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  • Document:V for Vendetta (2005): Managed Dialectics  + (Esoteric analysis of the 2005 cult film "V for Vendetta.)
  • Document:Transcendence (2014) – Esoteric Analysis  + (Esoteric analysis of the 2014 Holywood film "Transcendence" starring Johnny Depp - "The kind of film stupid people think is smart" - Author.)
  • Document:US Feigns "Horror" Over Cooked-Up Report on Syrian War They Engineered  + (Essential information about the 'Shock-Horror' report on alleged Syrian government atrocities, published the day before the 'Geneva 2' talks on the ongoing Syrian disaster were due to start)
  • Frank Nelson  + (Established the organisation. Retired due to ill health.)
  • Stanley A. Weiss  + (Establishment insider who set up Business Executives for National Security.)
  • Urmas Paet  + (Estonian politician)
  • Robert Faurisson  + (Europe's foremost Holocaust revisionist scholar)
  • EU won't accept "Russian veto"  + (European Commission President Jose Manual Barroso announces that the EU will “not accept Russia’s veto” of the Kiev/EU Agreement.)
  • User:Robin  + (Even more interesting is the list of attacks with simultaneous drills: [[9-99]], [[9-11]], [[2004 Madrid train bombings]], [[7-7]], [[2015-11 Paris attacks]]... The list seems to go on and on.)
  • WW2/Aftermath  + (Events directly related to World War II that occurred following the unconditional surrender of Germany and Japan in the spring and late summer of 1945 respectively)
  • Massacre in Odessa  + (Events in Odessa culminated in the deaths of 48 (official narrative) and up to 120 (evidence-based alternative narrative) anti-Kiev Junta demonstrators by fire, gun-shots and beatings in and around the Odessa Trade Union building.)
  • 2014 Ukraine coup/Odessa massacre  + (Events in Odessa culminating in the deaths of 48 (official narrative) and up to 120 (evidence-based alternative narrative) anti-Kiev Junta demonstrators by fire, gun-shots and beatings in and around the Odessa Trade Union building on 2 May 2014)
  • Document:The Purge is coming  + (Evgeny Fedorov expounds on the developing political situation in Russia following the February 2014 Ukraine coup and the ongoing civil war in Eastern Ukraine. Detail on the Russian 5th column and what lies ahead)
  • Enclosure  + (Eviction of the poor from common land, which was subsumed into the estates of the rich.)
  • Document:Ukrainian Ballistic Missiles Shot Down by Russian Missile Defence System  + (Evidence and argument that Ukraine army ballistic missiles launched against the Donbas have been shot down by Russian missile defense systems and that the launches are in reality a US directed ploy to test the effectiveness of the Russian systems.)
  • Document:9/11 Insider Trading  + (Evidence for Informed Trading based on foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks)
  • "9-11/Israel did it"  + (Evidence for the proposition that the Israeli deep state was involved in the 9-11 event.)
  • Document:NATO’s new Cold War runs into trouble in Germany  + (Evidence of a substantial and growing disconnect between the German establishment and its population. The official narrative of an agressive expansionist Russia is being comprehensively rejected and it spells trouble for NATO)
  • File:Nano-Thermite.pdf  + (Evidence of explosive residues in dust from the WTC collapse. How did it come to be here? The powers that be have never provided an answer.)
  • File:911 Abnormal Trading.pdf  + (Evidence of foreknowledge about the 9-11 terrorist attacks in the form of financial trading irregularities)
  • Document:Syria - It is a Conspiracy  + (Evidence of the long-standing, deep-seated nature of Western/US determination to destabilise Syria under the Assad Bath Party rule and the systematic secrecy and deception involved.)
  • Document:Monsanto Exposed as Source for White Phosphorus Used in Gaza Massacre  + (Evidence that the White phosphorous munitions used by Israel during their 'Operation Cast-Lead' action against Gaza in 2008-9 and in contravention of the Geneva Conventions, were supplied by Monsanto)
  • Document:Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack  + (Evidence that the chemical weapons attacks in Syria are the work of the Syrian rebels and not government forces.)
  • Document:The Death of Hugo Chavez  + (Evidence that the death of Venezuelan 'Bolivarian' President Hugo Chavez was murder.)
  • Peter Carrington  + (Ex Secretary General of NATO and busy guy. Bilderberg chairman)
  • Joseph Luns  + (Ex Secretary General of NATO, Regular Bilderberger)
  • Manfred Wörner  + (Ex Secretary General of NATO.)
  • Hastings Ismay  + (Ex Secretary General of NATO.)
  • File:The Big Breach.pdf  + (Ex-MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson tells hisEx-MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson tells his story - of particular interest in what he has to say about the death of Diana Pricess of Wales. The UK authorites made strenuous efforts to prevent publication of the book and Tomlinson was subjected to serious harassment and terms of imprisonmentrious harassment and terms of imprisonment)
  • Document:Why did Turkey shoot down a Russian Air Force jet?  + (Ex-USAF intelligence officer theorises about the real reasons for the Turkish shoot-down of a Russian plane over Syria on 24 November 2015)
  • Brian Binley  + (Ex-conservative MP. Le Cercle.)
  • Document:Statecraft or Witchcraft?  + (Ex-patriot Russian satire on the pathetic arrogance of US interference in Ukraine and its sponsorship of the February 2014 coup)
  • Le Cercle/1958  + (Exact dates uncertain)
  • Le Cercle/1973 (Washington)  + (Exact dates uncertain)
  • Le Cercle/1970 (Washington)  + (Exact dates uncertain)
  • Dick White  + (Exact start date is tentative - may have been a few days earlier.)
  • Richard McCormack  + (Executive Client Coverage Group)
  • Anne Hoogendoorn  + (Executive Secretary of the Bilderberg Meetings)
  • Project Monarch  + (Experimentation research linked to and derived from MK-Ultra.)
  • Le Cercle/2005 (Paris)  + (Exposed 2 days later by the Saudi Embassy in London)
  • Cathy Massiter  + (Exposed MI5's illegal campaign against CND.)
  • Mike German  + (Exposed the corrupt management of 'counterterrorism' at the FBI)
  • Document:M23 and the unseen high-tech genocide  + (Exposé of the criminal deceptions of Western NGOs and their sponsored African elites in the exploitation of African mineral resources)
  • Document:Igor Strelkov and Russia's Fifth Column  + (Extended commentary and analysis of the statement by Igor Strelkov about the West's war on Russia and Russia's 5th Column problem)
  • File:UNMIK Investigation Organ Trafficking Kosovo.pdf  + (Extensive information about human organ trExtensive information about human organ trafficking in Kosovo implicating senior members of the Kosovo government. It comprises a memo to the then UN Chief of Investigations from the Head of the UNMIK Mission - the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo - dated 30 October 2003, together with documents dealing with various aspects of the investigations.ith various aspects of the investigations.)
  • Stephen Lander  + (F5. Had this job in around 1981.)
  • FBI agent at funeral home  + (FBI Agent Richard Harrison arrives at MillFBI Agent Richard Harrison arrives at Miller's Funeral Home with rifle (type unknown) and finger print ink. Funeral Director would tell researchers that he could not understand the event and that he had a very difficult time getting the black ink off Oswald's corpse. ref. Treachery in Dallas, p 332's corpse. ref. Treachery in Dallas, p 332)
  • JFK/Assassination/Evidence to Washington DC  + (FBI Special Agent Vince Drain transports the gun and all other evidence to Washington D.C. ref. Treachery in Dallas, p 28)
  • Lok Lau  + (FBI whistleblower)
  • Ajit Pai  + (FCC Chair under Trump)
  • Robert Black  + (Faculty of Law)