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Edward Bernays22 November 18919 March 1995Nephew of Sigmund Freud and the father of 20th century propaganda techniques.
Richard Bernstein5 May 1944
Jeff Bezos12 January 1964
Joe Biden20 November 1942
John Bierwirth
Steve Bigelow
Brad Birkenfeld26 February 1965A banker who exposed massive tax fraud at UBS, and after 2½ years in jail was eventually paid $104M for his pains.
Edwin Black
Fred Black
Robert D. Blackwill8 August 1939
Lloyd Blankfein15 September 1954
Michael Bloomberg14 February 1942
Robert Blum19111965
Max Blumenthal18 December 1977
Sidney Blumenthal
Samuel Bodman26 November 1938
Charles Bohlen30 August 19041 January 1974
Richard Bolling17 May 191621 April 1991
Christopher Bollyn
Joshua Bolten16 August 1954
Max Boot12 September 1969
Edwin G. Booz2 September 18871 October 1951
Arnaud de Borchgrave26 October 192615 February 2015
Chester Bowles5 April 190125 May 1986
Christopher Boyce16 February 1953A code clerk turned counter spook who also tried to see secret to the USSR, got caught, escaped and caught again. He revealed how the CIA was involved in the 1975 Australian coup.
Thomas W. Braden22 February 19173 April 2009
Ben Bradlee26 August 192121 October 2014
Nicholas Brady11 April 1930
Karl Brandt
Andrew Breitbart1 February 19691 March 2012
John O. Brennan22 September 1955
Richard Brenneke5 December 194123 July 2015A CIA and Iran-Contra insider who testified to participation in drug dealing, Iran Contra and the October surprise conspiracy.
Sergey Brin21 August 1973
L. Dean Brown
David Bruce
Whitey Bulger30 October 2018MKULTRA connected US Crime boss assassinated in prison.
Steve Bullock
Yvonne Brathwaite Burke
Al Burt11 September 192729 November 2008
Sylvia Burwell23 June 1965
George P. Bush24 April 1976
George W. Bush6 July 1946The 43rd US President, a bonesman, former oil businessman, now being pursued for war crimes.
Prescott Bush15 May 18958 October 1972Bonesman father of the Bush family
William Walton Butterworth7 September 190331 March 1975
Selin Sayek Böke24 August 1972
Louis Cabot1921
Earl CaldwellA New York Times reporter who witnessed the assassination of MLK who never accepted the FBI's official narrative.
Gorden Sunderland Campbell5 July 1905
Roel Campos1949
Al Capone17 January 189925 January 1947