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  • Verint Systems  + (An Israeli technology company which provides technology relevant to the "[[war on terror]]", receiving a lot of government contracts.)
  • Antonio Fazio  + (An Italian [[central banker]] who resigned as [[Governor of the Bank of Italy]] amid controversy.)
  • Roberto Calvi  + (An Italian banker dubbed "God's Banker" (Italian: Banchiere di Dio) by the press because of his close association with the Holy See. Found death, hanging from a bridge in London.)
  • Giorgio Ambrosoli  + (An Italian lawyer assassinated while investigating [[Michele Sindona]].)
  • Francesco Cossiga  + (An Italian politician who became outspoken towards the end of his life.)
  • David Shayler  + (An MI5 agent turned 'whistleblower' who didn't reveal very much but has since associated himself with some of the most dubious end of those questioning the [[official narrative]]. Some believe he is still working for MI5.)
  • Nicholas Langman  + (An MI6 officer of note.)
  • Frank Steele  + (An MI6 officer with African connections who opened contacts with the IRA in the early 1970s. He later moved into banking and attended more than one meeting of Le Cercle.)
  • Bullingdon Club  + (An Oxford university dining club with a habit for inebriation and subsequent property destruction UK. An equivalent of the US "Skull and Bones" fraternity, which has had a large number of establishment insiders as members over the years.)
  • James Easton  + (An RAF pilot who became deputy director general of MI6)
  • Gary Aguirre  + (An SEC whistleblower)
  • "Hate speech"  + (An [[enemy image]] mobilised to facilitate legal restriction of [[free speech]].)
  • Conspiracy Theorist  + (An [[enemy image]] used for ''ad hominem'' attacks on people.)
  • "Conspiracy theorist"  + (An [[enemy image]] used for ''ad hominem'' attacks on people.)
  • "Witch"  + (An [[enemy image]] used in the Middle Ages that was acted as a cover for expropriation of property, a forerunner of the modern day "terrorist")
  • "Non-violent extremism"  + (An [[enemy image]] used to try to justify violent repression of those who advocate non-violent change.)
  • "Hate group"  + (An [[enemy image]] which appears to be part of the effort to support the ongoing project to criminalize [[free speech]].)
  • 9-11/Commission/Report  + (An [[official narrative]] crafted to deceive the ignorant, which highlights the roles of [[Al Qaeda]] and the [[19 hijackers]].)
  • Document:Revenge Is Mine Saith Washington  + (An abridged article about the persecution of Julian Assange. It illustrates the depths to which elementary notions of justice have sunk in the West - and especially in the UK and USA - where perceived threats to Deep State interests are involved.)
  • Document:Robert Faurisson - True Hero  + (An abridged version of an obituary to the
    An abridged version of an obituary to the late [[Robert Faurisson]] by a Catholic Bishop who has suffered expulsion from his religious order (The [[SSPX]]) and ostracism by his church authorities for raising similar questions to those raised by Dr Faurisson
    questions to those raised by Dr Faurisson)
  • Remi Brulin  + (An academic who rejects the word "terrorism" as a tool of propaganda)
  • Murder in Samarkand  + (An account of Murray's experiences as ambassador and his persecution by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office for his persistence in raising issues of the gross abuse of human rights in Uzbekistan.)
  • File:Tranceformation america.pdf  + (An account of a victim and survivor of the CIA's [[MK-Ultra]] [[Project Monarch]] mind control operation)
  • Barry Seal  + (An ace pilot and drug smuggler for the US deep state who knew too much.)
  • Anglo-US-NATO  + (An acronym that encapsulates the politico/
    An acronym that encapsulates the politico/cultural/ethnic make up of the elites behind the drive to a uni-polar, globalised world politics under the hegemonic control of these elites. Its anodyne, 'for public consumption' analogues are: 'International Community' and 'Community of Democracies'
    Community' and 'Community of Democracies')
  • Mark Gorton  + (An active researcher into the US shadow government)
  • Ralph Schoenman  + (An activist alert to the reality of deep politics and the Machiavellian nature of many who engage in it.)
  • Document:Affidavit of William Casey  + (An admission by William Casey, DCI, that h
    An admission by William Casey, DCI, that he approved smuggling of [[cocaine]] into USA, having chosen [[Mena]], Arkansas as a shipment point, with the support of [[Bill Clinton]] and [[Bill Weld]]. Casey names a range of names, including [[John Poindexter]], [[Robert McFarlane]], [[Oliver North]] and [[William Colby]], the [[CIA]], [[NSA]] and [[ASA]].
    Colby]], the [[CIA]], [[NSA]] and [[ASA]].)
  • Document:The Threat of War and the Russian Response  + (An adviser to the Russian President analyses the current systemic global crisis and the way forward for Russia and the world)
  • William Schneider  + (An advocate use of the first-strike use of nuclear weapons. Attendee of [[Le Cercle]])
  • Alois Mertes  + (An aide to [[German Foreign Minister]] [[Hans-Dietrich Genscher]]. Mertes died in office.)
  • Western Global Airlines  + (An airline which owned a plane that landed in Zimbabwe with a body and 67 tons of cash on board, was held for a few days and later released without charge or proper explanation.)
  • ICTS International  + (An airport security company, founded by [[Shin Bet]] operatives, which occurs in multiple acts of "[[terrorism]]")
  • Katherine Smith  + (An alert Tennessee DMV employee who sold IDs to 5 foreigners of middle Eastern appearance.)
  • Desmond Morton  + (An almost unknown and yet crucial British spymaster in the first half of the 20<sup>th</sup> century.)
  • Document:The MI6 Bombings in Saudi Arabia  + (An alternative account of the 2000/1 bombi
    An alternative account of the 2000/1 bombings in Saudi Arabia for which the Saudis convicted a group of UK ex-patriots, sentenced them to death and later granted amnesty and returned them to the UK. This IS indeed a murky business and, whilst this account may seem far-fetched, it is probably closer to the truth than the official version
    ser to the truth than the official version)
  • The Opperman Report  + (An alternative media outlet that releases weekly audio interviews.)
  • Document:The forbidden truth is an insurrection in Britain  + (An alternative perspective on the UK London Riots from an author unafraid to make the obvious connection between the England riots and the rampant culture of corruption and greed in the UK Establishment.)
  • Lyndon Johnson  + (An ambitious psychopath who is generally a
    An ambitious psychopath who is generally agreed to have played a significant or possibly leading role in organising the assassination of JFK. He established the Warren Commission to cover up the JFK assassination. He reversed JFK's decision to reduce troop numbers in Vietnam and instead escalated the war.
    in Vietnam and instead escalated the war.)
  • Document:A Death Sentence for Greece  + (An analysis and deconstruction of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Greek government and its creditors which secured Greek parliamentary approval amid scenes of unprecedented protests by the Greek population on 11 February 2012.)
  • Document:Towards the End of US Propaganda  + (An analysis of Anglo-US propaganda techniques from their post-WWI origins to the absurdities of their explanations about the 2014 Ukraine coup and it aftermath. It's author opines that its days are numbered)
  • Wikipedia/Problems  + (An analysis of Wikipedia's problems, which suggests that its failure to challenge the establishment is rooted in its subservience to organised money-power and is the fatal flaw from which a host of other symptoms arise.)
  • Document:Charlie Hebdo déjà vú  + (An analysis of the Charlie Hebdo event of January 2015. It connects many dots linking it to a litany of similar outrages and exposing the essentially [[False flag]] nature of all of them.)
  • Document:Europe in free fall  + (An analysis of the European geo-political predicament illuminated by its burgeoning refugee crisis)
  • File:Strictly Orthodox rising.pdf  + (An analysis of the UK Jewish population demography.)
  • Document:The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia's Early Soviet Regime  + (An analysis of the murder of Tsar Nicholas II and his family in July 1918.)
  • File:Attack when the world is not watching.pdf  + (An analysis of the timing of Israeli military attacks on Gaza relative to important breaking news in the US and Europe)
  • Compartmentalisation  + (An ancient technique of dividing information up between people to prevent the 'bigger picture' from being available to any of them.)
  • File:September 11 Commission Report.pdf  + (An anonymously authored ebook purporting to explain the motivation, genesis and execution of the 9/11 attacks.)
  • Ruth First  + (An anti-apartheid activist, investigative journalist, and scholar. She wrote in her autobiography that her life was dedicated "to the liberation of Africa for I count myself an African, and there is no cause I hold dearer.")
  • Hilda Murrell  + (An anti-nuclear activist unable to take part in the Sizewell Inquiry due to her sudden murder.)