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  • File:Gladiodocs.pdf  + (A collection of documents relating to Operation Gladio compiled with an introduction (below) by Tom Secker)
  • Document:The Libyan War, American Power and the Decline of the Petrodollar System  + (A collection of insights that provide a more realistic explanation of the deep political background to the attacks on Libya.)
  • UK/Parliament/Lies to  + (A collection of lies to UK parliament.)
  • Joe Vialls' website  + (A collection of no holds barred investigations, particularly into false flag "terrorism" from about 1995-2005.)
  • File:Babardocs.pdf  + (A collection of over 100 pages of unsealed court documents, with an introduction by [[Tom Secker]])
  • Biased BBC  + (A community of readers who analyse the [[BBC]]'s [[BBC/Bias|bias]].)
  • Bio-One Solutions LLC  + (A company that cleaned up sites targeted in the Amerithrax event.)
  • Document:Malala and Nabila - Worlds Apart  + (A comparison of the treatments by Western Establishments of two young Pakistani women caught up in the 'War on Terror'; One of them treated as a hero, the other ignored.)
  • Op JB  + (A compelling first-person narrative account of how a young spook played a key role in "Operation James Bond" - which allowed Martin Bormann to escape from Berlin at the end of WWII.)
  • Document:DR Congo - The Heart of Western Darkness  + (A compelling introduction to the loyal and murderous US-Western allied Regimes of DR Congo, Uganda and Rwanda and the genocidal exploitation of African resources by the West.)
  • Document:UK Intelligence And Security Report, 2003  + (A compendious summary of the UK Intelligence And Security agencies, including people, events and places.)
  • File:Srebrenica 1995-2015-Just the facts.pdf  + (A compendium of facts about the so-called 'Srebrenica genocide' published to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the events the term purposts to describe)
  • Bilderberg/Guests/List  + (A complete list of Bilderbergers, including the select few (about 1½%) who are known to have also attended [[Le Cercle]])
  • "Counter-terrorism"  + (A component of the military-industrial-terrorism-congressional complex which has seen a dramatic growth since 9-11.)
  • Document:State repression in France only makes the Resistance grow stronger  + (A comprehensive explanation of what is behind the brewing grass-roots rebellion in France in early 2014)
  • Document:Wagging the Moondoggie  + (A comprehensive rebuttal of the claim that man has ever set foot on the Moon)
  • Document:Syria Turkey Israel and a Greater Middle East Energy War  + (A comprehensive report on the struggle to
    A comprehensive report on the struggle to control Middle East oil and gas, exposing the plans behind Western/Israeli diplomatic and military activity towards Syria & Iran. The current state of affairs accords very closely with a publication of the [[Brookings Institution]]'s "Saban Centre for Middle East Studies" - the PDF of which was removed from the Brookings web site in early October.
    from the Brookings web site in early October.)
  • Document:Impact and Future of Holocaust Revisionism  + (A comprehensive review of research into the [[Official Narrative]] of [[Wikispooks:Definitions|"The Holocaust"]] and the legislation, court cases and other events that publication of this research precipitated, between about 1970 and 2005.)
  • File:The Controversy of Zion.pdf  + (A comprehensive survey of Judaic history from its origins to its 'revolutionary Zionism' manifestations in the tragedies of the late 19th and 20th centuries)
  • Dodgy Dossier  + (A concoction of lies which successfully eased the UK public's reluctance to enter the Iraq War - notwithstanding its exposure as lied by [[David Kelly]].)
  • James Ling  + (A connected businessman who benefitted financially from the [[assassination of JFK]].)
  • Michael Drury  + (A connected lawyer)
  • Roger Kimball  + (A conservative U.S. art critic and social commentator)
  • Edmund Burke Foundation  + (A conservative think tank based in the Netherlands.)
  • Abdullah Çatlı  + (A contract killer and figure in the Turkish underworld, who was killed in the 1996 [[Susurluk car crash]].)
  • Ewen Cameron  + (A controversial psychiatrist who worked on the MKULTRA project)
  • Joris Demmink  + (A controversial retired Dutch Justice Department official from the Netherlands.)
  • Janet Reno  + (A controversial tenure as US Attorney General)
  • John Calhoun  + (A convinced advocate of slavery.)
  • Document:White Slaughter in Black Africa  + (A convincing demolition of the official narrative of the 1994 Rwanda genocide)
  • Document:Guilt by Association  + (A copiously referenced account of the extent to which Zionist Israeli interests have taken effective control of the US state, their methodology and their responsibility for taking America to war in Iraq in 2003)
  • Document:The Danger and Challenge of Jewish-Zionist Power  + (A copiously referenced presentation about the massively disproportionate influence of Judaism in general and Zionism in particular, on the culture and politics of the USA.)
  • Frederick Heinze  + (A copper baron bankrupted by the money trust)
  • Newsweek  + (A corporate controlled publication)
  • William Haynes II  + (A counsel of the [[US Defence Department]])
  • Coup d'état  + (A coup d'état, also known as a coup, a put
    A coup d'état, also known as a coup, a putsch, or an overthrow, is the sudden deposition of a government, usually by a small group within the existing state establishment — often the military or secret services — to depose the extant government and replace it with another body, civil or military.
    e it with another body, civil or military.)
  • Document:Usaia to attack Russia in 2015  + (A coup d´état under the guise of an ''‘Colour Revolution’'' is being prepared in Russia. The big picture and the details are given by Evgeny Fedorov, a deputy in the Russian parliament, and coordinator of the People’s Liberation Movement.)
  • Amy Baker Benjamin  + (A courageous and insightful commentator on the facade of rule by international law in the 21<sup>st</sup> century.)
  • Watergate/White House Plumbers  + (A covert action group which intended to get caught, and attract odium to Richard Nixon)
  • Information Research Department  + (A covert anti-communist propaganda unit)
  • Bureau of Narcotics Covert Intelligence Network  + (A covert assassination squad used to hide
    A covert assassination squad used to hide CIA activities from scrutiny.[[Category:All articles with unsourced statements]][[Category:Articles with unsourced statements ]][[[Template:Citation needed|citation needed]]]
    able sources">citation needed</span>]]</i>]</sup>)
  • Bernard Kerik  + (A criminal sidekick whom [[Rudy Giuliani]] appointed to [[New York City Police Commissioner]] and suggested for [[United States Secretary of Homeland Security‎]].)
  • Georgios Papandreou  + (A critic of [[NATO]])
  • Boris Nemtsov  + (A critic of the Russian government under Vladimir Putin)
  • Cryptome/Principled Leaks, Deep State Agency - or a bit of both?  + (A critical discussion about John Young and Cryptome, stemming from discussions between a Wikispooks editor and Trowbridge H Ford.)
  • Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower  + (A critical examination of United States foreign policy during and following the Cold War)
  • Nineteen Eighty-Four  + (A critically acclaimed and some have said all too prophetic warning about totalitarian government.)
  • The Power of Unreason  + (A critique and deconstruction of an 'Offic
    A critique and deconstruction of an 'Official Narrative'-type paper on 'Conspiracy Theory' from the 'think-tank' publisher Demos. It includes an exchange of correspondence between its authors and a Wikispooks editor which is continued on the discussion page.
    which is continued on the discussion page.)
  • File:Reality Denial.pdf  + (A critique of Steven Pinker's apologetics for Western Imperial violence in his much acclaimed 2011 book ''The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined'')
  • Document:The Pentagon’s “2015 Strategy” For Ruling the World  + (A critique of the 2015 US National military strategy document)
  • Document:In Defence of the Indefensible  + (A critique of the [[Scott Report]] on the illegal export of military equipment to Iraq through the 1980's)