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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "Bilderberger, ex Secretary General of NATO". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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 (Bilderberger, ex Secretary General of NATO)
  • Jaap de Hoop Scheffer  + (Bilderberger, ex Secretary General of NATO.)
  • Javier Solana  + (Bilderberger, ex Secretary General of NATO.)
  • Dirk Stikker  + (Bilderberger, ex Secretary General of NATO.)
  • George Robertson  + (Bilderberger, ex Secretary General of NATO with unknown deep political connections.)
  • Anders Fogh Rasmussen  + (Bilderberger, ex head of Denmark, ex-Secretary General of NATO.)
  • Jens Stoltenberg  + (Bilderberger, ex head of Norway, now Secretary General of NATO.)
  • Willy Claes  + (Bilderberger, fraudster, ex Secretary General of NATO.)
  • Hubert Ansiaux  + (Bilderberger. Resigned, after a conflict with the government?)
  • Bill Fairclough  + (Bill Fairclough's biography)
  • Peter Thiel  + (Billion financier, Bilderberger)
  • David M. Rubenstein  + (Billionaire co-founder and Managing Director of the Carlyle Group)
  • Denis O'Brien  + (Billionaire single Bilderberger)
  • Jeffrey Epstein  + (Billionaire who flew famous people on the Billionaire who flew famous people on the [[Lolita Express]] to lavish parties on one a private island, which the locals dubbed "Orgy Island" or "Padeophile Island". A compulsive pedophile, he was convicted in 2008, given a cushy plea deal by use of deep state pressure. However, after this declared illegal in February 2019, after which people attempted to distance themselves from him. Re-arrested in June 2019, he was reportedly found dead of a "suicide" in prison although questions remain about this.ison although questions remain about this.)
  • Document:How Mandela sold out blacks  + (Bitter criticism of Nelson Mandela for capitulating to the apartheid regime and for failing to ensure that South Africa's mines, banks and minerals were "transferred to the ownership of the people as a whole" as required by the Freedom Charter.)
  • Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/Black-boxes/Arrival in UK  + (Black boxes delivered to the UK Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB), Farnborough)
  • Fred Hampton  + (Black rights activist, assassinated aged 21)
  • User:Robin  + (Blackmail pervades not only the political Blackmail pervades not only the political sphere, but also the highest level of the [[Corporate media|commercially-controlled media]]. This article may go some way to correcting the blindspot big media has in its presentation of stories about sexual indiscretions.ion of stories about sexual indiscretions.)
  • Liz Kendall  + (Blairite Labour party leadership contender)
  • George Daniels  + (Blamed 9/11 on Iran, but ruled that [[Saudi Arabia]] had "[[sovereign immunity]]" from prosecution.)
  • George Daniels  + (Blamed 9/11 on Iran, but ruled that [[Saudi Arabia]] had "[[sovereign immunity]]" from prosecution.)
  • William McNeilly  + (Blew the whistle on manifold failures of the [[Trident]] nuclear weapons system. Arrested. Dishonourably discharged.)
  • Vera Graziadei blog  + (Blog of Vera Graziadei)
  • Bob Medell  + (Bob Medell was a top CIA operative during the 1960's when he joined BNDD/BUNCIN (DEA).)
  • Prescott Bush  + (Bonesman father of the Bush family)
  • Document:Dag Hammarskjöld's plane may have been shot down, ambassador warned  + (Borger describes a recently released diplomatic cable which casts fresh doubts on the theory that Dag Hammarskjöld died an accidental death.)