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  • James Klugmann  + (A leading UK Communist writer who became the official historian of the [[Communist Party of Great Britain]])
  • Hiram Johnson  + (A leading US "isolationist" politician.)
  • Dark Side of the Kremlin  + (A leak of 175GB of Russian documents)
  • Balkanleaks  + (A leak site for the Balkans.)
  • PirateLeaks  + (A leak site for the Czech Republic.)
  • Public Intelligence  + (A leak site which has provided a large number of apparently genuine documents about operations of the deep state, notably reports from the Bilderberg group.)
  • Document:December 2016 Papal Letter  + (A leaked "strictly confidential" set of twA leaked "strictly confidential" set of two letters: one from Pope Francis (in Italian & English) to Knights of Malta Cardinal Patron Raymond Burke, who has added his own covering letter addressed to Grand Master Festing. Pope Francis appears to demand that Freemasonry ("relativist" groups contrary to the Catholic faith) be rooted out of the Knights, and that those complicit (e.g., von Boeselager) in practices contrary to Church teaching be dealt with.ces contrary to Church teaching be dealt with.)
  • Document:20140610 Odendall's Email to Boeselager  + (A leaked email in which Marc Odendall exteA leaked email in which Marc Odendall extends firm but only covert support to Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager. In addition, he admits the 120 million Swiss franc trust is shady, saying "...a major fraud. I sense there is one..." but is looking for a hidden path to tap the money anyway.for a hidden path to tap the money anyway.)
  • Document:Lobkowicz Thoughts On Reform of The Knights Of Malta Constitution  + (A leaked letter written by Prince JohannesA leaked letter written by Prince Johannes Lobkowicz, head of the Knights' Grand Priory of Bohemia. He openly advocates minimising the future leadership role of the professed knights in religious vows, including making the Grand Master a ceremonial figurehead who takes orders from powerful members and their bureaucrats, while ensuring a continuing important official status for the nobility in the Order (including himself).nobility in the Order (including himself).)
  • Document:Caritas Pro Vitae Gradu Trust  + (A leaked memorandum by Marc Odendall on thA leaked memorandum by Marc Odendall on the mysterious 120 million Swiss franc trust that has been central to the Order of Malta's 2016/17 Constitutional crisis and power/money grab. Both the Knights of Malta and the Vatican have been working in the shadows to get their hands on shares of this money of "anonymous" (and highly suspect) origin.f "anonymous" (and highly suspect) origin.)
  • Document:2017 Report into Malteser International  + (A leaked official Knights of Malta report A leaked official Knights of Malta report by an independent commission of experts looking into questionable activities of the Knights' main German-based medical and emergency relief service operating worldwide under the name Malteser International. It shows conclusively that Malteser has consistently violated Catholic teaching, under the responsbility of Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager during his long tenure as Grand Hospitaller.ring his long tenure as Grand Hospitaller.)
  • Document:Suspension of Albrecht Boeselager  + (A leaked official decree of the Knights ofA leaked official decree of the Knights of Malta signed by Grand Master Festing. It was a "precautionary" suspension of von Boeselager caused by the latter's duplicity in various matters, including the Swiss trust, but primarily his complicity with and cover-up of Malteser International's practices contrary to Church teaching. The suspension was later annulled with the help of von Boeselager's Vatican cronies, and Festing was forced to resign by Pope Francis.ting was forced to resign by Pope Francis.)
  • Document:Beverfoerde Report  + (A leaked, explosive confidential report written by Baron von Beverfoerde to the Council of the German Association, based on his extensive interviews with Cardinal Patron Raymond Burke.)
  • File:Harold Pinter Nobel Prize address 2005.pdf  + (A lecture by the late on the occasion of hA lecture by the late on the occasion of his award of the 2005 Prize for literature. It is notable especially for its scathing indictment of the post-WWII foreign policy of the USA and its incessant interference involving both covert and overt military actions all over the world. Pinter's insights into the world of Deep Politics was acute.into the world of Deep Politics was acute.)
  • Saleh v. Bush  + (A legal claim that the Iraq war was an illegal act of aggression, dismissed in 2017 by the Westfall Act since it was carried out by US government employees within the scope of their employment.)
  • Saidit  + (A less corporate Reddit.)
  • Document:The Occult Technology of Power  + (A letter and lecture transcripts addressed to a mature son from his father. Their purpose is to prepare the son for his taking the reins of a financial business empire.)
  • Document:Why We Should Be Concerned About Christian Zionism  + (A letter from a Palestinian Christian to the news director and lead anchor of EWTN News)
  • Document:Limit CIA Role To Intelligence  + (A letter just after the assassination of JFK which was published once and then vanished down the [[memory hole]].)
  • Document:Alexander Dugin to the American people on Ukraine  + (A letter to 'The American people' from senior Russian academic and advisor to President Putin, Alexander Dugin about the Spring 2014 situation in Ukraine and Russia-western relations generally.)
  • Rockefeller Commission  + (A limited hangout to try to control revelations about the [[US deep state]]'s exploitation of the [[CIA]].)
  • Melissa Zimdars/List  + (A list of "fake news websites".)
  • Document:Russophobe Myths  + (A list of common Russophobe myths about Russia)
  • Bilderberg/Guests  + (A list of lists of Bilderberg participants and attendees)
  • File:Bush Exhibits List.pdf  + (A list of the evidence used in the CCR's indictment of George W Bush.)
 (A list of the known Cercle meetings)
  • Le Cercle/Meetings  + (A list of the known Cercle meetings.)
  • Document:How can you tell whether Russia has invaded Ukraine?  + (A list of the top tell-tale signs that will enable you to determine whether or not Western claims that "Russia has invaded Ukraine" are accurate.)
  • Le Cercle/2007 (Madrid)  + (A little known Cercle meeting)
  • AIPAC  + (A lobby which has somewhere between a lot of influence and "total control" over the US Government.)
  • Craig Spence  + (A lobbyist who ran a call-boy ring for purposes of [[sexual blackmail]], also implicated in the [[Franklin child prostitution ring]]. Died suddenly.)
  • Document:Saving Agent Snowden From His Handlers Greenwald & Omidyar  + (A long article on the Edward Sowden affairA long article on the Edward Sowden affair and the proposed 'alternative news' and whistleblowing-transparency initiative recently announced by Glenn Greenwald of Edward Snowden and Wikileaks revelations fame. It also contains plausible information about SIS involvement during the flight of Edward Snowden to Moscow via Hong Kong.of Edward Snowden to Moscow via Hong Kong.)
  • Eton College  + (A long established UK school, popular with the [[UK deep state]])
  • DynCorp  + (A long established [[private military contractor]]. Whistlevlowers have alleged that the group engages in child sex trafficking amongst other activities.)
  • CFR  + (A long established and relatively public organ of the US deep state.)
  • Atlantik-Brücke  + (A long established and relatively public organ of the US to control German politics.)
  • User:Robin  + (A long page, which focuses on how secret powers conspired in the 20th century (particularly after the [[JFK assassination]] to control the [[US presidency]]. It contains links to over a dozen key events which they have staged.)
  • Project Censored  + (A long running academic investigation into the control of the US corporate media.)
  • Operation Mongoose  + (A long term effort to remove [[Fidel Castro]] from power in [[Cuba]].)
  • Michael Chertoff  + (A long-standing US Republican Party apparatchik and dual US/Israeli citizen who has held senior US legal and national security positions.)
  • User:Robin  + (A look at how corporate media promote war propaganda and official narratives about false flag terror.)
  • The "Terrorism" Industry  + (A look at the ''reality'' of terrorism, and how the institutional forces shape it to their ends.)
  • File:Advance to Barbarism.pdf  + (A look at the allies' calculated bombing of civilian populations. Together with the Nuremberg trials, this suggests the age old maxim that "the most serious war crime is to be on the losing side.")
  • File:War On Syria.pdf  + (A look at the intricacies of the West's meA look at the intricacies of the West's methods of unconventional warfare over the last several years, finally miring Syria in a state of war. In spite of a strangely disjointed 'author's note' introduction, this is a solid account of early 21st century Western methods of covert/proxy warfare (with Syria as its main focus).xy warfare (with Syria as its main focus).)
  •  + (A lot of information from Peter Meyer on a range of topics (9/11 to Ganesh Baba the psychedelic swami) plus selected writings of other authors. For sale on a CD.)
  • 9-11/Cover-up  + (A lot of resources have been devoted to containing the truth about the events of September 11th, 2001. However, while it has been more or less kept from television screens, awareness about 9-11 is growing worldwide.)
  • Spartacus Educational  + (A lot of useful material on intelligence agencies and biographies of shady characters. Since 2014 there has been a forum.)
  • Madison Hotel  + (A luxury hotel which hosts the (probably) annual USA meeting of [[Le Cercle]].)
  • Alchetron  + (A machine generated encyclopedia)
  • Companycheck  + (A machine generated website to present company information)
  • The Heritage Foundation  + (A major "right wing think tank", started by a set of visitors to [[Le Cercle]])