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A Group Headquartered HereDescription
Jewish Leadership Council
Joint Services Intelligence Organisation
King's College London
Labour Party Irish Society
Lloyds of London
London Metropolitan University
London School of Economics
London South Bank University
Milner GroupThe Milner Group was a key UK deep state group at the turn of the 20th century. It was exposed by Carroll Quigley, who claims that although of great importance, it was particularly difficult to track due to its control of the UK historical record.
Milner Group/Inner Circle
Milner Group/Outer Circle
Milner Group/Society of the Elect
N M Rothschild & Sons
National Crime Agency
National Public Order Intelligence Unit
New College Durham
Occupy London
Orbis Business Intelligence
Oxford AnalyticaSpooky international analysis/consulting firm.
Oxford University
Oxford University/Balliol College
Oxford University/Magdalen College
Oxford University/Somerville College
Oxford University/St John's College
Oxford University/St Peter's College
Oxford University/Trinity College
Oxford University/University College
Peaceful Change Initiative
Portland Communications
Press Association
Privacy International
Reed ElsevierLarge publisher with a 7-7 connection
Research Foundation for the Study of Terrorism
Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies
Scottish American Investment Trust
Smiths Industries
Social Affairs Unit
Social Market Foundation
Stop Islamisation of Europe
Threat Response International
Trinity College of Music
UK/Home Office/Investigatory Powers TribunalThe UK court in charge of complaints about the UK intelligence agencies.
University College London