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Page nameDeputyDescription
Australia/Prime MinisterAustralia/Deputy Prime MinisterLeader of the AustraliaBoss of the Australia/Deputy Prime Minister.
BBC/Director-GeneralDeputy Director-General of the BBCLeader of the BBCBoss of the Deputy Director-General of the BBC.
BBC/GovernorLeader of the BBC
BIS/Assistant General ManagerSubordinate to the BIS/General Manager.. 
BIS/General Manager
BND/PresidentLeader of the BND
BP/CEOLeader of the BP
Bank Zachodni WBK/ChairmanLeader of the Bank Zachodni WBK
Bank of Canada/GovernorLeader of the Bank of Canada
Bank of France/GovernorLeader of the Bank of France
Bank of Italy/GovernorBank of Italy/Senior deputy governorLeader of the Bank of ItalyBoss of the Bank of Italy/Senior deputy governor.
Bank of Italy/Senior deputy governorSubordinate to the Bank of Italy/Governor.. 
Barclays Bank/CEOLeader of the Barclays Bank
Belgian State Security Service/Administrator
Bilderberg/Steering committee/ChairmanLeader of the Bilderberg/Steering committee
British Academy/PresidentLeader of the British Academy
British Ambassador to Afghanistan
British Ambassador to Austria
British Ambassador to Azerbaijan
British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina
British Ambassador to Ireland
British Ambassador to Japan
British Ambassador to Portugal
British Ambassador to Qatar
British Ambassador to Syria
British Ambassador to Ukraine
British Ambassador to Yugoslavia
British Ambassador to the Czech Republic
British High Commissioner to Australia
British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone
British Virgin Islands/GovernorLeader of the British Virgin Islands
Bundestag/PresidentLeader of the Bundestag
CD of The Special Operations ExecutiveHead of The WW2 Special Operations Executive
CIA/Deputy Director for PlansLeader of the CIA/Directorate of Plans
CIA/DirectorDeputy Director of the Central Intelligence AgencyLeader of the CIABoss of the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
CIA/Director of the Directorate of Intelligence
CIA/Inspector GeneralLeader of the CIA/Office of Inspector General
Cabinet Office Permanent Secretary
Cabinet Secretary
Canadian Ambassador to Colombia
Canadian Ambassador to Mongolia
Canadian Ambassador to the Soviet Union
Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations
Canadian Ambassador to the United States
Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom
Canadian ambassador to the European Union
Central Bank of Ireland/GovernorLeader of the Central Bank of Ireland
Central bankerEmployees who work in (top jobs) in central banks.
Centre for the Response to Radicalisation and Terrorism/Director