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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "A solid 9/11 truth website". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Conspiracy Files  + (A series of programmes, each of which focuses on a particular "[[Conspiracy theories]]".)
  • Autism  + (A serious mental condition which is poorly understood. Agreed to be on the rise, the reasons for this are disputed.)
  • 7th floor group  + (A set of USDOJ officials who met at the top of the US State Department to control information. Termed by the FBI a "shadow government". Ignored by corporate media. Deleted by Wikipedia.)
  • Ovidiu Tender  + (A shady Romanian businessman magnate, currently in jail for money laundering. Scheduled for release in 2026.)
  • Oswald LeWinter  + (A shady character who issued a lot of conf
    A shady character who issued a lot of conflicting statements and claimed to be ex-CIA. The official narrative about him - "it's all lies, he's a complete fraud" - scores for simplicity, but does not explain how he could have been so well informed on such a wide range of [[deep state]] operations.
    a wide range of [[deep state]] operations.)
  • The Finders  + (A shady cult with apparent deep state backing)
  • File:Barack Obama - the Unauthorized Biography.pdf  + (A sharp analysis which clearly showed Obama to be more more than a puppet long before most people had noticed there was only rhetoric behind his promises of "change you can believe in".)
  • Document:Second Baha Mousa Memorial Lecture  + (A shocking introduction to the systematic abuse of prisoners by the British military in Iraq and focusing on the case of Baha Mousa)
  • Document:An open letter to Mr Graham Howell, Director, Secretary, Ofcom  + (A short complaint to Ofcom about the "media restrictions" in support of "democracy")
  • Right Club  + (A short lived group that organised to oppose [[Jewish]] power.)
  • Document:Good war - Bad war  + (A short readable expose of how the myth of the "Good War" is used by the Western Establishment to fashion our 'reality' - focussing on the largely forgotten devastation visited upon the Korean peninsular by the US and its victorious World War II allies.)
  • Document:Leaked phone call on Ukraine lays bare Washington’s gangsterism  + (A short, readable resume of US foreign affairs diplomatic gangsterism, illustrated by the "Ukraine-Gate" intercepted telephone conversation between US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and US ambassador to the Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt.)
  • 911 Review  + (A simple 9-11 website.)
  • Document:Bob Ainsworth on the subject of the melted cavalry man  + (A simple guide to understanding politicians)
  • Justice for Megrahi  + (A single issue justice campaign group trying to overturn the 2001 conviction of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi.)
  • Skeptical about skeptics  + (A site dedicated to countering dogmatic, ill informed attacks leveled by self-styled skeptics on pioneering scientific research and researchers)
  • Media Lens  + (A site dedicated to exposing and illustrating western mainstream media as closely following a 'Propaganda Model' that thoroughly vitiates its claims to being objective, impartial and 'free')
  • MuckRock News  + (A site of interesting documents obtained by FOIA requests.)
  • Patreon  + (A site to encourage donations for content providers)
  • Al-Qaeda  + (A sketchy term that has been repeated endlessly by the corporate media. Its close connections to Western intelligence agencies are never examined. "The Brotherhood" of the modern era.)
  • Document:Alice in Wonderland  + (A slightly off-beat and idiosyncratic but
    A slightly off-beat and idiosyncratic but gentle introduction to a subject which - for most people, most of the time - is safely relegated to the realm of fictional horror, ridiculous 'conspiracy theory' or similar mental pigeon-hole, so that life can proceed 'as normal'.
    ole, so that life can proceed 'as normal'.)
  • Institute on Strategic Trade  + (A small but influential Washington based group started by [[Cercle]] member [[Miles Costick]].)
  • Cyprus  + (A small, divided, island in the Mediterranean.)
  • Crack cocaine  + (A smokable form of cocaine)
  • Bernard Barker  + (A soldier/spook involved both in the assassination of JFK and the Watergate coup.)
 (A solid 9/11 truth website)
  • 911 Blogger  + (A solid 9/11 truth website.)
  • 9-11 Research  + (A solid and early 9-11 investigation site, not much updated of late, but still containing valuable material.)
  • The Power of Nightmares  + (A some-holds-barred look at how fear has come to dominate politics in America, Britain and around the world — which observes that much of that fear is based on an illusion.)
  • 21st Century Wire  + (A sound alternative news site.)
  • Document:Whistleblowers - Risks and skills  + (A sound set of advice for would be whistle
    A sound set of advice for would be whistleblowers, and a ''strong discouragement from trusting the official channels''. As a whistleblower, you need to be aware that a wide set of options is available, and your success in blowing the whistle will depend only in part upon the injustice you expose. Another crucial aspect is your skill set and support network. This essay provides sound advice from an establishment-sceptic researcher who has reviewed a lot of whistleblowing cases.
    as reviewed a lot of whistleblowing cases.)
  • The Black Vault  + (A source of FOIAed US government documents)
  • Jacques Soustelle  + (A speaker at the 1979 JCIT.)
  • Document:NSA GCHQ and the Death of Gareth Williams  + (A speculative article connecting the NSA with the death of Gareth Williams)
  • Document:Speech by Head of MI6  + (A speech by then Director General of MI6 to The Society of Editors about the work of the SIS's and their relationship with the media.)
  • Thomas Devine  + (A spook and deep state operative very close to [[George H. W. Bush]])
  • Steve Kangas  + (A spook turned whistleblower who was one of the first political campaigners on the internet. Probably murdered by the cabal.)
  • Harry Ferguson  + (A spook who admits that the UK tortured IRA members in Northern Ireland.)
  • John Paisley  + (A spook who died before he could testify in the [[HSCA]].)
  • Vladimiro Montesinos  + (A spook who established [[Peru]] as a narco-state to supply [[cocaine]] to the [[cabal]])
  • Eugene Dinkin  + (A spook who intercepted a communication about the [[JFK assassination]])
  • Lionel Crabb  + (A spook whose illadvised fatal dive lead to the early retirement of MI6 Director general, [[John Sinclair]].)
  • Wirt Dexter Walker III  + (A spook whose stock trades strongly suggest that he had foreknowledge of the 9/11 event.)
  • Richard Gutjahr  + (A spookily prescient journalist who just happened to be situated twice in two weeks to shoot video of "terrorist" attacks.)
  • Harken Energy  + (A spooky Bush dominated company which never made much money for outsiders.)
  • Laura Jordan Dietrich  + (A spooky US government insider)
  • American Center for Democracy  + (A spooky anti-corruption group)
  • EXIM  + (A spooky bank)
  • EATSCO  + (A spooky business that plead guilty in 1984 to overcharging the Pentagon by $8 million for delivering arms to Egypt)
  • Eatsco  + (A spooky business that plead guilty in 1984 to overcharging the Pentagon by $8 million for delivering arms to Egypt)
  • Kobi Alexander  + (A spooky businessman with connections to 9-11 and 7-7.)