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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "A spooky millionaire businessman". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Document:Speech by Head of MI6  + (A speech by then Director General of MI6 to The Society of Editors about the work of the SIS's and their relationship with the media.)
  • Thomas Devine  + (A spook and deep state operative very close to [[George H. W. Bush]])
  • Steve Kangas  + (A spook turned whistleblower who was one of the first political campaigners on the internet. Probably murdered by the cabal.)
  • Harry Ferguson  + (A spook who admits that the UK tortured IRA members in Northern Ireland.)
  • John Paisley  + (A spook who died before he could testify in the [[HSCA]].)
  • Vladimiro Montesinos  + (A spook who established [[Peru]] as a narco-state to supply [[cocaine]] to the [[cabal]])
  • Manfred Schlickenrieder  + (A spook who for two decades posed as an environmental activist in order to spy for [[big oil]] and [[intelligence agencies]].)
  • Eugene Dinkin  + (A spook who intercepted a communication about the [[JFK assassination]])
  • Lionel Crabb  + (A spook whose illadvised fatal dive lead to the early retirement of MI6 Director general, [[John Sinclair]].)
  • Wirt Dexter Walker III  + (A spook whose stock trades strongly suggest that he had foreknowledge of the 9/11 event.)
  • Richard Gutjahr  + (A spookily prescient journalist who just happened to be situated twice in two weeks to shoot video of "terrorist" attacks.)
  • Harken Energy  + (A spooky Bush dominated company which never made much money for outsiders.)
  • Laura Jordan Dietrich  + (A spooky US government insider)
  • American Center for Democracy  + (A spooky anti-corruption group)
  • EXIM  + (A spooky bank)
  • EATSCO  + (A spooky business that plead guilty in 1984 to overcharging the Pentagon by $8 million for delivering arms to Egypt)
  • Eatsco  + (A spooky business that plead guilty in 1984 to overcharging the Pentagon by $8 million for delivering arms to Egypt)
  • Kobi Alexander  + (A spooky businessman with connections to 9-11 and 7-7.)
  • Colloquium on Clandestine Collection  + (A spooky colloquium in Washington DC)
  • Colloquium on Intelligence and Policy  + (A spooky conference in November 1984)
  • Erle Cocke  + (A spooky deep state operative who made a death bed confession of CIA involvement.)
  • Peter Wilkinson  + (A spooky funder of [[Brian Crozier]].)
  • Kuwaiti-American Corporation  + (A spooky group which between 1993 and 1999 held a controlling share of Securacom.)
  • PropOrNot  + (A spooky group which kicked off the ill fated "[[Fake News Website]]" campaign)
  • John Barron  + (A spooky journalist who wrote on the evils of the KGB.)
  • Tom Slick  + (A spooky millionaire businessman)
  • The Spike  + (A spy thriller by twospooks.)
  • Elizabeth Pack  + (A spy who used sex to gain information during WWII.)
  • Mort Sahl  + (A stand up comedian similar to [[George Carlin]] who spoke out about the crimes of the [[US deep state]].)
  • Document:Project Babylon and the still smoking Iraqi supergun  + (A startling account of the murky dealings of the British political establishment and security services surrounding the [[Arms-to-Iraq]] affair in general and the legal proceedings against [[Asil Nadir]] in particular)
  • Document:Masters of metal  + (A startling and ominous analysis of progress towards an impending New world Order)
  • Document:Doreen and Karen – a tale of two mothers  + (A startling and telling comparison of the treatment of two horrific racially-motivated murders by the UK Establishment.)
  • BBC  + (A state propaganda apparatus disguised as a quasi-autonomous public service corporation.)
  • Document:Forgive us for not dying in Slavyansk  + (A statement by Igor Druze, Advisor to Igor Strelkov, following the DPR militia withdrawal from Slavyansk and their arrival in Donetsk)
  • Document:Ex-Intelligence Officers, Others See Plusses in WikiLeaks Disclosures  + (A statement of support for Wikileaks. "The big question is not whether Americans can 'handle the truth.' We believe they can...")
  • Anna Politkovskaya  + (A staunch opponent of the Second Chechen War who was assassinated.)
  • Susurluk car crash  + (A still rather poorly understood [[deep event]], one event which lead to the coining of the phrase "[[deep state]]", and by extension "[[deep politics]]" and "[[deep politician]]".)
  • Muammar Gaddafi  + (A striking independent leader who rarely cowtowed to the Western establishment.)
  • Methamphetamine  + (A strongly addictive recreational drug)
  • File:Awara-Study-Russia-Economy-09.012.2014.pdf  + (A study of developments in the Russian economy between 2000 and 2014)
  • File:Antisemitism-Cui Bono.pdf  + (A study of the relationship between Zionism and its perennial allegations of antisemitism among majority gentile populations, especially in Europe and the USA)
  • Thales UK  + (A subsidiary of [[Thales]].)
  • Public Diplomacy Department  + (A successor to the Information Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
  • Information Department  + (A successor to the Overseas Information Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
  • Document:Arabs Beware the Small States Option  + (A succinct introduction to proposals, wide
    A succinct introduction to proposals, widely canvassed among Western Elites but otherwise largely suppressed, to impose a new political settlement on the entire Middle East involving the re-ordering of its national borders along sectarian lines. These proposals represent the increasingly dominant leitmotif of 21st century Globalist driven Middle-Eastern policy.
    ry Globalist driven Middle-Eastern policy.)
  • Bilderberg/Effect  + (A sudden career advancement, such as might happen to a [[deep state functionary]] who attends a [[Bilderberg meeting]])
  • Peteano bombing  + (A suicide bomb attack which lured 3 carabinieri to their deaths with a booby trapped car bomb. The cover up of this murder - and its later ''un''covering by Italian judge [[Felice Casson]] was a major event in the exposure of [[Operation Gladio]].)
  • File:A Global Chronology of Incidents of Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear Attacks 1950-2005.pdf  + (A summary of Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear Attacks, from 1950 - 2005, giving the number of injuries and fatalities, and other information (if known) on the perpetrators and motives.)
  • Document:Estonia: Sunk due to n-cargo?  + (A summary of an article from the Belgian r
    A summary of an article from the Belgian reporter Maarten Rabaey in the De Morgen newspaper from 27 April 1996 about details of the sinking of the ship, the so-called 'Felix Report' and the reasoning behind the almost immediate sealing of the wreck in a sarcophagus. Archive of this article [ here] and [ here]
    monitor/452/estonia-sunk-due-n-cargo here])
  • File:Report on Terrorism 2014.pdf  + (A summary of global "terrorism" in 2014.)
  • File:Bilderberg-meetings-report-1955.pdf  + (A summary of the 1955 Bilderberg meeting that took place from September 23-25 at the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, West Germany.)