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  • Document:The Spanish Civil War  + (A rebuttal of the dominant western narrati
    A rebuttal of the dominant western narrative of the Spanish civil war as an idealistic crusade by the 'International Brigades' to defend an embattled elected left-wing government from evil fascists. As always, the devil is in the detail - in this case the inconvenient suppressed detail
    is case the inconvenient suppressed detail)
  • Cryptogon  + (A recommended news aggregator which only occasionally get distracted by prices of shares or gold.)
  • Lost and Found ID  + (A recurring theme in deep events, whereby the perpetrators supposedly leave behind them a trail of very revealing information such as identity documents.)
  • Fritz Kraemer  + (A refugee from Nazi Germany and "the greatest single influence" on [[Henry Kissinger]].)
  • Jimmy Carter  + (A relatively enlightened presidency, although he was unable to restrain the secret government.)
  • Richard Nixon  + (A relatively independent US president who may have been removed from power because he was planning to expose the conspiracy to assassinate JFK.)
  • 9-11/Drills  + (A remarkable number of [[terror drills]] o
    A remarkable number of [[terror drills]] occured in the US on or around the day of 9-11, including drills about the hijacking of planes and the flying them into buildings. This is agreed by many 9-11 researchers to have been an obfuscation tactic, and to have hindered response to the real attacks.
    ave hindered response to the real attacks.)
  • Joël van der Reijden  + (A renowned independent researcher into the deep state. He is a contributor to and inspiration for Wikispooks.)
  • Mae Brussell  + (A renowned researcher and investigative journalist in the field of deep politics.)
  • Action Counters Terrorism  + (A replacement for the highly criticised [[Prevent]] "branding platform" of "[[counter-terrorism]]".)
  • Arms for Libya 2.0  + (A replay of the original [[Arms For Libya]
    A replay of the original [[Arms For Libya]], in that a [[US deep state]] [[arms dealer]] was charged with selling weapons to Libya. However, in contrast to the original case, [[Marc Turi]] has an as yet unknown ace in the hole which caused the USDOJ to drop all charges and hush the affair up.
    o drop all charges and hush the affair up.)
  • Document:Craig Murray and 9-11  + (A reply to Craig Murray's article explaining his embargo on any further discussion of 9-11 in the comments section of his blog)
  • File:Maidan snipers.pdf  + (A report about the Kiev Maidan sniper events of February 2014 by German TV investigative programme "Monitor" that first aired on 10 April 2014)
  • File:Armyvisitstoschools.pdf  + (A report about the recruiting activities and practices of the British army in the nations schools. It shows that emphasis is placed on schools in disadvantaged areas and discusses the reasons for this)
  • File:9-11-9 the Vicsim Report.pdf  + (A report alleging inconsistencies, repetitions and photo-fakery of much of the reporting and memorial sites for the victims of the 9/11 attacks.)
  • File:Proof the Investigation is Politically Directed TWA Flight 800.pdf  + (A report by an airline executive with a military background thought about flight TWA Flight 800 in the immediate aftermath.)
  • Document:Release of the Lockerbie Prisoner  + (A report by the official UN Observer of the Lockerbie Trial in the Netherlands, commenting on the release on compassionate grounds of the only person convicted in the Lockerbie case.)
  • File:Anonymous-Operation Want.pdf  + (A report into the finances of the Wallenberg family as they relate to a proposal to create an additional seat on the NASDAQ OMX Group Board of Directors which is currently (2 April 2011) awaiting SEC approval.)
  • Document:CIA wanted to kill Lockerbie bomber before trial  + (A report of William C. Chasey's allegation (after being diagnosed with incurable cancer) that CIA agents tried to convince him to plant homing devices on Megrahi and Fhimah as part of the plot to assassinate them before the Lockerbie trial.)
  • File:LloydsPeakOilReport.pdf  + (A report on "Sustainable Energy Security".)
  • File:Rainoffire.pdf  + (A report on Israeli use of white phosphoro
    A report on Israeli use of white phosphorous munitions during Operation Cast Lead against the Gaza Strip December 2008 - Jan 2009. It documents extensive use of illegal munitions and is notable for some startling pictures of white phosphorous trails raining down on fleeing civilians.
    trails raining down on fleeing civilians.)
  • File:Fallujah Birth Defects.pdf  + (A report on research into the legacy radiation effects of depleted uranium weapons usage in Fallujah, Iraq during the 2003 Iraq war.)
  • Document:Human Rights Record of the United States in 2013  + (A report on the Human rights record of the
    A report on the Human rights record of the USA through 2013. An official publication of the government of the Peoples Republic of China. A response to the hypocricy of the US government in publishing similar reports on 200 countries and excluding itself - Clearly the US considers itself exempt in such matters.
    S considers itself exempt in such matters.)
  • John Urquhart Cameron/Lockerbie Forensic Evidence Report  + (A report on the Lockerbie forensic evidence compiled by Dr John Cameron)
  • File:Koechler-lockerbie-appeal report.pdf  + (A report on the appeal proceedings at the Scottish Court in the Netherlands)
  • File:JusticeDenied.pdf  + (A report written in 1999 in the run up to the unsuccessful appeal by Samar and Jawad against their conspiracy convictions. Includes a preface by Paul Foot.)
  • Inconvenient History  + (A repository of scholarly works of historical revisionism - especially regarding World War II)
  • Martin John Rogers  + (A researcher into tropical diseases, particularly malaria, who suddenly disappeared without apparent explanation about 14 days before being found dead by his wrecked car.)
  • John O'Neill  + (A respected and sincere opponent of "terrorism" who faced opposition in trying to investigate the [[U.S.S. Cole attack]] and was later made Head of Security for the World Trade Center, where he was killed on his first day at work, September 11th, 2001.)
  • Barry Walker  + (A retired Hong Kong Police Force officer and commentator on the Lockerbie Bombing.)
  • David Halpin  + (A retired UK orthopedic and trauma surgeon turned activist who, amongst other things, has been instrumental in questioning the official narrative as regards the death of Dr. David Kelly.)
  • Document:The World Through the Prism of Europe  + (A retrospective on how Europe now views th
    A retrospective on how Europe now views the events of World war II and its aftermath by the wife of Ernst Zundel who has been relentlessly persecuted by the western Establishment for no reason other than stubbornly authoring and publishing research on WWII and The Holocaust.
    ishing research on WWII and The Holocaust.)
  • Document:Ariel Sharon - War is Peace  + (A review of how the western corporate media reported on the legacy of Ariel Sharon following his death in early January 2014, together with evidence of the unreported reality.)
  • File:Freedom Flotilla.doc  + (A review of media sources.)
  • Document:JFK - What We Know Now  + (A review of the JFK assassination evidence 47 years on, including comments on the [[Zapruder film]])
  • Document:Behind the 2011 Orgy of Destabilisations  + (A review of the book by [[David Ray Griffin]])
  • Document:Cognitive Infiltration  + (A review of the book by [[David Ray Griffin]])
  • Document:Full Spectrum Dominance  + (A review of the book by [[William Engdahl]].)
  • Document:The Jewish Question  + (A review of the historical tensions between the Jewish Diapora and its host nations up to the end of the nineteenth century)
  • Document:A Brief History of Forensic Examinations of Auschwitz  + (A review of the the series of forensic exa
    A review of the the series of forensic examinations of the Auschwitz concentration camp alleged gas chambers that began with The Leuchter report and ended with the imprisonment in Germany of this author for authoring a similar though more rigorous report that was published without his authority
    t that was published without his authority)
  • Merchant Venturers  + (A royally chartered group of 85 rich individuals, centered on Bristol, exercising great influence over financial institutions, big media and big oil.)
  • Document:Victoria Nuland's 'Ukraine-gate' Deceptions  + (A rundown of the for-public-consumption deceptions of Victoria Nuland in connection with her "Ukraine-Gate" telephone call gaff, details of which broke in early February 2014)
  • Document:War on Libya: Official Lies and Misconceptions  + (A rundown of the principal falsehood propagated by the official narrative on Libya)
  • Document:The Production of Evil  + (A russian Lawyer decodes the real meaning of ISIS)
  • Document:Washington's "Pivot" hits a Brick Wall  + (A scathing polemic on US support and promotion of the civil war in Ukraine)
  • Antony Sutton  + (A scholarly and controversial professor whose research has become increasingly influential as the Internet Age has gathered momentum after his death at the age of 77 in 2002.)
  • Dunblane school massacre  + (A school massacre by an acquaintance of [[George Robertson]], a Bilderberger and later [[Secretary General of NATO]] with a range of other connections.)
  • Stoneman Douglas High School shooting  + (A school shooting in Florida in 2018)
  • File:TheRudolfReport.pdf  + (A science-based forensic examination of the alleged homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz.)
  • Tyrone Hayes  + (A scientific whistleblower)