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  • Barack Obama  + (From the 13th district)
  • Front  + (Front groups are intended to deceive the c
    Front groups are intended to deceive the casual observer by carrying out actions without disclosing who instigated them. They include astroturf (fake 'grassroots' organisations) operated by legitimate companies as well as fronts operated by groups with more questionable legitimacy to provide plausible deniability to as criminal groups, governments or intelligence agencies.
    ups, governments or intelligence agencies.)
  • Document:Pilgrims Society Address 2002  + (Full of platitudes and the obligatory quot
    Full of platitudes and the obligatory quotations from politicians past to bolster and confirm the essential righteousness of the Pilgrims present. Probably a fairly typical address to The London Pilgrims by a US Embassy Official, but hard to read without squirming at the delusional sanctimonious arrogance it exudes.
    usional sanctimonious arrogance it exudes.)
  • Document:Putin: Letter to European Leaders  + (Full text of the Letter sent by Russian President Vladimir Putin to European Leaders on 9 April 2014, with commentary.)
  • Document:Donald Rumsfeld and the demolition of WTC 7  + (Further evidence of Donald Rumsfeld's complicity in the events of 9/11, with particular reference to his substantial connection to WTC7 and his lying about it and its destruction..)
  • Document:Russia-US Conventional Military Balance  + (Further thoughts on the US-Russia conventional military balance in light of continuing NATO sabre-rattling around Russia's western/southern borderlands)
  • Lyndon Johnson  + (Generally agreed to have been heavily involved in the plot to assassinate his predecessor, JFK.)
  • Document:Cabinet Office Briefing Paper 21 July 2002  + (Generated for participants for the secret meeting of Blair’s inner circle on July 23, 2002, this classified paper states that since regime change was illegal it was "necessary to create the conditions" which would make it legal. The last page is missing.)
  • Vineyard of the Saker  + (Geo-political analysis demonstrating particular expertise on Russia and the Middle East)
  • James W. Cicconi  + (George H. W. Bush connected insider.)
  • George H. W. Bush/Exposure  + (George H. W. Bush was a spook his entire a
    George H. W. Bush was a spook his entire adult life. He attempted to erase all documentary evidence of this, but a few documents escaped, and he was tripped up by steps he took to try to obscure his connection to the [[JFK assassination]]. Corporate media showed minimal interest in the story, but independent media have built a well document and coherent picture of Bush's secret life as head of the [[US deep state]].
    ret life as head of the [[US deep state]].)
  • The Enterprise  + (George H. W. Bush's sprawling criminal network of thousands of people in key positions across USA.)
  • Donald Atwood  + (George H.W.'s Deputy Secretary of Defense)
  • File:1984.pdf  + (George Orwell's classic and prescient 1949 dystopian novel about total surveillance in "Oceania", one of the world's then three warring power blocks.)
  • Document:Gerald James 2007 FOIA Appeal Statement  + (Gerald James' appeal statement in the matter of the UK government refusal to release documents which would support his allegations of SIS orchestration of events and people that resulted in the destruction of his company, Astra Holdings.)
  • Detlev Rohwedder  + (German politician, Bilderberg, assassinated.)
  • Tätervolk  + (German word meaning 'Perpetrator people' and applied by Orthodox Judaism to the alledged collective guilt of Germans as a race of people for the events of World War II - with particular emphasis on [[The Holocaust]].)
  • Gideon Levy  + (Gideon Levy is a Dutch investigative journ
    Gideon Levy is a Dutch investigative journalist, producer and television presenter, whose 50-minute documentary film "Lockerbie Revisited" was broadcast in April 2009 in the Netherlands on the eve of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi's second appeal against conviction for the Lockerbie bombing.
    inst conviction for the Lockerbie bombing.)
  • Lockerbie Revisited  + (Gideon Levy's 50-minute documentary film which was broadcast in the Netherlands on the eve of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi's second appeal against conviction for the Lockerbie bombing that started at the High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh on 28 April 2009.)
  • Document:Trump Set to Recognise Israel’s Claim to Occupied Golan Heights and its Sizeable Oil Reserves  + (Given that [[Genie Energy]]’s contract to
    Given that [[Genie Energy]]’s contract to conduct exploratory drilling in the [[Golan Heights]] expires this year, its investors are in urgent need of a way to extract and sell the region’s oil – and a [[US]] decision on [[Israel]]’s claim to the Golan Heights could be just the answer to the company’s problems.
    just the answer to the company’s problems.)
  • Document:Selling Secrets?  + (Glenn Greenwald's personal apologia - cum - mia-culpa. Written in response to devastating criticism of his motives and actions in the Edward Snowden affair to date.)
  • Google  + (Global Internet/Skynet conglomerate)
  • Document:CIA Coordinates Nazis and Jihadists  + (Global politics used to be a question of Right (Captalist) - v - Left (Socialist) - or so we were expected to believe. Today the dominant question is 'Side with Anglo-US-Nato or oppose it?' - with the full spectrum of Left-Right present in both camps.)
  • Document:The Destabilization of Africa  + (Global power block machinations over the mineral wealth of Africa)
  • Regulator  + (Government agencies tasked with trying to
    Government agencies tasked with trying to make markets work in the public interest by e.g. protecting the environment, preventing fraud etc. Often (especially in US) these are subjects of "regulatory capture" whereby they are effectively controlled by the exact same commercial groups they are nominally in charge of regulating.
    hey are nominally in charge of regulating.)
  • Kermit Roosevelt Jr  + (Grandson of Theodore Roosevelt. CIA agent.)
  • Grayston Lynch  + (Grayston Lynch was a top CIA operative during the 1960's and until 1971 when he joined BNDD/BUNCIN (DEA).)
  • Caroline Lucas  + (Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion)
  • Chris Southall  + (Green Party candidate in the 2014 Clacton by-election)
  • 1967  + (Growing feeling against the [[Vietnam War]] worried the US [[establishment]] who were profiting from it immensely.)
  • The Washington Post  + (Guardian of the [[official narrative]].)
  • Document:Conjuring Hitler - Four years on  + (Guido Preparata's afterword to "Conjuring
    Guido Preparata's afterword to "Conjuring Hitler", his seminal work on the origins of World War II. It was written to mark publication of the book in German, some four years after the original English edition. Rueful insights into the academic suppression of work which challenges the rigidly enforced victors' orthodox narrative of the greatest man-made humanitarian disaster in history.
    man-made humanitarian disaster in history.)
  • Harold Goulding  + (HMS Lynx, Dover)
  • Dov Zakheim  + (Had the job on Sep 10, 2001, when [[Rumsfeld]] announced that $2.3T were unaccounted for.)
  • Hakluyt & Company Ltd  + (Hakluyt is a privately owned intelligence agency founded in 1995 by UK [[spooks]]. It has close ties to the [[UK deep state]], [[MI6]], [[Shell]] and [[BP]].)
  • Hakluyt  + (Hakluyt is a privately owned intelligence agency founded in 1995 by UK [[spooks]]. It has close ties to the [[UK deep state]], [[MI6]], [[Shell]] and [[BP]].)
  • Shafiq bin Laden  + (Half brother of Osama bin Laden)
  • File:The Geographical Pivot of History.pdf  + (Halford Mackinder's seminal paper on the d
    Halford Mackinder's seminal paper on the determining role of global geography on global politics. The concepts and categories it defines have remained a staple of geo-politics for over 100 years and were the root motivations of the allied powers in both 20th century world wars.
    ed powers in both 20th century world wars.)
  • Fritz Ermarth  + (Handled the demise of the Warsaw Pact and the USSR, and the end of the Cold War.)
  • David Sánchez Morales  + (Hard drinking and physically imposing, David Sánchez Morales was somewhat indiscreet and suffered a sudden death just before he was due to testify to the [[HSCA]].)
  • Document:Harold Pinter - 2005 Nobel Prize lecture  + (Harold Pinter's Nobel Prize acceptance spe
    Harold Pinter's Nobel Prize acceptance speech made by video-link to the ceremony in Norway because of his illness. He was in the terminal stages of [[cancer]]. The speech is inspirational in its scathing rejection of Western (especially US) foreign policy objectives and methods.
    US) foreign policy objectives and methods.)
  • Panama  + (Has a globally important shipping route.)
  • Lee H. Hamilton  + (Having chaired some key house committees, Hamilton appears to have established himself as a safe pair of hands for handling potentially damaging information, explaining his choice as fallback vice chairman of the 9/11 Commission.)
  • David Irving  + (Having personally interviewed most of the
    Having personally interviewed most of the senior NAZI Party members who survived the victor's justice of Nuremberg, plus many of the secretaries, wives, children etc of those that did not, David Irving is probably the most distinguished and knowledgeable English-speaking historian of World War II
    English-speaking historian of World War II)
  • Bill Jeffrey  + (He held this job during the 7/7 London Bombings.)
  • Alois Mertes  + (He held this job in 1972)
  • Harold Goulding  + (He held this post on 31st March 1944. Start and end dates unknown.)
  • Norman Lamont  + (He quit between 13 October 2008 and 3 April 2013.)
  • Lewis Thompson Preston  + (He rose to the rank of sergeant.)
  • Lewis Thompson Preston  + (He stayed on as chairman of the board.)