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  • Bill Hunter  + (A reported who investigated the JFK assassination. Shot dead by a policeman, reportedly accidentally.)
  • Inconvenient History  + (A repository of scholarly works of historical revisionism - especially regarding World War II)
  • "Strike Hard Campaign"  + (A research project into repressive [[social control]] carried out against Chinese Muslims.)
  • Danny Casolaro  + (A researcher into the [[US Deep state]] who suffered a bloody fate soon after announcing that he was about to implicate powerful people.)
  • Martin John Rogers  + (A researcher into tropical diseases, particularly malaria, who suddenly disappeared without apparent explanation about 14 days before being found dead by his wrecked car.)
  • Milo Speriglio  + (A researcher who died in unexplained circumstances in 2000.)
  • Document:Huawei’s phone business would be decimated without Google’s Android  + (A resolution to the ongoing [[US-China trade war|trade dispute between the US and China]]A resolution to the ongoing [[US-China trade war|trade dispute between the US and China]] is now more urgent than ever. However, [[China]] is unlikely to react positively to the bullying tactics of the [[US]]. And that means [[Huawei]]’s [[mobile phone|phone]] business may be in limbo for a while yet. business may be in limbo for a while yet.)
  • John O'Neill  + (A respected and sincere opponent of "terroA respected and sincere opponent of "terrorism" who faced opposition in trying to investigate the [[U.S.S. Cole attack]] and who was the [[FBI]]'s leading expert on [[Al Qaeda]]. Later made Head of Security for the [[World Trade Center]], where he was killed on his first day at work, [[9-11 | September 11th]], 2001.[[9-11 | September 11th]], 2001.)
  • Barry Walker  + (A retired Hong Kong Police Force officer and commentator on the Lockerbie Bombing.)
  • David Halpin  + (A retired UK orthopedic and trauma surgeon turned activist who, amongst other things, has been instrumental in questioning the official narrative as regards the death of Dr. David Kelly.)
  • Document:The World Through the Prism of Europe  + (A retrospective on how Europe now views thA retrospective on how Europe now views the events of World war II and its aftermath by the wife of Ernst Zundel who has been relentlessly persecuted by the western Establishment for no reason other than stubbornly authoring and publishing research on WWII and The Holocaust.ishing research on WWII and The Holocaust.)
  • User:Peter  + (A revealing description of the methodologies of power and the dynastic modalities of its passing. Do not be put off by the word 'Occult', which is used in its classic root sense of 'Hidden'.)
  • Document:Ariel Sharon - War is Peace  + (A review of how the western corporate media reported on the legacy of Ariel Sharon following his death in early January 2014, together with evidence of the unreported reality.)
  • File:Freedom Flotilla.doc  + (A review of media sources.)
  • Document:JFK - What We Know Now  + (A review of the JFK assassination evidence 47 years on, including comments on the [[Zapruder film]])
  • Document:Cognitive Infiltration  + (A review of the book by [[David Ray Griffin]])
  • Document:Behind the 2011 Orgy of Destabilisations  + (A review of the book by [[David Ray Griffin]])
  • Document:Full Spectrum Dominance  + (A review of the book by [[William Engdahl]].)
  • Document:The Jewish Question  + (A review of the historical tensions between the Jewish Diapora and its host nations up to the end of the nineteenth century)
  • Document:A Brief History of Forensic Examinations of Auschwitz  + (A review of the the series of forensic exaA review of the the series of forensic examinations of the Auschwitz concentration camp alleged gas chambers that began with The Leuchter report and ended with the imprisonment in Germany of this author for authoring a similar though more rigorous report that was published without his authorityt that was published without his authority)
  • Merchant Venturers  + (A royally chartered group of 85 rich individuals, centered on Bristol, exercising great influence over financial institutions, big media and big oil.)
  • Document:Victoria Nuland's 'Ukraine-gate' Deceptions  + (A rundown of the for-public-consumption deceptions of Victoria Nuland in connection with her "Ukraine-Gate" telephone call gaff, details of which broke in early February 2014)
  • Document:War on Libya: Official Lies and Misconceptions  + (A rundown of the principal falsehood propagated by the official narrative on Libya)
  • Document:The Production of Evil  + (A russian Lawyer decodes the real meaning of ISIS)
  • Document:Washington's "Pivot" hits a Brick Wall  + (A scathing polemic on US support and promotion of the civil war in Ukraine)
  • Antony Sutton  + (A scholarly and controversial professor whose research has become increasingly influential as the Internet Age has gathered momentum after his death at the age of 77 in 2002.)
  • Dunblane school massacre  + (A school massacre by an acquaintance of [[George Robertson]], a Bilderberger and later [[Secretary General of NATO]] with a range of other connections.)
  • Stoneman Douglas High School shooting  + (A school shooting in Florida in 2018)
  • File:TheRudolfReport.pdf  + (A science-based forensic examination of the alleged homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz.)
  • Tyrone Hayes  + (A scientific whistleblower)
  • NNDB  + (A searchable database of over 40,000 people, groups and jobs of interest.)
  • David Malone  + (A second generation documentary film-maker whose father made The Ascent of Man with Bronowski, The Age of Uncertainty with Galbraith and Cosmos with Sagan.)
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership  + (A secret agreement which abrogates several aspects of national sovereignty in the name of "free trade". The US withdrew in January 2017.)
  • Shield  + (A secret committee set up by radical right-wing activists and former intelligence officers in the UK in 1976. Their aim was quite possibly to get Margaret thatcher elected.)
  • October surprise  + (A secret deal which offered the Iranians weapons in return for their preventing the release of the US embassy hostages before the 1980 US presidential election.)
  • 1910 Jekyll Island meeting  + (A secret meeting at Jekyll Island, attended by six men who conspired to privatise the US money system for control of the "[[money trust]]".)
  • Book and Snake  + (A secret society of interest.)
  • Scroll and Key  + (A secret society of interest.)
  • Erik Bennett  + (A secretive UK military advisor in Oman and a Cercle attendee.)
  • 14th Intelligence Company  + (A secretive unit of the British Army used to put [[SAS]] and SAS trained personnel on the streets in Northern Ireland while being able to pretend that the SAS were not deployed there.)
  • International Tribunal of Natural Justice  + (A self-appointed people's [[court]] to investigate [[VIPaedophile]] claims. It videos its hearings and posts them on YouTube.)
  • British Satellite News  + (A semi covert propaganda operation funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
  • London Radio Service  + (A semi covert propaganda run by the British government's Central Office of Information for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
  • File:Jonestown.pdf  + (A seminal work on Jim Jones, leader of The People's Temple and the massacre at Johnstown Guyana.)
  • File:Propaganda.pdf  + (A seminal work on the systematic manipulation of public opinion.)
  • Mahmoud al-Mabhouh  + (A senior Hamas military commander and one of the founders of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades. He was murdered in his hotel room at the 5 star Rotana Hotel in Dubai having arrived in the country earlier that day from Syria.)
  • Ian Blair  + (A senior UK policeman who claimed in 2006 that "[[Islamic terrorism]]" constituted "a far graver threat in terms of civilians than either the [[Cold War]] or the [[Second World War]]".)
  • Philip Lyon  + (A senior and trusted aide of Tony Blair who was found guilty of child pornography.)
  • Roland Carnaby  + (A senior spook who was shot by a Houston police officer following a high speed motor car chase and died of his wounds.)
  • Security and Defence Learning  + (A sequence of 8 international conferences A sequence of 8 international conferences hosted by the New Security Foundation. "The event brings together academics, professional practitioners, security specialists, government officials and representatives of private sector companies for a discussion of key issues."companies for a discussion of key issues.")