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Sylvie GoulardFrench politician who attended the 2016 Bilderberg. Deputy Governor of the Bank of France since 2018
Lindsey GrahamUS/Senate/Committee on the Judiciary/Chair, double Bilderberg
Ulrich GrilloGerman businessman who attended the 2013 and 2016 Bilderbergs
Lilli GruberMulti-Bilderberger Italian journalist. In 2021 she wants mandatory COVID vaccines.
Chris HadfieldCanadian pilot and astronaut, presumably scouted at Bilderberg for a political career
Victor HalberstadtA professor of economics, with a minimal Wikipedia page, who has attended all Bilderberg meetings since 1975.
Dido HardingEnglish businesswoman with strong ties to the UK health bureaucracy. Led several important parts of the UK government's plans in the COVID-19 deep event, including "Test and Trace" and similar programs.
Demis HassabisDialled into a SAGE meeting at the request of Dominic Cummings. First Bilderberg in 2015
Mellody Hobsonpresident and co-CEO of Ariel Investments, wife of filmmaker George Lucas
Reid HoffmanVenture capitalist, CEO of LinkedIn
Timotheus HöttgesGerman telecom executive
Kenneth JacobsBilderberger financier
James A. JohnsonUS politician, Bilderberg Steering committee, various USDS connections
Conni JonssonFinancier connected to the Wallenberg family.
Vernon JordanClose friend of Bill Clinton. A member of the Bilderberg Steering committee who attended 34 Bilderberg meetings.
José M. Durão
Julia JäkelGerman publisher who attended the 2015 and 2016 Bilderbergs.
Joe KaeserBig Pharma Bilderberger
Alex KarpCEO of Palantir, Big Data & Surveillance Advocate
Carsten KengeterAttended two Bilderbergs as CEO of Deutsche Börse
John KerrScottish businessman and diplomat, attended all Bilderbergs from 2004 up to 2016
Yasmine KherbacheBelgian lawyer with deep state connections
Henry KissingerUS deep politician, 40+ Bilderbergs, Nobel peace prize, war criminal
Klaus KleinfeldUS/German businessman. Bilderberg steering committee, CFR, ERTI
Henry KravisLike his wife, Marie-Josée Kravis, a billionaire multi-Bilderberger
Marie-Josée KravisLike her husband, Henry Kravis, a billionaire multi-Bilderberger
André KudelskiBilderberg Steering Committee businessman
Christine LagardeBilderberger President of the European Central Bank
Richard Levin"[W]e really need a vaccine widely distributed, we need to accelerate that distribution as much as possible in order to have a life begin to return to normal." Bilderberg 2016
Ursula von der LeyenBilderberger President of the European Commission promoting Vaccine passports
Thomas LeysenBilderberg Steering Committee Member. Trilateral Commission.
George LogothetisGreek transport magnate
Luis GaricanoIn March 2020, proposed a 500 billion euro "COVID-19 bazooka for jobs in Europe"
Kristin Skogen LundNorwegian executive with deep state ties. Double Bilderberg in the 2010s.
Thomas de MaizièrePromoter of global surveillance, permanent state of emergency
Divesh Makan"The spider of Silicon Valley" big money manager and "consigliere" to billionaire, especially Mark Zuckerberg.
Scott MalcomsonBilderberger CFR "political-risk and communications consultant"
Christa MarkwalderAttended Bilderberg as President of the Swiss National Council. Handpicked as a Young Leader throughout her career by mighty interests.
Beatrice Weder di MauroInternational Monetary Fund, World Bank, advisor to German Chancellors Gerhard Schroeder and Merkel. World Economic Forum. Etc.
Megan McArdleBilderberger editor
Charles MichelAttended 3 Bilderbergs during the 2010s while Prime Minister of Belgium
John MicklethwaitEditor of The Economist for 9 years then Bloomberg News
Kyriakos MitsotakisDouble Bilderberger politician active in discriminating against non-recipients of COVID injections.
Bill MorneauAs Canadian Minister of Finance in March 2020 funded the "COVID-19 response"
Craig MundieMicrosoft. Bilderberg Steering committee member.
Charles Murray"One of the most influential social scientists in America", AEI, Bilderberg
Michael NoonanIrish lawyer
Peggy NoonanAttended four Bilderbergs in the 2010s. CFR.
Michael O'LearyCEO Ryanair, union buster
Kajsa OllongrenSingle Bilderberg Dutch politician