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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "Former [[US/Homeland Security Advisor]]". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Winston Lord  + (Former Bilderberg Steering committee)
  • Gabriel Hauge  + (Former Bilderberg Steering committee)
  • Kevin Shipp  + (Former CIA operative who has spoken out about the [[US deep state]].)
  • John Ashe  + (Former Chairman of the UN GA who died a conveniently timed and unusual death before he was due to testify in court.)
  • Document:Huawei Hypocrisy  + (Former Deputy PM [[Nick Clegg]] said [[GCHQ]]'s ability "to hack anything from handsets to whole networks … needs to be much better understood".)
  • Alan Sabrosky  + (Former Director of Studies at the United States Army War College's Strategic Studies Institute, a [[9-11 dissident]].)
  • Belgium  + (Former European colonial power)
  • Document:There is no military solution in North Korea  + (Former Foreign Office Minister [[Bill Rammell]] says the [[United States]] needs to bring the international community together more effectively over [[North Korea]])
  • Document:Andreas von Buelow - Interview  + (Former German Cabinet Minister Attacks Official Brainwashing On 9-11. Instead of Bin Laden, he suggests that Zbigniew Brzezinski and Samuel Huntington were more likely involved.)
  • Neels van Tonder  + (Former Head of [[South African Defence Force]] Military Intelligence)
  • Tariq Aziz  + (Former Iraqi foreugn minister and deputy prime minister under President Saddam Hussein)
  • Tam Dalyell  + (Former Labour MP who posed the "West Lothian Question")
  • Deir Yassin  + (Former Palestinian village which was destroyed following the massacre of its inhabitants by Jewish Irgun and Stern Gang terrorists, led by Israeli prime minister to be, Menachem Begin, on 9 April 1948)
  • Slobodan Milošević  + (Former President of Serbia who died in custody, preempting his trial)
  • Jim Murphy  + (Former Scottish Labour Party leader)
  • Pentti Väänänen  + (Former Secretary-General of the [[Socialist International]] (1983-1989))
  • Mexico  + (Former Spanish colony)
  • Kenya  + (Former UK colony in East Africa)
  • Malawi  + (Former UK colony in East Africa)
  • Tanzania  + (Former UK colony in East Africa)
  • Uganda  + (Former UK colony in East Africa)
  • Richard Evans  + (Former [[BAE/Chair |chairman]] of [[BAE]].=)
  • Document:Destroying Syria  + (Former [[CIA]]Former [[CIA]] officer [[Philip Giraldi]] says the [[United States]] has zero evidence on the [[Syria]]n conflict. Someone should remind the [[Donald Trump|President]] that similar scenarios did not turn out very well in [[Afghanistan]], [[Iraq]] and [[Libya]].[[Libya]].)
  • Roh Moo-hyun  + (Former [[South Korean President]]. Officially committed suicide after a corruption scandal, which was promptly closed.)
  • Ahmet Ünal Ceviköz  + (Former [[Turkish ambassador to the UK]]. He attended the Bilderberg for the first time in 2019.)
  • Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo  + (Former acting Secretary General of NATO.)
  • Mark Lowenthal  + (Former as of July 10, 2014.)
  • Graham E. Fuller  + (Former as of March 21, 2016. His daughter married the uncle of a Boston Bombing suspect.)
  • Robert H. Knight  + (Former chair of the New York Fed, Le Cercle.)
  • Etienne Copel  + (Former chief of France's air force, Le Cercle.)
  • Michael Ruppert  + (Former cop who famously confronted [[John Deutch]] about [[CIA drug dealing]]. Later became a dissident journalist.)
  • Document:Lockerbie Bombing and my Reinstatement in HM Diplomatic Service  + (Former diplomat [[Patrick Haseldine]] writes to former Prime Minister [[James Callaghan]])
  • Bandar bin Sultan  + (Former director general of the Saudi Intelligence Agency.)
  • Michael Foster  + (Former donor of heavy money to the [[Labour Party]])
  • Udo Ulfkotte  + (Former editor of a German broadsheet who exposed press corruption while also subscribing to an [[Islamophobic]] narrative.)
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower  + (Former five-star general, supreme commander of NATO, Eisenhower was the US President who notably warned that "we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence... by the military–industrial complex.")
  • Nicolò Pollari  + (Former head of the Italian SISMI intelligence agency.)
  • William Binney  + (Former senior technical director of the NSA, in charge of thousands of employees, William Binney resigned after 9-11 to blow the whistle on fraud and corruption.)
  • John Marks  + (Former state department official.)
  • Oliver McTernan  + (Former.)
  • Denis Rancourt  + (Formerly a former tenured professor of physics, Rancourt was dismissed after covert surveillance and legal maneuverings by the University of Ottawa in Canada.)
  • Algeria  + (Formerly colonised by France.)
  • FBI  + (Formerly focused on "law enforcement", theFormerly focused on "law enforcement", the Federal Bureau of Investigation has since 2013 been officially prioritising "national security". Director for life [[J. Edgar Hoover]] used it for multiple purposes over the decades - most notably muckraking for information to be used later as blackmail material.on to be used later as blackmail material.)
  • Academi  + (Formerly known as Blackwater, a huge US-based private military contractor infamous for a string of scandals.)
  • Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114  + (Forty two years later, in another case of mass murder in Sinai, Russian Airbus [[Metrojet Flight 9268]] exploded on 31 October 2015 killing all 224 passengers and crew)
  • Barbara Wise  + (Found dead and partially nude. "No obvious signs of foul play")
  • Wayne Owens  + (Found dead in Tel Aviv)
  • Malcom Wallace  + (Found guilty of "murder with malice aforethought" for which he was given a suspended sentence. He appears to have worked as LBJ's personal assassin since that time.)
  • Shepard Ambellas  + (Founded [[Intellihub]])
  • Association of Former Intelligence Officers  + (Founded to promote the US intelligence agencies)