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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "Chief Rabbi of Russia and confident of Russian President Vladimir Putin". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Berel Lazar  + (Chief Rabbi of Russia and confident of Russian President Vladimir Putin)
  • Marc Thiessen  + (Chief Speechwriter to George W. Bush from 2004-2008 and as Chief Speechwriter to Donald Rumsfeld from 2001-2004.)
  • Cheryl Mills  + (Chief of staff for [[Hillary Clinton]].)
  • Keith B. Alexander  + (Chief of the NSA, infamous for his mendacious denials regarding the illegal mass surveillance of US citizens.)
  • Colin McColl  + (Chosen "to give a more dynamic lead as someone prepared to instigate change.")
  • Chris Busby/Research on The Health Risks of Radiation  + (Chris Busby's research suggest that establishment scientific models, which are admittedly old, may underestimate the risks of low level exposure to ionising radiation by several orders of magnitude. This page is largely by Busby himself.)
  • WorldNetDaily  + (Christian conservative news aggregation site)
  • Document:How to identify CIA limited hangout operation  + (Citing the Pentagon Papers as an example, Tarpley suggests that both Wikileaks and the Snowden affair are limited hangout operations by the CIA.)
  • Document:Finders Keepers  + (Clear evidence of suppression of an investigation into a child trafficking ring with blatantly obvious ties to US military and intelligence organisations.)
  • Document:A new US puppet government for Ukraine  + (Clear, unambiguous confirmation that the U
    Clear, unambiguous confirmation that the US runs the Ukrainian opposition and that what is going on in Ukraine in 2013-14 is US sponsored "Regime Change". This is how the US installs its puppet governments while feigning outrage at the terrorist violence it organises and provokes to do so".
    lence it organises and provokes to do so".)
  • Gary Webb  + (Clearly exposed the CIA's complicity in drug smuggling, simultaneously demonstrating the controlled nature of the US corporate media. Shot twice in the head, ruled a suicide.)
  • Document:Commentary on the 2017-02-02 SMOM Press Conference  + (Close analysis of the early February 2017
    Close analysis of the early February 2017 Order of Malta press conference showing the evasions and outright lies of Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager, including on his conflicts of interest with the members of a Papal Commission which exonerated and reinstated him, and with whom he is involved with the 120 million Swiss franc trust.
    ed with the 120 million Swiss franc trust.)
  • John S. Reed  + (Co-chair for the last 2 years.)
  • Richard Bissell  + (Co-director with [[Joseph V. Charyk]])
  • Briton Hadden  + (Co-founder of [[Time Magazine]].)
  • Alan J. Weberman  + (Coauthored an important book on the [[JFK Assassination]].)
  • Gene Corley  + (Coauthored reports to support the US government narrative about 9-11, OKC, Waco. Generally worked as a member of the same tight clique of colleagues.)
  • 'Mega'  + (Codename of an alleged Israeli spy in the US government.)
  • Chuck Rosenberg  + (Colleague of FBI Director, James B. Comey)
  • Lee R. Pennington  + (Colleague of [[J. Edgar Hoover]])
  • Mark Curtis' Website  + (Collection of book extracts and articles by Mark Curtis + recently unclassified FCO documents)
  • Frank Carlucci  + (College roommate of [[Donald Rumsfeld]])
  • Frank Carlucci  + (College roommate of his fellow US Secretary of Defense, [[Donald Rumsfeld]])
  • Colombia  + (Colombia is an important state in the trafficking of cocaine to North America.)
  • Richard Mottram  + (Combined job restyled "Permanent Secretary, Intelligence, Security and Resilience")
  • Richard Mottram  + (Combined job restyled "Permanent Secretary, Intelligence, Security and Resilience")