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  • Fritz Ermarth  + ("Mr. Ermarth planned and organized interagency multicrisis simulations designed to test Community management knowledge and skills. He led a special interagency team studying intelligence strategy and management for the future.")
  • Document:Pierre Omidyar: giving until it hurts  + ("No billionaire media mogul is ever going to be in the service of working people, no matter how much rhetoric about freedom of speech is deployed in the promotion of his or her product...")
  • Lockheed  + ("Nobody is doing a better job of arming the world than Lockheed-Martin")
  • Michael Jon Hand  + ("One of Australia's most wanted fugitives" now living in Idaho, USA.)
  • Max Cleland  + ("One of the only vigilant members of the 9/11 Commission", who resigned and denounced it as a cover-up.)
  • Richard McCormack  + ("Primary focus" on "geopolitics and the global economy".)
  • Richard McCormack  + ("Primary focus" on "geopolitics and the global economy".)
  • Richard McCormack  + ("Primary focus" on "geopolitics and the global economy".)
  • Veracity Worldwide  + ("Provides highly developed business intelligence". Spooky connections.)
  • Kleptocracy  + ("Rule by thieves.")
  • "Russian Propaganda"  + ("Russian Propaganda" is much talkad about recently by NATO-aligned countries.)
  • Document:The Korea issue is now in the hands of the BRICS  + ("Simon says: 'There's a 7½-hour flight fro
    "Simon says: 'There's a 7½-hour flight from the [[BRICS|BRICS summit in Xiamen, China]] to [[North Korea|Pyongyang, North Korea]] so if [[Sergei Lavrov]] and the Chinese FM took that flight together to meet [[Kim Jong-un]], it would have huge impact, and get the ball rolling on dialogue'."
    t, and get the ball rolling on dialogue'.")
  • Document:Jeremy Corbyn’s Coventry speech on Brexit in full  + ("So I appeal to MPs of all parties, prepared to put the people’s interests before ideological fantasies, to join us in supporting the option of a new [[UK]] customs union with the [[EU]], that would give us a say in future trade deals.")
  • Fritz Ermarth  + ("Studied global trends such as the revolution in military affairs, globalization of economics and culture, the development of post-communist societies, and the internal problems of advanced industrial democracies.")
  • Thomas Clines  + ("Ted Shackley's career-long deputy and sidekick")
  • Irving Kristol  + ("The Godfather of [[Neoconservatism]]")
  • File:Pilgrims.pdf  + ("The Pilgrims Society is a cluster of intermarried old-line rich, royals and robber barons who created the world’s financial structure.")
  • Theodore Kaczynski  + ("The Unabomber")
  • Alfreda Bikowsky  + ("The Unidentified Queen of Torture")
  • Lester Suffield  + ("The [UK] government's chief arms salesman")
  • Giancarlo Elia Valori  + ("The current leaders of the 'contemporary Freemasonry'" in Italy.)
  • David Frasca  + ("The cutting edge of the U.S. Government's pre-September 11 do nothing policy in regards to Al Qaeda terrorists.")
  • Document:Condemnation of mass killings in Gaza  + ("The deliberate targeting of civilians by
    "The deliberate targeting of civilians by the [[IDF|Israeli army]] – inside the territory of [[Gaza]] – constitutes a [[war crime]] and crime against humanity. Those responsible must be brought to justice – in conformity with the Statute and on the basis of the jurisdiction of the [[International Criminal Court]] (ICC) of which [[Palestine]] is a State Party."
    of which [[Palestine]] is a State Party.")
  • Task Force Alpha  + ("The deniable link between authorized military operations and the unauthorized activities of the [[Central Intelligence Agency]].")
  • James Jesus Angleton  + ("The dominant counterintelligence figure in the non-communist world", according to Richard Helms, DCI.)
  • File:Economics in a full world.pdf  + ("The global economy is now so large that society can no longer safely pretend it operates within a limitless ecosystem. Developing an economy that can be sustained within the finite biosphere requires new ways of thinking...")
  • James Boasberg  + ("The go-to judge if you don’t want something released to the public")
  • Afghanistan  + ("The graveyard of empires" - Afghanistan has a reputation for undoing ambitious military ventures and humiliating would-be aggressors. Present belligerents take note.)
  • David Sassoon  + ("The greatest Drugs Kingpin in the history of the world.")
  • Document:The Origins of Labour’s Civil War  + ("The greatest difficulty that the anti-Corbyn MPs, the media and the Tories all share is a fact that they simply cannot stomach: Jeremy Corbyn is the most popular politician in Britain.")
  • Document:15 times when Jeremy Corbyn was on the right side of history  + ("The important thing is how we bring about peace, not posturing. You do not bring about peace in any part of the world without talking to people you don't agree with." (#SundayPolitics, 19 July 2015))
  • Felix Frankfurter  + ("The most controversial justice of his time.")
  • Madeleine McCann  + ("The most heavily reported missing person case in modern history")
  • Gerald James  + ("The most important and high-level whistleblower in the defence industry")
  • Downing Street Chief of Staff  + ("The most powerful unelected official in t
    "The most powerful unelected official in the country", possibly "the third most powerful altogether" after the [[UK Prime Minister]] and the [[Chancellor of the Exchequer]].''Boss of the ''[[:Deputy Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister|Deputy Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister]].
    ty Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister]].)
  • The Guardian  + ("The neo-con warmongers’ house journal")
  • Document:The Economics of Incarceration  + ("The number of people imprisoned under state and federal custody increased 772% percent between 1970 and 2009, largely due to the incredible influence private corporations wield against the American legal system...")
  • Gemstone File  + ("The original mega-conspiracy theory")
  • School  + ("The reproductive organ of the [[consumer society]]", coming to resemble [[prison]]s more and more closely, especially in USA, where attempts have been made to criminalize those who feed the hungry or comfort the afflicted.)
  • Robert Califf  + ("The ultimate pharma insider")
  • Tiny Rowland  + ("The unpleasant and unacceptable face of capitalism" (PM Edward Heath in 1973))
  • Political party  + ("The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.")
  • Document:Appleby launches legal action against ICIJ’s UK partners  + ("This is a potentially dangerous moment for free expression in Britain" – [[Gerard Ryle]])
  • Larry A. Potts  + ("Training"?)
  • Document:BBC's biased and inaccurate reporting of anti-semitism allegations towards Jeremy Corbyn  + ("We regret that the [[BBC]] has failed to
    "We regret that the [[BBC]] has failed to comply with its own codes with regard to impartiality and accuracy. Given the gravity of allegations of [[anti-semitism]], the role performed by the BBC is all the more critical if it is to live up to [[John Reith|Reithian]] principles of informing the public."
    ian]] principles of informing the public.")
  • Document:Index on Disgrace  + ("We thus have the extraordinary spectacle of a coordinated government and media onslaught on anybody who doubts their entirely fact free narratives. Public trust in the state and [[corporate media]] hits new lows, which is the happy part of this story.")
  • Document:Jeremy Corbyn’s Chatham House speech  + ("Weapons supplied to [[Saudi Arabia]], when the evidence of grave breaches of humanitarian law in [[Yemen]] is overwhelming, must be halted immediately.")
  • Document:911 and the Orwellian Redefinition of Conspiracy Theory  + ("While we were not watching, conspiracy th
    "While we were not watching, conspiracy theory has undergone Orwellian redefinition..." A "conspiracy theory" now refers to any ideas or facts that are out of step with the official narrative as put forward by government and the commercially controlled media.
    ent and the commercially controlled media.)
  • Alberto Gonzales  + ("Woefully incompetent")
  • Document:Anatomy of a Scandal: Israel Crucifies Corbyn  + ("[[Tom Watson]] has it backward: the 'eter
    "[[Tom Watson]] has it backward: the 'eternal shame and embarrassment' come when [[Labour Party|Labour]], swallowing whatever pride it has left, meekly submits to being harassed and blackmailed by a [[Israel|foreign power]] and [[Corporate media|its vulgar propagandists]]. [[Jeremy Corbyn]], it seems, is gearing up to do just that. Chalk one up for [[Joseph Goebbels|Goebbels]]."
    one up for [[Joseph Goebbels|Goebbels]].")