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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "A Moroccan spook who died in suspicious circumstances". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Julian Faux  + (A Deputy Director General of MI5, currently with no Wikipedia page.)
  • France  + (A European nation.)
  • Kari Kairamo  + (A Finnish businessman who reportedly hung himself, something his company, [[Nokia]] initially lied about.)
  • Tuomo Pietiläinen  + (A Finnish journalist who has been subject to police raids after his exposure of corruption.)
  • Document:MH-17 Mystery: A New Tonkin Gulf Case?  + (A First anniversary retrospective drawing a compelling parallel with the 'Gulf of Tonkin incident' which became the casus belli for the Vietnam war.)
  • Antoine Pinay  + (A French deep politician, eponymous head of the [[Pinay Cercle]])
  • Helric Fredoun  + (A French policeman who reportedly shot himself just after the [[Charlie Hebdo]] attacks.)
  • Jean Souètre  + (A French spook involved in the [[JFK assassination]])
  • Germar Rudolf  + (A German chemist turned revisionist historian.)
  • Jürgen Warnke  + (A German lawyer and politician who attended [[Le Cercle]].)
  • Zach Vorhies  + (A Google whistleblower who took a moral stance against the mendacity of Google's political bias and covert social agenda of shaping public opinion. In 2019, he publicly released a cache of internal documents through Project Veritas.)
  • Chabad Lubavitch  + (A Hasidic movement of Orthodox Judaism)
  • Buddy Walthers  + (A JFK assassination related death)
  • James DiEugenio  + (A JFK assassination researcher)
  • Gary Aguilar  + (A JFK assassination researcher)
  • WW2/Attack on Pearl Harbor  + (A Japanese attack on the United States on December 7th 1941, which launched the U.S. into WW2. Many documents related to the attack that would tell the full story remain classified.)
  • Ed Asner  + (A Jewish American actor, 9-11 activist, voice actor and a former president of the Screen Actors Guild)
  • Albert Hakim  + (A Key figure in [[Iran-Contra]].)
  • Greville Janner  + (A Labour politician who was widely allegedA Labour politician who was widely alleged to have abused children, but whose "trial of the facts" was dropped after his death. Former president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews; former vice president of the World Jewish Congress; relentless promoter of the official narrative of "The Holocaust" the official narrative of "The Holocaust")
  • Stanley Hilton  + (A Lawyer who brought a class action lawsuit against the 9/11 perpetrators in 2002. The case was dismissed in 2004 after the US Justice system ruled that the US government had "[[Sovereign immunity]]".)
  • Al Akhbar English  + (A Lebanese-based daily newspaper)
  • Forum World Features  + (A London based CIA propaganda operation which operated as a professional news service from 1965 to 1975.)
  • British Satellite Broadcasting  + (A London based satellite television company)
  • One World Action  + (A London-based charity, headed by Labour MEP Glenys Kinnock from 1989 until its closure in 2011, which provided development aid for overseas projects focusing on alleviating poverty and oppression, and on safeguarding people's human rights.)
  • File:Ghouta-Bad-Intelligence.pdf  + (A Massachusetts Institute of Technology report that demolishes claims by the US, UK and French governments that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its own civilian population in the Ghouta area of Damascus on 21 August 2013)
  • Ahmed Dlimi  + (A Moroccan spook who died in suspicious circumstances)
  • Gerhard Mertins  + (A Nazi who fought for Germany in WW2. After being spotted by US intelligence as a neo-nazi, his business empire flourished as he went into arms dealing with the support of the Western intelligence agencies.)
  • Ulson Gunnar  + (A New York-based geopolitical analyst and writer)
  • Ola Tunander  + (A Norwegian Academic and author of a lot of material relating to the Deep State.)
  • Sabre International Security  + (A PMC which profited big in Iraq from the war and then vanished when the going was not good.)
  • Joseph Recarey  + (A Palm Beach detective who pursued Jeffrey Epstein. Died, aged 50, "after a brief illness.")
  • File:The Use of Terrorism to Construct World Order.pdf  + (A Paper presented at the Fifth Pan-European International Relations Conference (Panel 28 Geopolitics) Netherlands Congress Centre, The Hague.)
  • Rupert Sheldrake  + (A Ph.D Biologist)
  • Suzanne Jovin  + (A Ph.D student who was researching [[Ossama Bin Laden]] before [[9-11]].)
  • Alexandre Ribeiro da Cunha  + (A Portuguese diplomat who went to a meeting of Le Cercle in US in December 1973.)
  • Frank Carlucci  + (A Princeton roommate of his fellow US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.)
  • Document:Waging the Battle for Reality  + (A Propagandist’s Journey in Search of his so-called Conspiracist Underground.)
  • Document:That's Outrageous  + (A Readers Digest contributor is outraged, OUTRAGED I say, that a web site like Cryptome should be 'allowed to exist'. He does not intend humour at all, he is deadly serious - which is precisely what makes the piece so funny.)
  • John Allen  + (A Retired US Marine Corps 4 star General)
  • Boris Berezovsky  + (A Russian billionaire oligarch who fell out with Vladimir Putin. Found dead in 2013 - the corner returned an open verdict.)
  • Artyom Borovik  + (A Russian journalist who was interested in the Russian apartment bombings.)
  • Sputnik News  + (A Russian news outlet that has been criticised as disinformation by Western commentators such as the [[Institute of Statecraft]] and the ''[[New York Times]]''.)
  • Document:The Anglo-American Axis: Losing Ukraine, Losing Europe  + (A Russian perspective on dealing with the Anglo-American globalisation thrust in general and the unrest in Ukraine in particular)
  • Abdel Mohsen Bin Walid Bin Abdulaziz  + (A Saudi prince stopped in 2015 with 2 tons of amphetamines aboard his private jet.)
  • Jakes Gerwel  + (A South African academic who brokered the deal for two Lockerbie bombing suspects to be extradited from Libya to stand trial in Holland)
  • Lourens Horn  + (A South African mercenary)
  • Connie Mulder  + (A South African politician brought down by [[Muldergate]].)
  • John Wiley  + (A South African politician whose death would later lead to [[VIPaedophile]] allegations.)
  • 2004 Madrid train bombings  + (A Spanish equivalent of [[7/7]], targetting civilians and blamed on [[Al Qaeda]])
  • Pedro Baños  + (A Spanish soldier and academic scheduled to become [[Director of the Spanish Department of Homeland Security]] but who was passed over after influence was applied by the [[Integrity Initiative]].)
  • John Adrian O'Hare  + (A Super Secret "Dark Warrior" who was a Special Operator, CIA Contractor and Businessman.)