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  • Document:In Venezuela, White Supremacy Is a Key Driver of the Coup  + (Four centuries of [[White Supremacy]]Four centuries of [[White Supremacy]] in [[Venezuela]] by those who identify their ancestors as [[European]] came to an end with the 1998 election of [[Hugo Chávez]], who won with the overwhelming support of the ''[[Mestizo]]'' majority. This turn away from [[White Supremacy]] continues under [[Nicolás Maduro]], Chavez’s chosen successor, who was re-elected in 2018 for a second six-year term.lected in 2018 for a second six-year term.)
  • Allan Francovich  + (Francovich was a talented and courageous filmmaker who produced unparalleled exposés of various misdeeds by the powerful. Termed a 'charlatan' by some, a "[[conspiracy theorist]]" by others (though not by [[Wikipedia]]).)
  • Conrad Black  + (Fraudulent [[Bilderberg steering committee]] member)
  • Hugh Miles  + (Freelance journalist and author)
  • Dieudonné M'bala M'bala  + (French Comedian, inventor of the Quenelle.)
  • Paul Stehlin  + (French [[politician]] who went to the [[1973 Bilderberg]] and who died after a traffic accident in 1975)
  • Maurice de Rothschild  + (French family Rothschild family member)
  • DGSE  + (French foreign intelligence agency)
  • Alain Poher  + (French president)
  • Dave Yaras  + (Friend of Jack Ruby)
  • Will Galison  + (Friend of [[murdered]] [[whistleblower]], [[Sunny Sheu]])
  • Document:Orwell's 1984 - Irregular warfare against Eurasia  + (From Halford Mackinders Heartland Theory to 21st century Colour revolutions, Orwell's dystopian 1984 vision is being realised.)
  • Barack Obama  + (From Illinois)
  • Ronald Reagan  + (From Illinois)
  • JFK  + (From Massachusetts)
  • JFK  + (From Massachusetts)
  • Harry S. Truman  + (From Missouri)
  • RFK  + (From New York)
  • Document:The Russians are here  + (From an interview broadcast on BBC Radio 4 about John Le Carré 's latest book of "Our Kind of Traitor". Le Carré (aka David Cornwell) also airs his views about the nature of the SIS's 20 years after the end of the cold war.)
  • Barack Obama  + (From the 13th district)
  • George W. Bush  + (Front man for the [[US deep state]] led by [[GHWB|his father]].)
  • Document:Pilgrims Society Address 2002  + (Full of platitudes and the obligatory quotFull of platitudes and the obligatory quotations from politicians past to bolster and confirm the essential righteousness of the Pilgrims present. Probably a fairly typical address to The London Pilgrims by a US Embassy Official, but hard to read without squirming at the delusional sanctimonious arrogance it exudes.usional sanctimonious arrogance it exudes.)
  • Document:Putin: Letter to European Leaders  + (Full text of the Letter sent by Russian President Vladimir Putin to European Leaders on 9 April 2014, with commentary.)
  • Document:Donald Rumsfeld and the demolition of WTC 7  + (Further evidence of Donald Rumsfeld's complicity in the events of 9/11, with particular reference to his substantial connection to WTC7 and his lying about it and its destruction..)
  • Document:Russia-US Conventional Military Balance  + (Further thoughts on the US-Russia conventional military balance in light of continuing NATO sabre-rattling around Russia's western/southern borderlands)
  • General Walker shot  + (General Walker shot at in his home. ref. Treachery in Dallas, p 319)
  • Lyndon Johnson  + (Generally agreed to have been heavily involved in the plot to assassinate his predecessor, JFK.)
  • Reichstag Fire  + (Generally reckoned at the time to be a false flag attack, Hitler quickly seized upon the fire at the Reichstag to pass an "enabling act", ushering in full on totalitarian rule. In retrospect it may indeed have been the work of an isolated individual.)
  • Document:Cabinet Office Briefing Paper 21 July 2002  + (Generated for participants for the secret meeting of Blair’s inner circle on July 23, 2002, this classified paper states that since regime change was illegal it was "necessary to create the conditions" which would make it legal. The last page is missing.)
  • Vineyard of the Saker  + (Geo-political analysis demonstrating particular expertise on Russia and the Middle East)
  • Document:The Terrorists Among US- Traitors and Terror 3  + (George Eliason interviews professor Michael Jasinski about the dire effects of outsourcing intelligence gathering and information dissemination.)
  • James W. Cicconi  + (George H. W. Bush connected insider.)
  • The Enterprise  + (George H. W. Bush's sprawling criminal network of thousands of people in key positions across USA.)
  • Donald Atwood  + (George H.W.'s Deputy Secretary of Defense)
  • File:1984.pdf  + (George Orwell's classic and prescient 1949 dystopian novel about total surveillance in "Oceania", one of the world's then three warring power blocks.)
  • Document:Gerald James 2007 FOIA Appeal Statement  + (Gerald James' appeal statement in the matter of the UK government refusal to release documents which would support his allegations of SIS orchestration of events and people that resulted in the destruction of his company, Astra Holdings.)
  • Deutsche Bank  + (German bank)
  • Detlev Rohwedder  + (German politician, Bilderberg, assassinated.)
  • Gideon Levy  + (Gideon Levy is a Dutch investigative journGideon Levy is a Dutch investigative journalist, producer and television presenter, whose 50-minute documentary film "Lockerbie Revisited" was broadcast in April 2009 in the Netherlands on the eve of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi's second appeal against conviction for the Lockerbie bombing.inst conviction for the Lockerbie bombing.)
  • Document:Trump Set to Recognise Israel’s Claim to Occupied Golan Heights and its Sizeable Oil Reserves  + (Given that [[Genie Energy]]Given that [[Genie Energy]]’s contract to conduct exploratory drilling in the [[Golan Heights]] expires this year, its investors are in urgent need of a way to extract and sell the region’s oil – and a [[US]] decision on [[Israel]]’s claim to the Golan Heights could be just the answer to the company’s problems.just the answer to the company’s problems.)
  • Document:Selling Secrets?  + (Glenn Greenwald's personal apologia - cum - mia-culpa. Written in response to devastating criticism of his motives and actions in the Edward Snowden affair to date.)
  • Google  + (Global Internet/Skynet conglomerate)
  • Document:CIA Coordinates Nazis and Jihadists  + (Global politics used to be a question of Right (Captalist) - v - Left (Socialist) - or so we were expected to believe. Today the dominant question is 'Side with Anglo-US-Nato or oppose it?' - with the full spectrum of Left-Right present in both camps.)
  • Document:The Destabilization of Africa  + (Global power block machinations over the mineral wealth of Africa)
  • 2017 Manchester Gorton by-election  + (Gorton by-election superseded by a [[UK/2017 General Election|General Election]])
  • Governor Connelly confirms trip  + (Governor Connelly confirms trip to Dallas on November 21 - 22, 1963. ref. W.C.)
  • Kermit Roosevelt Jr  + (Grandson of Theodore Roosevelt. CIA agent.)
  • John Dougan  + (Granted political asylum in connection with the Epstein Affair)
  • Grayston Lynch  + (Grayston Lynch was a top CIA operative during the 1960's and until 1971 when he joined BNDD/BUNCIN (DEA).)
  • Caroline Lucas  + (Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion)