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  • Document:Washington Drives the World Toward War  + (Compelling argument and evidence of the US-UK-NATO drive towards inevitable armed confrontation with Russia and China.)
  • Dominik Suter  + (Concluded when he fled to Israel on 14 September 2001)
  • Document:Skripal Case Italy  + (Conclusion: "To counter this Italian trendConclusion: "To counter this Italian trend it’s important to properly address the key political leaders, their new populist parties, and key editorialists, by an effective, discrete and articulated information campaign and narrative and not to be exclusively focused on trolls and fake news."lusively focused on trolls and fake news.")
  • Loyd Jowers  + (Confessed on TV to involvement in the assassination of Martin Luther King, and was subsequently found guilty of involvement in a conspiracy to kill him.)
  • David S. Cohen  + (Confirmed as Deputy Director of the CIA in January 2015)
  • Barcelona Centre for International Affairs  + (Connected to the [[Integrity Initiative Spanish Cluster]])
  • Document:On Death and Derivatives  + (Connecting the dots between a series of 'suicides' by senior banking figures and the financial derivatives 'time-bomb')
  • Daniel Hannan  + (Conservative Party MEP)
  • George Robertson  + (Consorted on a daily basis with convicted forger and [[fraudster]], the [[spook]] [[Jan-Willem Matser]].)
  • William Schneider  + (Continued to advocate use of nuclear weapons in some limited first-strike situations.)
  • Los Angeles Times  + (Continues to be complicit in covering up the truth about the [[JFK/Assassination]].)
  • Danny Jowenko  + (Controlled demolition expert who was famously interviewed about the collapse of WTC7)
  • Document:A warning from Canada  + (Controversial politically incorrect opinion on the LGTB Rights movement and the effects on the adopted children of homosexual-couple parents)
  • United States House Select Committee to Investigate Covert Arms Transactions with Iran  + (Convened to create an official narrative about Iran-Contra.)
  • Michael Farren  + (Convicted for the attempted murder of his wife)
  • Jack Abramoff  + (Convicted lobbyist and founder of the [[International Freedom Foundation]])
  • Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff  + (Convicted of "hate speech" after criticising Islam.)
  • Anders Breivik  + (Convicted of planting the bomb that killed 8 people in central Oslo, Norway, followed by the shooting to death of 66 teenagers on a nearby camping island on 22 July 2011)
  • Orlando Bosch  + (Convicted terrorist, Operation 40 member, released by special order of George H. W. Bush.)
  • Philip Melanson  + (Coordinator of the [[Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Archive]], the world's largest collection on the subject, and , for 12 years also served as chair of the Political Science Department at the [[University of Massachusetts]], Dartmouth.)
  • Document:The Answer is 42  + (Coping with the cognitive dissonance that survival in the modern world produces in spades.)
  • Document:Who Are the Corbynites, and What Do They Believe?  + (Corbyn supporters are analyzed, presumably with the intention of countering Corbyn)
  • Document:The deeper truths journalists are blind to  + (Corporate media is constitutionally incapable of honest objective reporting on matters affecting the vital interests of Establishment power)
  • Bill Taylor  + (Counsel for Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, Lockerbie bombing convict)
  • Marshall Green  + (Coupmaster who played a central role in the [[1965 Indonesia coup]])
 (Coupmaster, George H. W. Bush's #2 man in the CIA)
  • Vernon A. Walters  + (Coupmaster, George H. W. Bush's #2 man in the CIA.)
  • Richard Helms  + (Covered up a lot of the details of Project MKUltra by ordering extensive destruction of the CIA documents on the matter.)
  • Brian Michael Jenkins  + (Creator of the [[RAND/Terrorism Chronology Database]], a "[[terror expert]]" whom [[Mark Gorton]] considers "an absolutely key figure for understanding the core of the [[9/11]] operation",)
  • Prosecution Report 12 Sep  + (Criminal investigation of air disaster to be a long-term task)
  • Criminal investigation stmt  + (Criminal investigation plane crash in full swing)
  • 2015 European refugee crisis  + (Crisis in Europe over the escalating numbers of refugees from Middle-Eastern and North African countries seeking asylum.)
  • Document:The Dangerous Cult of The Guardian  + (Criticism of ''The Guardian'''s policy on censorship of topics including "[[anti-semitism]]" and [[Wikileaks]])
  • Robert Armstrong  + (Crossbencher in the House of Lords)
  • Brian Crozier  + (Crozier himself is the source for this start date, which is uncertain.)
  • Cryptome  + (Cryptome is the grand-daddy of anti-authorCryptome is the grand-daddy of anti-authoritarian whistleblower, leak, publish-and-be-damned sites. It was a major source of both content and inspiration when setting up the Wikispooks site. It is ''highly recommended'' when researching anything concerning Wikispooks articles.g anything concerning Wikispooks articles.)
  • The Dees Illustration Studio  + (Current and archived graphics work of Oregon-based American commercial artist [[David Dees]])
  • Jonathan Marcus  + (Current as of 2019)
  • John Hamre  + (Current as of September 2016)
  • JFK/Assassination/Witness pinpoints window  + (D. V. Harkness reports he has a witness who had pinpointed the window (Howard Brennan).)
  • John Orr  + (DCS John Orr led the [[Pan Am Flight 103#The Investigation|Lockerbie investigation]] (1988 to 1990))
  • File:USDOJ - Eyewitness Evidence - A Guide For Law Enforcement.pdf  + (DOJ Guidelines on Eye Witness testimony)
  • Dallas Times Herald reports route  + (Dallas Times Herald reported that the Presidential motorcade apparently will loop through downtown area, probably on Main street on its way to Trade Mart. ref. W.C.)
  • Daniel Estulin  + (Daniel Estulin is a leading researcher on the Bilderberg Group.)
  • Document:Dimitri Khalezov Interview  + (Daniel Estulin probes the startling claims of Dimitri Khalezov - an ex-Soviet army nuclear weapons specialist - about the events of 9-11 and the then pending extradition of his colleague Victor Bout from Thailand to the USA on arms trafficking charges)
  • Lars Rohde  + (Danish central banker)
  • Ulrik Federspiel  + (Danish diplomat, Bilderberg Steering committee)
  • FBI tells Thomlinson stay quiet  + (Darrell Thomlinson is awakened by a phone call from the FBI, and is told to keep his mouth shut about the bullet he found on the stretcher at Parkland Hospital. ref. Best Evidence, p 591)
  • Mark Allen  + (Dates highly uncertain, but cited as deputy chief when Abdul-Hakim Belhaj was kidnapped from Malaysia in March 2004.<sup id="cite_ref-c4t_1-0" class="reference"><a href="#cite_note-c4t-1">[1]</a></sup>)
  • Le Cercle/2014 (London)  + (Dates include June 20 but are uncertain)
  • James H. Taylor  + (Dates tentative. Quit because he "needed to find something useful for my life.")