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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "A UK spy who passed a lot of documents to the USSR". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • John Adrian O'Hare  + (A Super Secret "Dark Warrior" who was a Special Operator, CIA Contractor and Businessman.)
  • Jacob Applebaum  + (A Tor developer.)
  • Stephen Milligan  + (A Tory MP and Parliamentary Private Secretary to [[Jonathan Aitken]]. Died a bizarre death, purportedly by [[suffocation]].)
  • Ahmet Şık  + (A Turkish investigator into Ergenikon who was arrested for involvement in the group after writing a book about the [[Gülen movement]].)
  • Hugh Gaitskell  + (A UK Labour politician who reportedly died of a rare illness in hospital.)
  • Chris Williamson  + (A UK MP who in late 2018 helped expose the [[Institute for Statecraft]]. Suspended for "[[antisemitism]]" in February 2019)
  • SBS  + (A UK Special Forces Unit)
  • Merlyn Rees  + (A UK [[home secretary]] who spoke at the 1979 [[Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism]].)
  • James Gow  + (A UK academic on a list of emails from the [[Integrity Initiative]].)
  • Victor Madeira  + (A UK academic who has focused on Russian espionage. A member of the [[IfS]] and the [[II]].)
  • Craig Murray  + (A UK ambassador to Uzbekistan who stood up and did the right thing when confronted with evidence of [[torture]]. Smeared and dismissed by the [[UK deep state]], he continues his activism exposing [[Establishment]] lies and hypocrisy.)
  • 15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group  + (A UK army psyop group.)
  • Michael Mansfield  + (A UK barrister of note)
  • Clive Ponting  + (A UK civil servant who blew the whistle on the [[Belgrano affair]])
  • Dave Springhall  + (A UK communist activist)
  • Carne Ross  + (A UK diplomat turned dissident. In a 2010 piece the UK ''[[Observer]]'' he charged the [[UK/Deep state|UK 'deep state']] with hiding evidence from the [[Chilcot inquiry]].)
  • William Sargant  + (A UK equivalent of Dr. [[Ewen Cameron]], who used insulin comas and ECT to destroy the minds of his subjects to save them.)
  • 2008 Counter-Terrorism advertising campaign  + (A UK government program to ramp up [[fear]] of "[[terrorism]]" that was banned after public complaints.)
  • Michael Gillard  + (A UK journalist focused on exposing corruption)
  • Astutus Intelligence  + (A UK limited company dissolved in 2019.)
  • Ian Henderson  + (A UK official who was widely accused of torture)
  • MI7  + (A UK organisation set up during [[WWI]] to manage [[censorship]] and [[propaganda]].)
  • Labour Party  + (A UK political party which appears to have a leader independent of the [[deep state|establishment]])
  • Robin Cook  + (A UK politician who on the day after [[7/7]] described [[Al-Qaida]] as a product of Western intelligence and insisted that the "[[war on terror]]" could not be won by military means.)
  • Alistair Crooke  + (A UK spook who has gone on the record stating that "The West does not actually hand the weapons to [[al-Qaida]], let alone to ISIS... , but the system they’ve constructed leads precisely to that end.")
 (A UK spy who passed a lot of documents to the USSR)
  • George Blake  + (A UK spy who passed a lot of documents to the USSR.)
  • File:Inside-the-wire-reference-guide.pdf  + (A US Army pocket reference guide given to A US Army pocket reference guide given to all US military personnel serving in Afghanistan from February 2012. It provides advice on how to prevent so-called 'green-on-blue' attacks, where Afghan security forces turn their weapons on the coalition soldiers who have trained them. coalition soldiers who have trained them.)
  • Darrell MacIntyre  + (A US Lawyer found dead in suspicious circumstances after he had been working on the "Iran-Contra" case.)
  • Desmond FitzGerald  + (A US Spook and [[Georgetown Set]] member who died of a "[[heart attack]]")
  • Patrice Lumumba/Assassination  + (A US [[Deep state]] backed assassination, ordered by [[Allen Dulles]], which was followed by decades of bloody violence.)
  • Frank Olson  + (A US bioweapons researcher who fell to his death after having been unwittingly given [[LSD]] under the umbrella of [[MKNAOMI]] and [[MKULTRA]].)
  • Aubrey McClendon  + (A US businessman who died in suspicious circumstances.)
  • Larry McDonald  + (A US congressman who placed legislative pressure on the [[CFR]]. Died in [[Korean Air Lines Flight 007]].)
  • Nick Begich  + (A US congressman whose small plane disappeared without trace in Alaska, together with [[Hale Boggs]] and two other men.)
  • Bohemian Grove  + (A US deep state milieu in Northern California)
  • Al Martin  + (A US deep state operative who wrote a memoir about "[[Iran Contra]]".)
  • G. McMurtrie Godley  + (A US diplomat)
  • Walter Page  + (A US diplomat who received money from Woodrow Wilson's banker, [[Cleveland Dodge]].)
  • Dean Lorich  + (A US doctor)
  • Counterpunch  + (A US focused biweekly political magazine.)
  • Smedley Butler  + (A US general who exposed the coup that financiers had planned for USA.)
  • Ben Swann  + (A US information activist with a background in corporate media)
  • Walter Lippmann  + (A US journalism who coined the phrase "[[Cold War]]".)
  • Sheila Abdus-Salaam  + (A US judge)
  • Mail Isolation Control and Tracking  + (A US mail program to photograph of the exterior of every piece of mail that is processed in the United States.)
  • Guantanamo Bay detention camp  + (A US military base now used primarily as a torture camp due to its obscure legal jurisdiction. After campaigning in 2009 on promises to shut it down within a year, in 2014 Barack Obama announced plans to expand it.)
  • Fletcher Prouty  + (A US military establishment insider who fingered [[Edward Lansdale]] as the orchestrator of the JFK assassination.)
  • Richard Levernier  + (A US nuclear power security whistleblower)
  • Michael Connell  + (A US political consultant who died in a [[plane crash]])
  • H. John Heinz III  + (A US politician and [[Bilderberger]] who died in a small [[plane crash]].)