devastating and continuing aftermath of the 2003 Iraq war)
  • Document:Hacking on a Scale you can Barely Imagine  + (On the glaring omissions and hypocrisies oOn the glaring omissions and hypocrisies of the Leveson Inquiry into Press standards, noting especially the vast covert programs of interception and permanent storage of every item of electronic communication on the planet for later data-mining wherever the state might deem it expedient to re-construct the life and movements of targetted individuals.fe and movements of targetted individuals.)
  • Document:The British Occult Secret Service  + (On the occult connections and practices of the British Secret Intelligence Services from their origins in Medieval England through to the present day.)
  • Document:Hacker Generations  + (On the origins and real meaning of "HackeOn the origins and real meaning of "Hacker"; a term which, in company with "conspiracy-theory", "Holocaust-denial" and many others has been co-opted/invented by Establishments to marginalise research deemed most threatening to the Official Narratives that define "Consensus trance" that define "Consensus trance" reality.)
  • Document:Springtime for Russophobia  + (On the roots of the Russo-phobia of Western Establishments and its burgeoning in the wake of Russia's clear red-line over Ukraine)
  • Richard McCormack  + (On the staff.)
  • Document:The Suicide State  + (On the suicidal tragectory of zionist Israel)
  • Document:Spot-Shoot  + (On the use of drones against Palestinians)