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  • Document:Why there is no Russian military intervention in Ukraine  + (A geo-political analysis of the developingA geo-political analysis of the developing situation in Ukraine from the perspective of a Russian National who understands the conflicting nature of the tripartite global power block interests (US-Europe-Russia) that will ultimately decide Ukraine's futureat will ultimately decide Ukraine's future)
  • EWTN News  + (A global TV broadcasting and proselitysing organisation of the Catholic Church)
  • Russia Today  + (A global TV channel backed by the Russian government)
  • Sierra Leone  + (A global [[cocaine]] trafficking hub in West Africa)
  • BAE Systems  + (A global arms company, with interests also in civilian avionics and engineering. Its subsidiaries are also involved in providing intelligence, personnel and logistics support to US/UK military.)
  • Document:The Next Crisis – Part one  + (A global crisis of capitalism and governance began to manifest seriously in 2007-8. It is far from over)
  • Document:The Elite the Great Game and World War III  + (A global economic system erected on inhuman and predatory values, where a few possess more wealth than the billions of hungry put together, will end, but the end will be painful and bloody)
  • User:Robin  + (A good explanation of how US shallow politics is secretly manipulated from behind the scenes, and what the USDS is currently up to.)
  • Document:Invasions of the Mind Snatchers  + (A good introduction to the current templatA good introduction to the current template and modus-operandi of US/NATO-sponsored "Regime-change" operations which began with the destruction of Yugoslavia and have been repeated in at least a dozen countries in so-called "colour revolutions" and the "Arab Spring" in the decade or so sincehe "Arab Spring" in the decade or so since)
  • Document:Who was the Maidan sniper mastermind?  + (A good overall introduction to the false-flag nature of the Kiev Maidan sniper events in February 2014 that triggered the flight of President Yanukovitch and the installation of the 22 February coup Junta)
  • User:Robin  + (A good start for understanding this group which appears to be a [[UK Deep state]] effort to promote Russophobia and attempting to kick of a [[New Cold War]].)
  • Giannos Kranidiotis  + (A greek diplomat and politician who was killed together with his son in a "freak accident" 3 months after attending a Bilderberg meeting.)
  • John Pesmazoglou  + (A greek economist, member of the Bilderberg Steering committee who was repeatedly denied a passport by the Greek government.)
  • Global Commission on Drug Policy  + (A group critical of the "[[war on drugs]]", which "advocates decriminalizing [[drug]] use by those who do no harm to others.")
  • Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies  + (A group directed by [[Jelena Milić]] (of the [[Integrity Initiative]]))
  • 9-11/Israel did it/Dancing Israelis  + (A group of 5 Israelis, including Mossad agents, who were "documenting" the 9-11 event under cover of [[Urban Moving Systems]]. Arrested on the day after suspicious behaviour.)
  • Cornerstone Group  + (A group of Conservative MPs.)
  • Working Group on Syria Propaganda and Media  + (A group of UK academics that [[Piers Robinson]] convened due to a shared interest in [[Propaganda]] surrounding [[Syria]])
  • Team B  + (A group of hawks to talk up the Soviet threat.)
  • Sam Adams Associates  + (A group of retired [[CIA]] officers who give an annual award to an intelligence professional who has taken a stand for integrity and ethics)
  • Birmingham Six  + (A group of six Irishmen sentenced in 1975 A group of six Irishmen sentenced in 1975 to life imprisonment for carrying out the [[Birmingham pub bombings]] who were freed 16 years later and had their convictions quashed after it emerged that police had forged incriminating evidence and suppressed exonerating evidence.dence and suppressed exonerating evidence.)
  • US/Senate/Watergate Committee  + (A group officially intended to investigate wrongdoing in connection to [[Watergate]].)
  • House October Surprise Task Force  + (A group tasked with creating an official narrative to explain away evidence of the October Surprise conspiracy.)
  • Hammarskjöld Commission  + (A group to report whether there was evidence enough to justify a reopening of the UN inquiry into the death of Dag Hammarskjöld. Their September 2013 verdict: '''Yes''')
  • Council for Democracy and Tolerance  + (A group which collaborated on the 2007 [[Collapse of Europe conference]].)
 (A group which collaborated on the 2007 [[Collapse of Europe conference]])
  • File:Understanding 911 and 911 wars.pdf  + (A guide to understanding the events of 9-11 and the resulting wars for which it became the casus belli)
  • Jimi Hendrix  + (A guitarist and singer who died of a [[drug overdose]].)
  • Aaron Swartz  + (A hacker who died a suspicious death after using his talents to promote freedom of information)
  • File:Hasbara Handbook.pdf  + (A handbook for students on how to promote Israel in Universities)
  • Richard Chang  + (A happy married financier with Abbey National who fell to his death)
  • File:Britain's Israeli Lobby.pdf  + (A hard look at the influence of Israel in the politics of the UK)
  • Document:Checkbook Journalism & Leaking to the Highest Bidders  + (A hard-hitting article on the Edward Snowden affair. Its author speaks with considerable authority on matters concerning intel/security whistle-blowing matters in the USA)
  • Document:Dishonesty and the Science-Policy Interface  + (A hard-hitting indictment of Western ScienA hard-hitting indictment of Western Scientific Establishments in glossing over the issue of nuclear safety, and attacking those, such as Busby, who are independently researching the effects of ionising radiation on human health. Powerful interests clearly feel threatened by Dr Busby's work and are seeking to suborn the scientific process to their own ends whatever the catastrophic effects on human health of disasters such as health of disasters such as Fukushima.)
  • File:Bloody Vengeance in Sirte.pdf  + (A harrowing report on the final days of [[Muammar Gaddafi]]A harrowing report on the final days of [[Muammar Gaddafi]], notable less for its background analysis of the 2011 [[NATO]] sponsored [[Libyan conflict]], or its recommendations which are standard fare but pointedly fail to even mention Foreign/NATO culpability which is assumed to have been legitimate, but rather for an authoritative account of just one small instance of the raw barbarity which NATO played such a major part in enabling - under the banner of '[[Humanitarian Intervention]]'.[[Humanitarian Intervention]]'.)
  • Committee for the Liberation of Iraq  + (A hawkish lobby group)
  • Maurice Oldfield  + (A head of MI6)
  • WhoWhatWhy  + (A healthily establishment sceptic user submitted news site, started by [[Russ Baker]].)
  • 1994 Scotland RAF Chinook crash  + (A helicopter crash incident which killed all on board, including almost all the UK's senior Northern Ireland intelligence experts.)
  • AE911 Truth  + (A high profile 9/11 truth group, including over 2300 qualified architects and engineers)
  • Jill Dando  + (A high profile BBC TV presenter shot dead in front of her house.)
  • Thomas Pickering  + (A highly connected insider.)
  • Congress for Cultural Freedom  + (A highly funded ant-Soviet propaganda project.)
  • Amazon  + (A highly popular online retailer.)
  • Percy Sillitoe  + (A highly reputed policeman who was brought in as an outsider to regularise MI5.)
  • Diana Spencer/Premature death  + (A highly suspicious event.)
  • Oklahoma City bombing  + (A highly suspicious terrorist bombing that was initially blamed on "Muslims", then on [[lone nuts]] [[Timothy McVeigh]] and [[Terry Nichols]]. Many questions remain answered about the [[official narrative]].)
  • Ilya Mamantov  + (A highly suspicious translator of [[Marina Oswald]]'s testimony.)
  • TWA Flight 847  + (A hijacking by two men who sought the release of 700 Shi'ite Muslims from [[Israel]]i custody.)
  • Document:The IMF Bank Job  + (A hilarious piece of satire - but closer to the truth about who calls the shots on events surrounding the Ukraine coup and what it really about, than any or all of the western MSM talking-heads combined.)
  • John Simkin  + (A historian and researcher into [[deep politics]] who started the [[Spartacus Educational]] website)