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  • Occupy Central  + (A [[civil disobedience]] movement which first manifested on the streets of Hong Kong's financial district on September 28, 2014)
  • Carlos Vignali  + (A [[cocaine]] trafficker given an exceptional pardon by [[Bill Clinton]].)
  • Alfred Milner  + (A [[deep politician]] of singular importance.)
  • William Harvey  + (A [[deep state actor]] who was involved in the [[JFK assassination]].)
  • Edward Cutolo  + (A [[drug smuggler]] who named a lot of names about the [[CIA's drug trafficking]], and who then died a sudden death, as did many of those he named.)
  • Zapata Petroleum  + (A [[front]] company started by George Bush Sr and some spooky [[CIA]] friends)
  • Bob Marley  + (A [[musician]] who died of [[cancer]] aged 36.)
  • Occupy movement  + (A [[non-violent]], [[decentralised]] movement which provoked a violent reaction from the [[authorities]]. A mass awakening for millions of youngsters.)
  • Colgan Air Flight 3407  + (A [[plane crash]] which killed a prominent [[9-11 truther]], [[Beverly Eckert]])
  • John Cuckney  + (A [[spook]]y establishment figure connected to [[arms deals]] and probably more)
  • Susan Lindauer  + (A back channel to Saddam Hussein who had more integrity than her CIA handlers bargained for. Charged under the [[Patriot Act]].)
  • Banco Ambrosiano  + (A bank connected to [[P2]], no doubt used for various illicit purposes.)
  • Riggs Bank  + (A bank used for various illicit purposes.)
  • Brad Birkenfeld  + (A banker who exposed massive tax fraud at UBS, and after 2½ years in jail was eventually paid $104M for his pains.)
  • Rudolf Elmer  + (A banking whistleblower.)
  • James Herbert  + (A best selling horror writer who died suddenly, 6 months after remarking that "I wanted to have another knock at the [[Establishment]]".)
  • Cambridge Analytica  + (A big data mining company)
  • Crunchbase  + (A big data site with a company focus)
  • Trilateral Commission  + (A big money think tank with members drawn from US, Japan and Europe)
  • Nicholas Sand  + (A big time producer of psychedelic drugs, in particular [[LSD]])
  • William Avery Rockefeller Sr.  + (A bigamist and travelling salesman of elixirs. Patriarch of the Rockefeller family)
  • Bruce Ivins  + (A biodefense researcher at Fort Detrick, MA biodefense researcher at Fort Detrick, Maryland who, the FBI concluded, sent anthrax letters with crude anti-Zionist messages to the US politicians who were holding up the rollback of [[civil liberties]] in the wake of 9/11. After an investigation costing around $100,000,000 Ivins was declared to be a "lone nut" responsible for the crime shortly after he was found dead.the crime shortly after he was found dead.)
  • Document:The execution of James Connolly  + (A biopic of James Connolly and his 12 May 1916 execution by firing squad whilst strapped to a chair on account of a shattered ankle and chest wounds sustained during the [[1916 Easter rising]])
  • Document:The Russian appeal to Germany  + (A biting satirical appeal to the citizens of a supine occupied Germany being maneuvered for the third time in 100 years into war with Russia - will they ever learn?)
  • Homan Square  + (A black site that even after its exposure in February 2015 continued to be used by Chicago police for a range of off-the-books activities.)
 (A blog)
  • Kevin Annett/Website  + (A blog.)
  • Medium  + (A blogging platform)
  • 1993 World Trade Center bombing  + (A bomb attack on the World Trade Center which several authors have suggested was not a surprise to the FBI. A confidential CIA internal survey reportedly concluded that it was "partly culpable".)
  • Oktoberfest Bombing  + (A bomb in Munich attributed to a "lone nut" neo-nazi, [[Gundolf Köhler]].)
  • La Belle discotheque bombing  + (A bombing in West Berlin, blamed by the US on [[Libya]].)
  • File:Rogue Agents (4th edition, 2015, full).pdf  + (A book about the activities of the covert European groupings responsible for the realisation of the European Union between the end of World War II and the mid 1990's)
  • File:Rogue Agents (3rd edition, 2011, full).pdf  + (A book about the activities of the covert European groupings responsible for the realisation of the European Union between the end of World War II and the mid 1990's.)
  • File:Rogue Agents - the Cercle and the 6I in the Private Cold War 1951 - 1991 by David Teacher (5th edn, 2017).pdf  + (A book about the activities of the covert European groupings responsible for the realisation of the European Union between the end of World War II and the mid 1990's.)
  • File:Stolen Identity.pdf  + (A book by Buchenwald survivor Nikolaus GrüA book by Buchenwald survivor Nikolaus Grüner (A-7713): "... to expose "Elie Wiesel" who took my friend Lazar Wiesel's tattooed Number from Auschwitz A-7713, without being registered in Auschwitz. This spineless profiteer turned the graves of Auschwitz Birkenau - into an industry and himself into an "impostor" of the worst kind."elf into an "impostor" of the worst kind.")
  • Document:Psychological Warfare for the West: Interdoc and Youth Politics in the 1960s  + (A book chapter covering [[Interdoc]]'s activities in the international student/youth field during the 1960s.)
  • CIA/Directorate of Plans  + (A branch of the CIA for just over 20 years.)
  • Document:Terrorism as Seen From Washington  + (A brief expose of the US Annual Report on Terrorism in the world as the propaganda.)
  • Document:Israel simply has no right to exist  + (A brief historical overview of Israel's clA brief historical overview of Israel's claimed and much vaunted "''right to exist''" as a "Jewish State". The article demonstrates that the validity of the claim rest upon a single Biblical Old Testament source and nothing else. So far as the UN and international law are concerned, the claim would not stand scrutiny and adjudication by a truly impartial court of qualified law practitioners and judges.of qualified law practitioners and judges.)
  • Document:The Road to Hell: A Brief History of Modern Syria  + (A brief history of modern Syria from the Sykes-Picot accord of 1916 to the present day)
  • User:Robin  + (A brief introduction of this piece of Orwellian language.)
  • Document:The Monstrous Winston Churchill  + (A brief introduction to Judaic influence on the career of Winston Churchill)
  • Document:Eisenhower's Holocaust  + (A brief introduction to the treatment of German military prisoners by the allied authorities in the 18-24 month period AFTER the German unconditional surrender in May 1945.)
  • User:Robin  + (A brief overview of this deep event which dropped off corporate media radar.)
  • User:Robin  + (A brief page, but one which lists a lot of key events. If you haven't got an overview of these events, and how they fit together, you may wish to look into them...)
  • Document:Maggie's Guilty Secret  + (A brief resume of the "Arms to Iraq affairA brief resume of the "Arms to Iraq affair" by a former colonel on NATO's international political staff in Brussels. It revisits the abortive rescue of US diplomatic staff held hostage by Iran under [[President Carter]], paving the way for the UK to supply arms to both sides in the soon-to-follow Iran-Iraq war in covert defiance of UN sanctions. The affair remains one of ultra-sensitivity to the UK Establishment which has been engaged in a monumental cover-up ever since.gaged in a monumental cover-up ever since.)
  • Document:The Expulsion of the Germans  + (A brief resume of the circumstances surrouA brief resume of the circumstances surrounding the expulsion of 15 million ethnic Germans from their homes in the Czech Sudetanland and areas East of the Oder and Neise rivers between 1944 and 1948, in which over 2 million died horribly. It is just one of many outrages committed by the victorious WWII allies against an innocent and defenceless, ethnically German, civilian population and remains the biggest 'ethnic cleansing' crime in history - but shhhh, mustn't talk about ithistory - but shhhh, mustn't talk about it)
  • Document:The 7 years of lies about Assange won’t stop now  + (A brief resume of the lies and deceptions promoted by [[The Establishment]] about [[Julian Assange]] during his asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy.)
  • Document:America, Roosevelt and the causes of the war  + (A brief review of Anglo-US financial system history and the causes of World War II)
  • Document:David Cameron in the Knesset. March 2014  + (A brief run down on the espionage involvement of Israeli firms active in the UK and US on the occasion of the visit of UK PM David Cameron to Israel on 12 March 2014)
  • Document:Project Monarch  + (A brief, authoritative introduction to Project Monarch)