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  • Deep politics  + ([[Peter Dale Scott]] coined the phrase "de
    [[Peter Dale Scott]] coined the phrase "deep politics" to describe the hidden events and motivations which underlie the small proportion of political matters that become public knowledge. The affairs of the [[deep state]], some understanding of which is essential to begin to grasp the significance of [[deep events]].
    grasp the significance of [[deep events]].)
  • 1976  + ([[Peter Dale Scott]] names 1976 as a parti
    [[Peter Dale Scott]] names 1976 as a particularly crucial year for the [[US deep state]], as under increasing pressure and investigation from democratic forces inside the USA, they regrouped from the [[CIA]] into a more flexible structure centered on the [[Safari Club]]. This laid the groundwork for the [[supranational deep state]].
    work for the [[supranational deep state]].)
  • Document:The great con that ruined Britain  + ([[Peter Hitchens]], the repentant [[Margar
    [[Peter Hitchens]], the repentant [[Margaret Thatcher|Thatcherite]], has second thoughts about [[privatisation]]: if it’s all been so beneficial, why do so many of the containers that arrive in British ports, full of expensive imports, leave this country empty?
    pensive imports, leave this country empty?)
  • Document:Salisbury Incident - Skripal Case Investigators Could Learn From The Lockerbie Affair  + ([[Porton Down]] has been renamed many times: [[RARDE]], [[DERA]], [[Dstl]], but it's still the same damn place.)
  • Richard Nixon/Deep state control  + ([[Prescott Bush]] funded Nixon's political career for the US deep state. He was toppled by the [[Watergate coup]] after he had become disloyal to them.)
  • Paul Wolfowitz  + ([[Quill and Dagger]], [[Bilderberg Steering Committee]] member)
  • Ray McGovern  + ([[Raymond McGovern]] is a former [[CIA]] v
    [[Raymond McGovern]] is a former [[CIA]] veteran who chaired National Intelligence Estimates and personally delivered intelligence briefings to Presidents [[Ronald Reagan]] and [[George H. W. Bush]], their Vice Presidents, Secretaries of State, the Joint Chiefs of Staff etc.
    s of State, the Joint Chiefs of Staff etc.)
  • William Casey  + ([[Ronald Reagan]]'s campaign manager, who was appointed [[Director of Central Intelligence]].)
  • Pablo Miller  + ([[Sergei Skripal]]'s [[MI6]] handler, whos
    [[Sergei Skripal]]'s [[MI6]] handler, whose identity the UK government issued a [[D Notice]] to try to prevent coming out in connection with the [[Skripal Affair]]. A [[Integrity Initiative Leak|leak]] revealed him to be on an [[Integrity Initiative]] mailing list.
    an [[Integrity Initiative]] mailing list.)
  • Pablo Miller  + ([[Sergei Skripal]]'s handler)
  • Jack Ruby at Parkland hospital  + ([[Seth Kantor]] encounters Jack Ruby at Parkland hospital and has brief conversation with him. ref. Crossfire, p 366)
  • Document:Xi Jinping says a dark shadow looms over the world after years of peace  + ([[Shen Dingli]], an international relation
    [[Shen Dingli]], an international relations expert from [[Shanghai]], said Sunday’s [[Nuclear weapon|nuclear test]] underlined the futility of both Washington and Beijing’s policies towards [[North Korea]]: "It's only a matter of time before [[Donald Trump]] realises he has no choice but to sit down with [[Kim Jong-un]]."
    ice but to sit down with [[Kim Jong-un]].")
  • Anton Rupert  + ([[South Africa]]n billionaire [[businessman]] with a multitude of [[deep political]] connections)
  • Sherard Cowper-Coles  + ([[Spook]]y UK diplomat)
  • Robert Black  + ([[Suppressor Black]] toasting the [[Barry Walker#Mickey Mouse tribunal|Mickey Mouse tribunal]] that he designed to exonerate apartheid [[South Africa]])
  • Document:Theresa May's Misconduct In Public Office  + ([[Theresa May]]'s [[Misconduct in Public Office]] offence arises from what is alleged to have been her wrongful activation on 29 March 2017 of [[Article 50]] of the [[Lisbon Treaty|Treaty on European Union]])
  • Document:Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell accused of anti-Semitism over Razan al-Najjar image  + ([[Theresa May|Mrs May]] couldn’t care any less about the death of [[Razan al-Najjar|this young woman]] than [[Benjamin Netanyahu|Mr Netanyahu]] – she is deeply in cahoots with the [[Israeli]] government)
  • Document:UK Government Should Cancel Prince William’s Visit to Apartheid Israel  + ([[Theresa May|UK Government]] Should Cancel [[Prince William]]’s Visit to Apartheid [[Israel]])
  • Document:Dear Tom, about this Trotsky thing…..  + ([[Tom Watson]], Corbyn’s deputy, has launched an astonishing and utterly ridiculous attack on his leader’s supporters. In it he claimed that “Trotskyists are twisting the arms of young Labour members”.)
  • 2017 Copeland by-election  + ([[Tony Blair|Blairites]] aiming to lose (or to reflect badly upon [[Jeremy Corbyn]]))
  • Document:A Conundrum for Corbyn  + ([[Trident]] could be [[Jeremy Corbyn|Corby
    [[Trident]] could be [[Jeremy Corbyn|Corbyn]]'s much more collegiate equivalent of [[Tony Blair|Blair]]’s “Clause 4” moment, instead of ''facing off'' and ''bullying'' his party, he could bring them all together under the banner of [[Nuclear weapons#Non-proliferation treaty|nuclear reduction]] - and if he gets it right, he will almost certainly be the next Prime Minister.
    most certainly be the next Prime Minister.)
  • Twitter/Censorship  + ([[Twitter]], like other corporate tech. giants, does [[censor]] content.)
  • Document:The Trump Administration’s Syria Gas Attack Narrative Continues to Unravel  + ([[United States]] Government: "They Lied About [[Iraq]]; They Lied About [[Libya]]; They're Lying About [[Syria]].")
  • Document:Russia Claims US Deploys Warships For Imminent Attack On Syria, Trains Militants For False Flag Attack  + ([[United States]]-led coalition to "retaliate" for another [[false flag]] chemical attack done by the [[White Helmets]] in [[Syria]])
  • Henry Morgenthau Sr  + ([[Wall St]] [[financier]] and major backer of [[Woodrow Wilson]])
  • The Other Club  + ([[Winston Churchill]] & [[Oswald Moseley]]'s secret group)